Clockwork Wonderland Author Interview: Emerian Rich publishing has recently published our 5th anthology called Clockwork WonderlandThis is a book where anything can happen and time runs amok. In this book lies tales of serial killers, insane creations, a blood thirsty jabberclocky, and zombies. Clockwork Wonderland includes 15 tales that make Wonderland into a place of horror where all your worst nightmares come true. The editor and one of the authors in this anthology is Emerian Rich who took some time to tell us about the book and her writing:

What inspired you to put this anthology together?

I’ve always enjoyed the thought of Alice. Is she really travelling in a strange world? Is she dreaming? Is she mental? I’ve also always enjoyed clocks, watches, time in general fascinates me because I never have enough of it. Is someone robbing me of the time? Is my life clock wound extra fast? I always feel like my time is short.

What is your story in Clockwork Wonderland called and what is it about?

“Midnight Dance” revolves around the clock tower in the center of Wonderland and how it has somehow changed the residents in to zombies. The Hatter is the only one who knows and he spends a never-ending Groundhog Day-like series of evenings trying to fix the problem.

What inspired the idea?

I’ve always been fascinated with time and the thought of a second chance, or third, or fourth. What would you do differently if you had the chance and would it change the outcome? Or are we trapped in our destiny that will find us no matter how we try to change it?

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing all my life. First in journals, and then about 6th grade I wrote my first “novel” but still, I didn’t really know I wanted to be a writer till in my 20’s. I always just thought they were silly little stories I wrote for myself only. I recently had a blog about my first story here:

What are your favorite topics to write about?

Subjects vary wildly with me. I like vampires, ghosts, spooky things…but I also enjoy a good love story. If it’s a horror love story, all the better.
What are some of your influences?

The question should be, “What doesn’t influence me?” I am influenced by so much, from a chance conversation in the grocery store to today’s headlines, to an art opening, to my favorite authors like Anne Rice, Andrew Neiderman, and Jane Austen.

What do you find fascinating about the horror genre?

There is a feeling of comfort and homecoming about reading or watching a really good classic horror tale. It’s something you either feel or don’t. Those of us who get it, adore it. I don’t think it’s something I can really explain if you don’t feel it.

What are some of the works you have available?

Gothic and Fantasy Adult Coloring Book

Costumes, creatures, celebrations, and story characters set the stage for a coloring experience like no other. How far will your imagination take you? Enter the world of Emerian Rich, a place where reality steps aside allowing fantasy to take hold. Where each picture tells a story and the stories are only hampered by your imagination. 48 DESIGNS TO COLOR.

Artistic License

Leslie Marietta is the last known heiress of a palatial estate just south of Los Angeles. When she takes possession of her birthright, sudden creative inspiration allows her to paint alive anything she imagines. Enchantment and wonder transform her life into a fairytale, but as with all fairy tales, there is a dark presence. Phantom servants sneak through the house, horrifying shadow creatures threaten to destroy her, and a band of Edwardian house guests are trapped in the walls.
Lord Ashton Northing is a man of property and situation, with a duty to his people that could tear him from his new love, Leslie. Can Ashton convince Leslie she is worthy of her legacy in time to save them from the evil that dwells in her house?
Night’s Knights

Vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows, an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality. Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death. Severina is an exotic beauty from the jungles of Brazil whose family is brutally murdered by the same man she later calls her lover. Julien is a knight who serves as a guardian angel to his family but has no clue about his predestined fate. Will a powerful mortal named Jespa be the one to save them all?

What are you currently working on?

My vampire sequel, Dusk’s Warriors. It will be coming out this summer and I am very excited about it! My poor Biters have been waiting since 2009 for the next book.

Where can we find you online?


Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Emerian Rich

2742877Emerian Rich is a woman who needs no introduction. She started the Horror Addicts podcast and is in charge of everything we do here at The Horror Addicts Guide To Life would not be possible without Emerian Rich and she contributed a lot to it including a horror almanac. Some of the things in her almanac include horror birthdays, horror holidays and several horror related activities you can do throughout the year. Emerian also has articles in the book on Goths In The Workplace, Top 10 Horror Mangas,  Bloody Good Party Games and much more.

You can get your own copy of The Horror Addicts Guide To Life and read Emerian Rich’s articles by clicking here Emerian also answered some questions for us on what she likes about the genre:

What do you like about the horror genre?

I’m into the dark beauty that permeates the genre. I feel a special tingle in my soul when I read about cemetery angel statues and listen to haunting tunes. I don’t think “norms” feel that way, and so they can’t understand why we like those creepy things.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

I like the classics, but I also enjoy the romance of movies like Ghostship and Vampire Journals. By romance, I’m talking about more than the passion between two lovers. When the Ghostship slices through hundreds of passengers all at once or when a dark shadow passes over the moon. It’s as if the director has given me a kiss when they pay homage to the dark and eerie they create. There’s a beauty when they get it right. The same can be said of my favorite authors, Anne Rice and Andrew Neiderman. They have the skill to massage the horror into a delightful pleasure that stays with you long after you’ve read their books.

TV series are completely different animals to me. I must be intrigued, excited, and entertained. Corniness and 16121361humor are a plus, even if they don’t mean to make them that way. Series like Sleepy Hollow, Kindred: The Embraced, Forever Knight, and Blood Ties are great examples. They may be a little corny, but they also bring up some subjects that I am excited about: vampires, ghosts, spooky legends, and knowledge learned over centuries. My favorite all-time TV character is LaCroix, Nick Knight’s devious vampire maker. He had the right mix of evil and humor to win me over. Ichabod from Sleepy Hollow is well on his way to becoming an all-time favorite too.

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

I really don’t even realize I live a horror lifestyle until someone points out my ghouly family photos hanging on the stairs or the way there are skulls and beautifully dark items scattered throughout the house. To me, it’s just the way I live. I tend to like the spooky and macabre whether it’s a dinner party or a fancy dress occasion. Even at normal functions, I gravitate to the dark and interesting people.  It’s a natural component to me, like having green eyes or small feet. It’s not something I choose to be, but rather a state of being I have no control over.

What are you currently working on?

A horror erotica tale about a girl with an extra-special body part that tends to cause pain to others. I’m also deep in the process of creating my horror coloring book.

Where can we find you online? or on Facebook and Twitter. My handle is emzbox. #100, Top 100 of Horror

Horror Addicts Episode# 100

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini


165 days till Halloween!

100th Episode! Top 100 of Horror
grasp logic, phantoms, twilight zone the movie, the annotated dracula

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Top 100 of Horror

Top 10 Horror Movies – As voted on by listeners

1. The Exorcist

2. Suspiria

3. The Shining

4. Phantasm

5. Hellraiser

6. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

7. Prince of Darkness

8. Inside

9. Night of the Living Dead (org)

10. Dracula, (Bela’s)

Top 10 Horror TV Series – presented by Kbatz

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Dark Shadows

3. The Twilight Zone

4. Tales from the Darkside

5. The X-Files

6. Friday the 13th the Series

7. Tales from the Crypt

8. Night Gallery

9. Forever Knight

10. Elvira’s Movie Macabre (I’m cheating I don’t care!)

Humorous Honorable Mentions:

The Addams Family

The Munsters

Top 10 Horror Manga- presented by Emz

1. Death Note

2. Black Butler

3. Godchild

4. Rozen Maiden

5. Tarot Cafe’

6. Black Bird

7. Vampire Knight

8. Rosario + Vampire

9. Haunted House

10. Murder Princess

Top 10 Horror Books reviewed by – presented by David

10. Childhood Nightmares Under The Bed from Sirens Call publications. It’s rare that I read an anthology where I liked every story in it but I did for this one.

9.The Nightmare Project by Jo-Anne Russell. This one takes place mostly in an insane asylum which to me makes it terrifying and the main character is excellent the way she goes back and forth from crazy to being a sweet mother who wants to see her kids again.

8. NightWhere by John Everson. This is one bizarre romance that will leave you feeling sick to your stomach.

7. My Fearful Symmetry by Denise Verrico This is a different take on vampires that I really enjoyed.

6. The Weeping Woman by Patricia Santos Marcantonio Good Mexican ghost legend combined with a modern day police thriller.

5. The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum by D L Mackenzie. First steampunk tale I’ve read with a lot of humor. Fun read.

4. Vaudeville by Greg Chapman. I like the concept of traveling side shows so I loved this one.

3.Underwood and Flinch Chronicles volume 1 and 2 by Mike Bennett. Excellent vampire story that I couldn’t put down. Its books like this that make me love reading.

2. Ivory by Steve Merrifield. I loved this one I wasn’t sure where it was going until the end, Really good original idea for a book.

1. Charla by Alex Beresford Its been seven months since I’ve read this book, even if you take the Demon out of the story it still works as a great horror novel.

Top 10 Interviews – presented by Sapphire (see full blog post)

10. Kimberly Steele

9. Shaunessy Ashdown

8. Patricia Santos

7. Crystal Connor

6. Rick Kitagawa

5. Jennifer Rahn

4. Joshua Heinrich

3. Shana Abé

2. Wicked Women Writers/Masters of Macabre

1. Emerian Rich

Top 10 Horror Stories on – presented by David

This list proves that Emerian doesn’t like me. It’s almost impossible to go through all of the episodes of horror addicts and pick out a top 10. I’m sure I left out plenty that I liked but this is what I came up with:

10.Season 1 episode 3. The Show by Kirk Warrington. I like werewolves and I liked the concept behind this story.

9.Season 2 episode 13. Santa Claws by Michele Rogers Good Christmas tale, lots of fun

8. Season 4 episode 33. Wings of Revenge by Laurel Anne Hill. Well told story and I like the bats in it.

7. Season 3 episode 28 The Butterfly Collector by Kimberly Steele. I liked this one and that’s all I’m saying. This one got me in trouble because I was listening to it at work. Listen to it you’ll see what I mean.

6. Season 2 episode 15 Night Crossing by Mike Bennett. I liked the book this is from so much I just can’t keep it off the list.

5. Season 5 episode episode 54 Hammersmith House I like the premise, I like the use of a historic event and I like stories told in diary entries.

4.Season 7 episode 72 Mark Vale Inkubus. Great voice and great production values

3.Season 7 episode 83 Shaunessy Ashdown  Commencing Slaughter. Great audio production, good story that may keep you from ever eating meat again.

2.Ronda Carpenter WWW entry season 5 Lust: Barring Lilith. Great story with lots of sex and violence what more can you ask for.

1. Season 1 Episode 6 Hunt Night by Mark Eller. Before I was on staff this was the episode that made me think of the horror addicts podcast as my favorite. Good story about demons.

Top 10 Fashion Must-Haves for Horror Addicts – presented by Mimielle

1. A GOOD Black Eyeliner for everyone! Yes Guyliner is bigger than ever! (Gel crayons double as lip liner, I’m a fan…)

2. SUNSCREEN. Even if you don’t maintain a gothic pallor, protecting your skin keeps it more beautiful.

3. A pair of staples are  A) A good hair product to tame or fluff your hair and define your style and B) A BB or CC cream, with skin benefits and good coverage. For guys who don’t use makeup, a colorless but mattifying foundation primer is undetectable on the skin but has skin benefits and works some pore-vanishing magic!

4. A staple black bottom piece. Black skirt, jeans, leggings, bondage pants, cargo pants/shorts. It’s the most versatile thing in your wardrobe and the easiest to change as a seasonal trend piece!

5. Favorite fandom t-shirt(s). Whether it’s a band shirt, vintage horror movie tie-in or blackletter gym, club or coffee shop shirt, REPRESENT your alternative interests by displaying them once in a while. Extra points if it’s somehow distressed, laced or bleach-‘dyed’. Get creative!

6. A black or white button-down shirt. You can wear it so many ways! Over T’s and tanks, under vests and sweaters, tucked or untucked. I use a men’s pleated tuxedo shirt that I stole from my swain.

7. One or two unusual pieces or trademark ‘you’ looks. For example a couple of mine are ‘all white and pale with intense lips and eyes’ and ‘all black but frilly and with heavy makeup’ and I build most of my wardrobe around these kinds of looks.

8. A go-to ‘uniform’. A set of clothes and a practiced makeup look that you can throw together in very minimal time and always look fab. Mine is a black TrippNYC dress, blow drying my hair straight and a winged black liner/red lip look. Out the door in 20 (shh, don’t tell!)!

9. A great pair of boots or shoes. Docs, Demonia Buckle Boots, your trusty Converse Chucks. Keep them polished/neat even if your look is more deconstructed/grunge.

10. A fierce attitude! Confidence is ultimately the key to pulling off any look!

Top 10 Horror Music – presented by Staff

1. Type O Negative

2. Midnight Syndicate

3. Saints of Ruin

4. Nosferatu

5. Nine Inch Nails

6. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

7. The Damned

8. Tool

9. Mission UK

10. Xorcist

Top 10 Horror Soundtracks – presented by Staff

1. Suspiria

2. Lost Boys

3. Dracula

4. Interview with the Vampire

5. Sweeny Todd

6. Beetlejuice

7. Nightmare Before Christmas

8. The Crow

9. Scream

10. Queen of the Damned

Top 10 Episode Memories – presented by Emz (find out why by listening to the show!)

1. Season 1 Ep 8- Arlene’s Forever, we were trying to record in the Hell Hole Tavern cemetery in Second Life and Arlene kept getting her hair caught on the cemetery fence and walking around bald.

2. Season 2 Ep 15- Mike Bennett’s introduction on our show of Night Crossing, which was the intro to Underwood and Flinch.

3. Season 3 Ep 31- The first ever Wicked Women Writer’s Challenge

4. Season 4 Ep 37 – Rhonda’s Sea Serpent rising out of the water to kill us all!

5. Season 5 Ep 51 & 52 – Jez and Fang fight in GothHaus. Eyeliner Vs. Top Hat.

6. Season 6 Ep71 – Really a treat for me to interview Patterson Lundquist, the #1 Elvira Impersonator. Not only was it an honor, but we had a lot of fun chatting.

7. Season 7 Ep 84 – Interviewing one of my favorite authors, Andrew Neiderman. I wouldn’t say it was the fun-est because I was nervous as hell, but to be able to talk to an author that has changed your life is an experience I won’t forget.

8. Season 8 No Episode… I got to interview Mike Bennett live via Skype at BayCon and it was so awesome. The audio messed up and I was unable to share it with you, but those of us that were there was so thrilled. Def. something we’ll never forget. If you think Mike Bennett is cool on his podcasts, he is even more awesome live!

9. Season 1 -Horror Con in Second Life. Was so much fun. We had free reign because Mark Eller was the host and he let me do whatever I wanted. We had poetry readings in the cemetery, he killed me in the tavern and then we had a fashion show by hanging for Mimielle’s fashion label in SL where I walked the cat walk, got hung, and then dropped down to make my final lap. Was so much fun!

10. I will never forget my very first show. I was fresh off my first ever podcast called Office Angst, I wanted to do something to do with Horror and I had no idea if this show would fly or even if it would go past that first episode. Sad is I think I’ve lost it… It was deleted from the site and I can not find it in my archive… so it might be lost forever!

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b l o g  / c o n t a c t / s h o w . n o t e s 098, Mimi A. Williams

Horror Addicts Episode# 098

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini

Listen now!


196 days till Halloween!

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Cheap Reads

Hey Horror Addicts, for the last couple of seasons of the horror addicts podcast I had a regular blog post/segment called Free Fiction Friday, where we gave away a paperback book. For this season I’m switching things up a little and instead of giving away a book I’m going to promote some cheap horror books that you can find on Amazon for less than $5.oo. For my first post I’m going to look at books that are available from the Horror Addicts staff. If you still want a free paperback book or to promote a book you wrote, shoot me an email at and We will hook you up.

21719117From our hostess Emerian Rich we have Night’s Knights. Vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality. Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death. Severina is an exotic beauty from the jungles of Brazil whose family is brutally murdered by the same man she later calls a lover. Julien is a knight who serves as guardian angel to his family but has no clue about his predestined fate. Will a powerful mortal named Jespa be the one to save them all?

5791268Next up from Dan Shaurette we have Lilith’s Love. Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of his parents, asks his long-time friend Christian to move in with him when he relocates back home again to Phoenix from Los Angeles. After the Vampire Hunters find Lilith in New Orleans, she and her Wiccan friend Anna decide to go where they think no one would expect to find vampires — The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ. Christian, who is also a Wiccan, meets Anna at a Samhain event (Halloween). The chemistry between them is immediate, and when they introduce their roommates to each other, Don realizes Lilith is not only the woman of his dreams — but that she is the woman in his dreams at night.

12348944From our movie and TV guru Kristin Battestella, we have Fate And Fangs Love: Ann and The Viking. The Vampire Family has a long and torrid past, present, and future. In FATE and FANGS, the family’s Occult scholar Professor A. James shares vampire vignettes of love, punishment, struggle, debauchery, lust, humanity, and resurrection. In this medieval tale, scorned vampire mistress Ann leaves vampire family patriarch Antonio behind, travels across Britain, and encounters a wayward Viking named Eric. Will Ann accept her true vampiric nature and turn her Nordic lover into a vampire?

Also our events guy Mark Vale has a book called Silhouette available. Aaron Tate moves into a new house in a little town he doesn’t feel comfortable in. It could be he’s feeling lonely as the new kid, or it could be he doesn’t like the backyard. Or more precisely, the swamp behind the backyard.

21337311 (1)In addition to these four books from our horroraddicts staff we also have two anthologies available. The first is The Wickeds: A Wicked Women Writers presents thirteen horror tales from up-and-coming women writers. This diverse collection of revenge, torture, and macabre is sure to quench any horror addict’s thirst for blood. Between these covers reside werewolves, demons, ghosts, vampires, a voodoo priestess, headless horseman, Bloody Mary, and human monsters that are perhaps the most disturbing. With an exclusive interview of The Wickeds by Sapphire Neal. Lock your doors, bar your windows, and enjoy stories from: H. E. Roulo Jeri Unselt Linda Ciletti Emerian Rich Marie Green Hollie Snider Jennifer Rahn Michele Roger R. E. Chambliss Arlene Radasky Kimberly Steele Laurel Anne Hill Rhonda R. Carpenter All proceeds will be donated to LitWorld, a non-profit organization that uses the power of story to cultivate literacy leaders around the globe.
hahdfront-coverOur second anthology is Horrible proudly presents Horrible Disasters. Thirteen authors from around the globe share their visions of terror set during real natural disasters throughout history. Travel back in time to earth shattering events like the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D., the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, and the Winter of Terror avalanches, 1950. What supernatural events went unnoticed? What creatures caused such destruction without remorse? Stock your emergency kit, hunker in your bunker, and prepare for… Horrible Disasters. Proceeds go to help disaster relief globally by way of the Rescue Task Force.
 090, Rish Outfield

Horror Addicts Episode# 090

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini


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Give Me Brains ~ Billy and Mandy

Goths in Hot Weather

The Wickeds

Horrible Disasters

Seven Slightly Sadistic Stories

Night’s Knights Storycasting

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Draculas: No sparkles here

I wasn’t going to do a blog post on this book originally because I had mentioned it in a previous post and thought it would be overkill to mention it again. At that time though, I had just started reading the book and really didn’t have high expectations for it. As I got more into it, I realized that this was a really good horror novel and I needed to talk about it.

The book is Draculas and its a collaboration between 4 authors:  F. Paul Wilson who wrote The Keep and the Repairman Jack series; Jeff Strand author of Dweller and Graverobbers Wanted(No Experience Necessary); Blake Crouch, writer of Desert Places and Locked Doors and the guy who came up with the concept was Jack Kilborn (Also writes under the name J.A. Knonrath), the author of Afraid and Shaken.

Jack got the idea when he was looking at the Kindle best seller list and he noticed how many books were classic novels in the public domain. Among them we’re several different versions of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vampires are always popular and he came up with the idea of vampires in a hospital and humans trying to survive. He didn’t have time to write the book himself so he enlisted the help of other authors to write part of the book. Each author wrote 15,000 words from the point of view of one human and one vampire.

Jack also noticed that most vampires in todays literature we’re teen heartthrobs or romantic leads and he decided he wanted to make vampires scary again. Edward (from Twilight) would run in fear if he saw the vampires in Draculas. These vampires have no feelings and are not sex symbols. They wan’t one thing from humans and that’s blood. Also the vampires in this story don’t have just 2 fangs. They have a  mouthful of 6 inch long fangs. They can also  see in total darkness and are stronger and faster then humans.

The story for Draculas is about a retired millionaire, Mortimer Moorecock, who is dying of cancer. In order to survive his disease, Mortimer has bought a skull found in Romania that is believed to have belonged to Count Dracula. When Mortimer gets the skull, he clamps its jaws on his neck and goes into convulsions. He is rushed to the hospital where he dies and rises again as a vampire.

From that point on its complete chaos with Mort killing six people in the ER. They all come back as vampires and the patients and faculty of the hospital have to escape or be turned into the living dead. The story for Draculas is simple, what makes it a good book is the characters. In addition to the doctors and nurses, you have a gun crazy sheriff, a lumberjack with a chainsaw, a married couple about to have their first child, and a vampire clown named Benny.

Benny the clown is one nasty vampire and despite the fact that he was evil, he was my favorite character in the book. Every scene he was in I found myself thinking of the theme to Killer Klowns From Outer Space. If you are afraid of clowns you may want to avoid this book because Benny is one sadistic clown. There are some scenes in the book where all he does is stand and stare at his victims which is scary in itself, but when he performs some obscene acts for a captive audience, the book gets really interesting.

Though Draculas is loaded with violence and action, what really makes it good is that the authors make you care about the protagonists. A part that had me on the edge of my seat was when a young husband has to go to the blood bank in the hospital to get blood for a transfusion to save his wife who had a hemmorage after child birth. There is also a couple of touching scenes where a divorced couple reconciles and a young couple tells each other how they feel in the face of what looks like certain death. The only part of the book that I didn’t like was that sometimes the vampires seem too much like zombies and I didn’t like that they constantly called the vampires Draculas, but they do give an explanation for that in the story.

The ending in Draculas was a perfect end to a wild ride and was a total surprise to me. Draculas is everything a horror novel should be, it has humor, plenty of gore, good characters, suspense, and a decent love story. If thats not enough to get you to want to get it, the E-book version is loaded with extras. You get three short stories, deleted scenes, and it includes all the emails that the authors sent to each other as they we’re working on the book. If you are an aspiring writer and you we’re thinking of collaborating with another author, this book gives you a good look at the creative process of co-authoring a book. The extras in the e-book are like getting the director’s cut of a movie along with commentary. This is something I would love to see more authors do for their novels. (Emz are you reading this? We want a director’s cut of Night’s Knights. Make it happen.)

Calling All Biters

Hey Night’s Knights fans, the wait is over for the sequel to Emerian Rich’s story of vampires trying to create the perfect offspring is now being released. The first two episodes of Dusk’s Warriors is available on the iTunes feed for Night’s Knights or you can listen to them by going to

Dusk’s Warriors will have music from Factory of Dreams. Some of the voice talent in the podcast besides Emerian Rich will be Ariel DaWintre, Camellia Rains,  H.E. Roulo author of Fractured Horizon, Mark Eller from the Hellhole Tavern and Mike Bennett author of Underwood and Flinch.

I’ve been looking forward to Dusk’s Warriors ever since I finished Night’s Knights. Some of the things I’m hoping for out of this podcast is more background information on Sandro and the coven of vampires he is with when he meets Severina. We do know Sandro’s origin but I wanted to know more about how he knows for sure he is serving god and what would happen if he decided to question god. I also wanted to know more about the events leading up to Artemisia’s death and I want to hear more about Timothy and why he thinks the way he does. I would like to hear more from Annabella as well.

When I first heard about Night’s Knights I wasn’t interested because I figured that I’ve read so many vampire book over time that I didn’t need to read a new one. Then the little voice in the back of my head kept saying “you like the horror addicts podcast, you liked Emerian’s short stories so your going to like Night’s Knights, come on give it a shot.” So I finally gave it a shot and listened to the podcast.

I was hooked immediately, the story was good and it worked on so many levels. There is a tragic love story (actually I counted at least 5 tragic love stories in the book, Night’s Knights would have easily fit into the Dark Love episode of horror addicts that we just had), lots of action, blood, sex, romance and a little mystery. Everything you need for a good horror story. I also enjoyed the imagery in the book.  Some of the descriptions of San Francisco early in the book made me feel like I was there without ever being there and some of the other locations such as Julien’s castle and the crypt came to life as well.

The best part of Night’s Knights though is the characters. My favorite was Kristine, I looked at her as a very nice compassionate person who is just trying to find her place in this world and I really wanted to see her have a happy ending. I also like Markham because he has such a tragic story. He has a good life but it was taken away from him and then he is given a second life as a vampire that he is never really able to adjust to. Even though he doesn’t have a very big role I also liked the character of Danny, I kind of looked at him as a male version of Kristine. (By the way Emz if your reading this, if Danny is not in Dusk’s Warriors, is there any way you can make another sequel staring Danny and call it Danny Saves the World? I think so much more could have been done with him).

Good Character development is always what I like to see in a book. So my favorite scenes in Night’s Knights isn’t the action or the romance but the parts where the characters are deciding what they are going to do next. I loved it when Kristine is looking at the pros and cons of becoming a vampire and I also loved when she says how she feels after feeding on a homeless person. Another good part was near the beginning of the book when Jespa is feeling conflicted about sleeping with Craig. Early on Jespa comes across as a tough mean person but as the book progresses you see that she is much more than that. I also enjoyed when Jimmy has his last conversation with Markham about being a vampire, you end up feeling very sorry for Markham and really admiring Jimmy.

So what were your favorite characters in Night’s Knights? What did you like or not like about Night’s Knights? What are you wanting to hear more of in Dusk’s Warriors? Leave a comment on the blog and let me know.

13 Questions with Emerian Rich

I have a surprise for all you Horror Addicts out there. Our featured author for this episode is none other than our amazing hostess Emerian Rich.

Emerian has been featured on HA before, when the show first got going. “My intention for starting Horror Addicts was to have my short stories mixed in with some stories from friends, but once I started meeting authors who podcasted and wrote horror, I had so many people involved that my work didn’t seem mandatory for the fans to enjoy themselves. I like giving authors an avenue to share their work to fans who will enjoy it and I love to give newbie authors/podcasters a chance to get some exposure. It’s always been my goal to share new and exciting stuff with my readers.”

“Though I do like having authors on the show, it feels good to feature my own work from time to time,” Rich added.

Our lovely hostess will be revealing her new work titled Hammersmith House for HA episode 54: Classic. Here’s a little sneak-peek from Emz, “Hammersmith House is a new piece I haven’t shared or published anywhere. I am in love with it. I hope the listeners enjoy it as well. Hammersmith House is a tale, told in letters, from the time of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. It is close to my heart because of my love of the city and because I love to read letters and journals. I have always been interested in the 1906 event. The pictures of devastation and the stories of those who survived effect me as the Titanic does to some people. When I came across a book called A Most Dreadful Earthquake — A First-Hand Account of the 1906 Earthquake and Firewith Glimpses into the Lives of the Phillips-Jones Letter Writers — by Dorothy Fowler, I was so enthralled with the story of this family that I read the whole book in one night! A few days later, it occurred to me that a horror story set in the midst of this great tragedy must be written. I wanted to make it very time-period and authentic. I also wanted it to be a subtle sort of horror, one they may have read back in those days. This was a big change for me when most of my writing is very graphic and show-all…I also liked exploring a new monster in Hammersmith House. I wonder how many listeners can figure out what sort of classic monster I was portraying in that?”

Horror Addicts, will be familiar with Night’s Knights, which is actually her first “stab at adult fiction.” Emerian shared with me that she “had most of Jespa’s story out before I discovered Anne Rice’s books. She seemed to be able to break open my heart, make it whole again, and change my view on life all in one book. I strive to do that in my own writing. One thing I felt unfinished in my mind after reading her books was the religious cult aspect. She always spoke about vampire cults, but I wanted to know what happened after they kidnapped the vampires. Thus Severina was born and through her I was able to weave a tale of the vampire cult with all their rules, ceremony, and twisted beliefs. Being the child of ministers, I had a lot of knowledge in religion to help me. It wasn’t until I wrote all of the vampires and decided on the plan of creating children that Jespa’s story was added into the mix. Once she was in, there was no way to stop her from taking over the entire book. She’s demanding like that.”

And you will be pleased to know that “[t]he first chapter of Dusk’s Warriors (the sequel to Night’s Knights) should be out in podcast form by the end of January.” She then added that, “I’m a little late on my target date, but I think the fans of the series will be happy with the new story. There are four types of vampires for them to indulge in as well as gods, goddesses, a look inside the vampire investigation headquarters and hell. The theme song music will be provided by Factory of Dreams and I have a full cast helping me out this time including the podcasting voices of: Mark Eller, Mike Bennett, MJ Hahn, Rhonda Carpenter, H. E. Roulo, Arlene Radasky and a few others I’ve yet to confirm. Also some new voices such as: Camellia Rains, the voice of Jez in the Horror Addicts mini-soap GothHaus, and Ariel DaWintre who has done some voice work for Horror Addicts in the past. I’m very excited to get this project off the ground and can’t wait to bring it to the Biters because they have been waiting such a long time.”

ALSO: *Biters should keep posted to Emerian’s personal blog where she is about to announce contest where fans could have their name as a character in Dusk’s Warriors.*

Sweet Dreams just recently became available in print. I was curious to find out how Emerian feels about her novel. “I have mixed feelings about Sweet Dreams. Since I wrote the series in high school, it’s almost like the characters are friends rather than fictional entities. The fact that I podcasted this series still amazes me. I didn’t ever think I would share it with anyone past reading it aloud at slumber parties. But now it has a following that comes close to rivaling my horror fans and I am just stunned with the feedback I’m getting. I think this book fills a void for all of us who once believed (or still do) in the possibility of true love. Even though I now write horror, I still believe in the possibility of a love that will conquer anything life (or unlife) has to throw at you. After all, the undead can still love each other, despite the mucus and dead flesh. Sweet Dreams is a monster of a series. I have three books already podcasted, the first out in print. I have plans for two more at least in podcast format. But I have eight more waiting in the wings.”

Some of you fans may have heard of a little project of Emz’s…a coloring book. “Really, the coloring book is something that was requested by a fan of my art and something that has been on the back burner for quite some time. If you’ve seen my art, you will know that it lends itself to coloring book format wonderfully. I can’t tell you when this project will be ready, I hope to get a few more prints created before it debuts.”

Now it’s time to get a little more personal with our Horror Hostess. “[M]y life is a never ending rush. As most people know, writers in this day and age can not just write. I have a day job just like everyone else and a five year old autistic boy. So, the main difference is that I am constantly busy. I have little vacation time and every second of my day is planned out. It’s really rather tiring. Perhaps some independently wealthy person can support my dream of writing/creating as a career? Until then, I’m a mad maniac trying to get everything done.”

As the Horror Hostess that she is, I had to ask what actually got Emerian into the horror genre in the first place? “Horror and dark beauty inspire me to create, to live, to be. It sounds like a rather strange thing to say, that things usually involving death or terror inspire you, but I think it is the key to horror culture that outsiders will never really understand. I think it is a true test of the soul when someone is tortured or brought to the brink or death. There is a beauty when a character decides to accept the darkside or when they conquer it through personal strength. I am not a fan of mass murder or child abuse or terrorism in our real lives. However, I am a fan of the child or wife or soldier who battles through and shows that our human spirits can endure pain and still prevail.”

And her favorite horror story growing up? Well surprise for all you fans…Emerian was not a fan of horror as a child! “I wasn’t a horror fan growing up. I was the child of ministers and not allowed to watch many things because of violent or “evil” content. In fact, my favorite Disney animated movie, my husband had to buy me. Sleeping Beauty’s art and style is so amazing. As a child I wanted to watch it, but wasn’t allowed because of the witch in the film. Pretty funny considering now I am the queen of podcast horror, right? What scared me as a child were real things, which is probably why the scariest things to me in film are not vampires and zombies, but child abusers and twisted family situations. I don’t find those horror tropes pretty or inspiring.”

Well fans it’s that time again, be on the look out for Emz’s future projects. “Let’s see… I have the sequel to Night’s Knights, Dusk’s Warriors in podcast production, I am working on the 4th book in the Sweet Dreams Series, Season 5 of Horror Addicts is still in full gear, I want to get my horror/romance Artistic License out to the public in some format, and next? I am writing a modern rewrite of Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey. I also have a modern rewrite of Sleeping Beauty and a goth girl thriller screen play I’m working on. I’m really tired. Hehhee.”

Emerian had a message for me to pass on to all you readers: “I hope the Horror Addicts enjoy Hammersmith House! They should not be afraid to email me with comments about any of the stories, authors, or bands we have on the show, and if they want to help out, come on aboard. We have tons of stuff to do! And don’t forget to tell all your friends that you listen to even with our wide audience, you’d be surprised how many horror fans haven’t heard of us!”


For more information on Emerian Rich check out her website: – There you can find links to many of her projects

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