Happy Halloween!!!

May all your Halloween dreams take flight
and make this next year one in which to delight!

Emerian Rich
HorrorAddicts.net Hostess


Happy Halloween, Horror Addicts!

From Laurel Anne Hill (Most Wicked 2011),
David (Laurel’s wonderfully wicked husband) and “snakey.”


Have a spleen’did Halloween Horror Addicts. I will be making some bloody scones in your honor. “JoJo” from GothHaus – Ariel DaWintre


Hello Darlings!

It’s me, that piece that everyone’s dying to rest in! Elvira… okay well not really. Just dropping all you Horror Addicts a seasonal message! Yep, it’s that time of year where the ghouls are out in force, the monsters are turning up everywhere and the angry mobs are looking for blood…. No, not election season! HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite time of year! You can wear costumes and make a complete ass- er I mean… uh… FOOL out of yourselves and you don’t have to give anyone any gifts! But don’t let that stop you from sending yours cruelly a little something! After all, all you weirdo’s and weirdettes always try to sit on my lap and tell me what you want for Halloween!
(Most of you all want the same darn thing!)

Anyway darlings, I’m haulin’ my pumpkins on outta here! Make sure you have a safe INSANE Halloween and as always,

Unpleasant Dreams!

Patterson Lundquist

World Famous Elvira Impersonator


They come to the door and a pitter patter, doorbell, or knock is heard. You open the door to find a monster, ghost, super hero, or more waiting for you. A yell of “Trick or Treat” is heard and a smile comes to the face. Meanwhile adults gather to party the night away and have some fun. It’s a night all can enjoy Happy Halloween. – Knightmist


Since Halloween in Germany is about as exciting as laundry day, I encourage all my friends in the US to enjoy this wonderful holiday to its fullest (before the Christian fundamentalists take control of the country and outlaw it)!

~Shaunessy Ashdown

Horror Addicts #71 Season Finale

Horror Addicts Episode# 071
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin
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