Monster Mash with Per-version 69

For episode 80 we are featuring the song “In-difference” by Italian rockers Per-version 69, fronted by Antonio Tari, and bandmates Mirco Rizza, Amelia Anna, and Ginger LAngella. They now call Miami, Florida their home.

Their latest album In-Decency brought a new challenge as Antonio never recorded electronica and synths before and the song “In-difference” was a milestone. He added, “After spending a lot of time studying electronic sounds and synths I came out with that song and I’m really proud of it. I also really love the guitar solo in that song.”

The band name, “Per-version 69”, would seem self-explanatory, but double entendre aside, he said the name balances “both the electronic-industrial and the perverted nature of the songs. Version 69 sounds like a software version, but the 69 you know what it is.” The band’s logo is pretty sexy as well.

Outside of the usual labels describing music, when I asked about their style, Antonio admitted “this is hard to answer, maybe it’s some kind of metal with a lot of electronic. The lyrics are all about sex and horror. Since I first discovered music, I wanted to be part of it.”

When it comes to other bands, he said, “I love 80s hard rock music. My all time favorite is Van Halen, but it has nothing to do with this band, so I would say Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie. I really hate reggaeton. It’s fun to see girls dancing to that music, but it sounds horrible.”

When he isn’t creating music, Antonio is an app developer. “I write Android and iPhone applications. It’s a creative job, I like it.”

He also has some great, simple advice for new bands: “Work hard, it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock.”

You can find tracks from their latest album on Reverbnation and MySpace, and you can follow the band on Facebook, and Antonio himself on Twitter.