The Dead Matter, 2010

The Dead Matter is a direct to DVD film that is brought to us by friends, Midnight Syndicate.  The film takes us into a world were a young woman is distraught over the death of her brother.  She wishes so much that she would be able to talk to her brother one more time and ease her fears about his death.  Then something happens that will give her hope that she may get that chance, but there is a problem: Others want what she has. They are in search of the very item she now cherishes and want it back.

The Dead Matter stars Andrew Divoff (Vellich), Jason Carter (Sebed) and Tom Savini (McCallister). Sean Seriono is the actress who plays Gretchen, the young woman who wishes to talk to her dead brother. The rest of the cast is filled out by a lesser known actors but they each bring their own uniqueness to this very unique film. 

The film opens in what appears to be a horrible nightmare scene. Zombies are marching on a small town. We see Vellich leading them as they move in to kill everyone in sight.  This appears that it could be the end for the town, and possibly more.  However, at the last moment, McCallister and friend Mark, come along and take a magical Relic from Vellich to stop the Zombies.

The pair leaves the country and finds their way to the United States, but they are not alone.  Vellich has followed them. As they approach a spot to destroy the relic, things go bad. Vellich kills Mark, but in doing so looses the relic, leaving his body where it laid.

We are later introduced to Gretchen and her small group of friends.  They go out into the woods one day to play with a book and try to call upon the spirit of her dead brother.  They stumble upon the place where Mark had been killed and more importantly the relic is found. Gretchen does not know of its powers at this time but as the movie progresses she will slowly learn of its strength.  However, as the relic is used, Vellich will hear it’s call and do anything he must to obtain the relic.

The Dead Matter is a film that many horror fans will enjoy.  The film does a great job of tying together many different horror movie creatures we have seen before.  Viewers will find not just Zombies in this film, but also Vampires. Vellich is one of them that still believes in the old ways, but at the same time a new group is introduced to us.  This group is lead by Sebed and their plans are different but both Vampires want that relic. There is also the use of magic and the occult in this film as Gretchen and her friends try to tap into the supernatural.

The film has other elements that may leave you a bit speechless but at the same time, some may leave you laughing.  One of the more disturbing scenes is when Gretchen is dreaming and she finds herself in a class room.  A teacher is asking a young boy a question and when the boy gets it wrong, the teacher gives the rest of the class a chilling order.  The instruction? They may eat their classmate.  At the same time, laughs will be found when we watch what Gretchen does with the now dead Mark who answers the call of the relic.  His zombie form is treated to some unique moments including having a beer in a local bar.

What truly makes The Dead Matter a film to watch is how they were able to tie all these horror elements together in a unique story.  There is not just the chase for the relic, but there are other stories going on as well.  We get to know Gretchen and her friends and you may even find yourself feeling for her.  You may understand the wanting to speak to a dead relative especially someone so close to you as a brother.   This after all is what may have given us a reason for the title of the film.  It’s not strange that after someone leaves us we think of them and long to see them.  I mean, we don’t forget the dead. They still MATTER to us.  Of course, there is one additional thing about this movie that makes it worthwhile and that is it’s music, which was provided by Midnight Syndicate.

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The Dead Matter and Midnight Syndicate Press Release

Press Release from Midnight Syndicate Films

Special edition The Dead Matter DVD set including soundtrack and Midnight Syndicate Greatest Hits CD available at all HOT TOPIC stores nationwide.

July 30, 2010 (Cleveland, OH) Midnight Syndicate Films is releasing a special edition of The Dead Matter DVD that will include two bonus CDs by gothic Halloween music artists Midnight Syndicate. It will be available at all Hot Topic stores nationwide on July 30th. It will also be available online at Hot Topic, Amazon, and Midnight Syndicate’s site. The specially-priced set will include The Dead Matter DVD, the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD by Midnight Syndicate, and a new Midnight Syndicate 13th Anniversary greatest hits CD entitled Halloween Music Collection.

The Dead Matter DVD features the much-anticipated dark fantasy film produced and directed by Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate Films and Gary Jones and Robert Kurtzman of Precinct 13 Entertainment. DVD extras include two Midnight Syndicate music videos, the music video to Eternal Legacy’s song, The Dead Matter, three of the finalists from Midnight Syndicate’s 13th Anniversary Video Contest, audio commentary with the producers, gag reels, and a feature-length behind-the-scenes production entitled Maximum Dead Matter. Produced by Frank Purtiman of Smudgeline Studios, Maximum Dead Matter allows viewers to watch the film in one area of the screen while behind the scenes footage, interviews, location information, and concept art comparisons related to that scene play in other areas of the screen.

The Dead Matter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD contains the score composed by the film’s director, Edward Douglas of Midnight Syndicate, as well as several limited-edition remixes of Midnight Syndicate songs performed by Jerry “Haunt Rocker” Vayne, Destini Beard, and Pat Berdysz of the industrial band Encoder. The disc also features other music that appears in the film from bands like Lazy Lane, hipNostic, and Eternal Legacy.

Midnight Syndicate’s Halloween Music Collection is a greatest hits-type CD that features over 60 minutes of songs hand-picked by Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka to celebrate the band’s first 13 years. Both new CDs will also be available at Halloween retailers nationwide beginning in August.

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About The Dead Matter movie:
The Dead Matter is the remake of a film that director/composer Edward Douglas shot on a shoe-string budget of $2000 back in 1995. The film tells the story of a guilt-ridden young woman (Sean Serino of The Rage) desperate to contact her deceased brother who discovers a powerful ancient relic that controls the dead. Her dark obsession drags her into the tangled world of two warring vampire lords (Andrew Divoff of Lost, Wishmaster and Tom Savini of Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead) each with his own sinister plans for the artifact and a vampire hunter (Jason Carter of Babylon 5) who will stop at nothing to destroy it. This chilling gothic dark fantasy co-produced by Robert Kurtzman (creator of From Dusk Till Dawn, KNB FX) and Gary Jones (Xena, Boogeyman 3), also features a score by director Edward Douglas of the Gothic Halloween music band Midnight Syndicate. It’s a mix of classic horror themes with modern twists and a touch of dark humor that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

About Midnight Syndicate:
Midnight Syndicate has been creating instrumental Halloween music and gothic horror fantasy soundtrack CDs for the past thirteen years. The group’s music has become a staple of the Halloween season worldwide as well as a favorite in the haunted house, amusement park, role-playing game, and gothic music industries. From Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights and Hugh Hefner’s Halloween parties to Monday Night Football, X-Box games, the classic Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, and Barbara Walters specials, their CDs are designed to take listeners on a journey into the darkest corners of their imagination.