Ghastly Games Review: One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Good evening my Ghoulish Gamers!  In this weeks installment of Ghastly Game Reviews, I’m throwing you a review of One Night Ultimate Werewolf.  One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a party game designed to hunt down – and kill – the werewolf of the game.  It has twists and turns and leaves friends either loving or hating each other by the end of the night.  This review will go over game play, the positives and negatives of the game, and my personal opinion on it.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a party game – the more people playing, the more fun it is!  Someone needs to be assigned as the leader of the game.  The leader controls the night and lets the players know when they can use their roles.  Each person at the beginning of the game gets assigned a role of many. The role stays anonymous as you don’t want the other players to know what your role is.  Each role has a set of different abilities that they get to use during the night.  There are good and bad roles, but ultimately, the object of the game is to lynch the werewolf.  After everyone figures out their roles and the abilities that go with it, it is night time.  The night is when everyone will be able to use their abilities.  Everyone closes their eyes and waits for the leader to call their role out.  When their role is called, they “wake up” and complete their ability.  Once everyone’s ability is played, everyone “wakes up” at the same time to find someone murdered.  They then have to figure out who the werewolf is and vote to lynch.  If they kill too many humans, the werewolf wins.  If they lynch the werewolf, the towns people win.

There are both positives and negatives to this game.  The positive is that if you have a large group of friends, alcohol, and a night ahead of you, this game can be great fun! It is fun to turn on your friends, kill them, all the while debating with everyone on who to lynch. The negative of this game is that the fewer people you have, the less fun it is.  Also, the game is pretty short.  If you’re looking for a more immersive game, this one isn’t for you.

I think that this game can be fun with the right people.  As I said before, it is a great party game.  If your group of friends plays more tabletop-strategy horror games like Dead of Winter or Arkham Horror, then this game may not be for you.  My personal opinion is that it is a great game to play during a party or if you’re short on time but you still want to play. I personally love tabletop immersive games so this game isn’t particularly what I’m looking for in a game.

All in all, this is a great quick game to play when you’re too drunk to have any sort of in-depth strategy gaming.  Until next time my ghoulies, stay scared!


Ghastly Games: Games for the Whole Horror Addict Family


Most of the games that have been talked about on this blog over the last few months have been geared towards people age 12 and up. Gamers learn to love games at an early age because their parents played games with them. So if you are a parent and a horror addict what games do you play with your kids? I can remember playing the Goosebumps card game and Atmosfear with my kids but what current games are out their for families to play? So I did a search and found some new horror themed board games that you can play with your whole horror addict family:

ZombieKidz_3DboxZombie Kids: Zombies are taking over the local cemetery in town and its up to a bunch of kids to stop them. They tried to tell their parents about the zombies but no one believed them so now they have to take matters into their own hands. To defeat the zombies the kids have to lock the cemetery gates or try to out smart them. This game is for 2 to 4 players and is meant for kids 7 and up. You have 7 characters to choose to play as and it takes only 15 minutes to play. It’s easy to learn and easy to play and its a perfect game for the whole family.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf: This is a game for kids 8 and up and the ONUW_3D_Box_1024x1024object of the game is to find the werewolf living in your village. This game is for 3 to 10 players and you get to choose from 12 different characters to play as and each one has special abilities. This game only takes 10 minutes to play. It’s fast paced, fun and no two games are ever the same. If werewolves aren’t your thing there is also a One Night Ultimate Vampire game.

Goosebumps The Board Game:  Kids love reading Goosebumps, and nowGoosebumps-theboardgame they can play it too. This game is based on the Goosebumps movie that came out last year. All of the monsters from the goosebumps books have escaped.The goal is to find R.L. Stine’s typewriter before the monsters do so you can trap them in a new book. 2 to 6 players can play and it comes with monsters you can play as monsters or people and you can even ride in a haunted car.

With Halloween just around the corner, here is a game that you can play and Boo-Opoly-Halloween-Board-Game (1)learn more about every horror addict’s favorite holiday. Booo-opoly is a simpler version of Monopoly but you can play as a cat, bat, pumpkin, witches hat, candy apple or a ghost. You then go around the board buying Halloween properties and learning cool facts about Halloween. This is a great party game.

Vampires Of The Night: This game is for kids ages 6 and up and can be pic1246890_mdplayed by 2 to 4 players. The objective is to help the vampires escape the wicked vampire hunter who has placed garlic all over their castle. You need to find the garlic and remove it so the vampires can once again enjoy their castle. Vampires Of The Night comes with a glow in the dark game board and pieces.

So this is just a small sample of horror themed board games for the whole family. Do you have any horror games that you like to play with your kids? Let us know in the comments