#50 Movie Review: Event Horizon

Event Horizon came out in 1997 and opens up a world in which man has begun to explore and maybe even conquer, space. The film stars Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neil, and Kathleen Quinlan. The cast is rounded out by additional well know actors to a British audience.

EH takes the viewer into the near future were a deep space exploration mission has gone horrifically wrong. The ship, Event Horizon, and her crew were lost in space in the year 2040, but things may not be as they seem. The reason being is that seven years later the Event Horizon has reappeared and a message is received back on Earth.

The crew of the rescue ship, Lewis and Clark, only find out about their mission prior to setting eyes on the missing Event Horizon. It’s then when Doctor William Weir (Neil) tells them the true mission of the Event Horizon that was held secret from all but a select few in the government. The true mission of Event Horizon was to use a gravity drive to fold space and make space travel much easier.

Captain Miller (Fishburne) takes two members of his crew and enters the Event Horizon to investigate what happened aboard the ship. When they enter the ship, there is no one to be found, and as Miller puts it, “The ship is a tomb.” Sadly, Miller has no idea how correct he is. The first hint of what happened is when a crew member finds a floating corpse on the bridge. The eyes have been pulled out and the body cut and mangled. Shortly after this discovery, both ships are rocked by a violent event, and the Lewis and Clark is severely damaged.

What should the remaining crew aboard the ship do? There is only one option. To board the Event Horizon or perish in the vacuum of space. This is the point in which the film begins to jump into high gear. There is no other place for the crew to go as everyone must survive upon the Event Horizon. It is time to try and determine what happened aboard the ship those seven years ago when it used the gravity drive.

Event Horizon is a true horror film as we watch a group of people try and survive one catastrophe after another. They must find out what is happening and how to survive the mysteries that are about to plague them. Most of all, they may end up having to survive not only the mysterious ship, the vacuum of space, but each other as well. Viewers will get plenty of shocks during this movie and the added knowledge of having no place to run adds a layer of hopelessness to the crew. It’s not like your typical film in which they can jump in a car and drive off. In this case, there is no were to go, no place to hide, and no place to run.