Review: Dark Souls by Paula Morris

darksoulsDark Souls by Paula Morris is one of the best YA ghost stories I have ever read. The characters were real and believable, the heartthrob was mysterious, the ghosts were haunting. I would recommend this book for anyone 13- older.

Not only does the author do a great job of telling a story, she really gets inside a teen girls head who is dealing with grief. Even though the girl is dealing with the death of a close friend, this isn’t as depressing and dramatic as some teen books can get. She seems to want to get on with her life, but still remembers her friend fondly.

I also like the quirky but strangely loving relationship the brother and sister have. The treks with the strange guy in the coat are interesting and the story does a good job of keeping you guessing till the end… who is a ghost… who isn’t?

It also has the added bonus of being an American thrust into UK surroundings premise. Spooky haunted village. Big English manor… all the sorts of things teen girls into gothic romance dream about.

Oh! And I mustn’t forget the ghostly figure of a man in the window across from her. Who is he really?