10 Halloween Costume and Makeup Cheats

1. Black eyeliner as black lipstick, outline with a sharpened point, then fill in.

2. Thin pieces of torn toilet paper/facial tissue and eyeliner glue applied in layers to make scars or burns or other FX instead of using liquid latex, spirit gum or liquid collodian if allergic, too expensive, etc. Especially good for kids because it removes easily with regular eye makeup remover before bedtime after trick-or-treating.

3. Newspaper stuffed bustles. Stuff newspaper or tissue paper into Walmart bags, secure under bustle poufs and get ready for a rustle in that bustle.

4. Glue a bag of $1 spider rings (cut off ring part first) all over a thrift store white nightgown draped with bagged spiderweb, rub dark eyeliner under eyes and a bit on lips, instant creepy lady costume.

5. Use Baby Powder to set the lightest cheap cream drugstore foundation, it will pale it out quite a bit.

6. Cut and shape craft feathers to use in place of expensive exotic large false eyelashes.

7. Craft glitter manicure : Paint nails with desired color, let dry. Then paint with clear, dip in craft glitter, let dry, repeat, then seal with more clear. (NOTE: do not use craft glitter near eyes for any reason.)

8. Steal, erm I mean borrow your friend’s fast food uniform and be that for Halloween.

9. Paint your face with a Dia de los Muertos design and borrow or thrift an old wedding dress and veil

10. Wear a thrifted or borrowed black suit and tie, wear a full-head white stocking cap and white gloves and go as Slenderman.