Merrill’s Musical Musings – Mechanical Horror/Zwaremachine


Greetings Horror Addicts! I hope you’re surviving the Dog Days of Summer. I mean, it’s fine, I guess. Sunny, hot, daylight comes early…what’s not to love? BLECK. I must be patient, I know, but that’s tough when our mistress Emz posts pictures of the spooky offerings at Ross and Michael’s and there are SO many great horror flicks online. I’ve already hit Etsy for some creepy goods while binging What We Do In The Shadows. Man, I love that show with its dark moody set where it feels as if it’s always nighttime is perfect for those, uh, sunny summer days. BARF. We watched Day Shift with Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco and I loved it! It’s got a Zombieland feel, but the action was WAY more intense…and graphic. Watch the trailer on Netflix and see what I mean. Any favorites from this summer? Hit me up at and share your favorites.

Ro’s Reviews

Since we’re featuring Mechanical Horror this week, we’re revisiting industrial artist Zwaremachine (reviewed on Horror Addicts in September 2019). They’re back with a couple of catchy tunes called “Parasol” and “Resist.” Both songs have great rhythm and instrumentally they remind me of the 80s synth music that was heavily featured in movie soundtracks. Folks have gone wild for shows like Stranger Things and Archive 81—can you tell I’ve been watching WAY too much TV?—and both shows’ scores have this vibe. Their track “Resist” also has a retro sound I’d compare to Nitzer Ebb or Prodigy. Fans industrial dance tracks might want to check out the band’s catalogue. I can picture films like 

Shout Outs

Dark Wave Doom artist Jonathan Christian’s “Talkin’ Bout The Wolf” is an intriguing tune you should check out. Seattle Darkwave artist NUDA’s instrumental “Trigger” is full of hooks and effects that tease the senses and will likely give the listener an inkling of what their live shows would be like. Bellhead’s “Nothing As It Seems” is a super creepy industrial track with shudder-inducing whisper-talk lyrics and a fun drum track. Don’t listen at night by yourself.

Ro’s Recs

I love the radio function on Spotify and YouTube Music. I’ve found so many bands that I really dig that way. My latest discovery was a heavy rock band from Sweden called Witchcraft. They have the same vibe as another recent discovery, Nashville’s All Them Witches, and the similarity goes farther than the similar names and themes. Their music styles are alike, the kind of rock that you can just zone out to, get in the flow and get shit done. Or not. Get bewitched by these excellent bands.

That’s it for this edition of Merrill’s Musical Musings. Have you been following along on the YouTube Music Playlist for this season’s show? If not, check it out, and Stay Tuned for more