Knightmist’s Top Ten Reviewed Movies

Since I have begun reviewing Horror Films I have found that the list has grown to account for over sixty films.  These films have ranged from classics to modern movies.  I have covered genres from straight horror, thrillers, psychological, b-movies to the comedic.  As another year comes to an end, I thought it was about time I looked back at all those films.  It’s also important to remember those films so they do not show up a second time on Horror Addicts.  So below I’m sharing a blurb on what I’d consider the top ten films of those I have reviewed.  There is no specific order to this list as they all could easily be the number one in my list.

Salem’s Lot (1979) David Soul, James Mason, Bonnie Bedelia

Salem’s Lot is one of those Television mini-series that left people speechless after seeing the series. Now it’s available for the masses to watch through DVD rentals and other forms of media.  It’s a story that came from the mind of Steven King and takes you to a small town besieged upon by a dark and ruthless vampire.  This creature will turn everyone from small children to adults and this film shows the battle between those who know what is happening and those who choose to run.

The Shining (1980) Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall, Danny Lloyd

This is another Steve King entry into my list and do not see this as a trend, it’s just another great film. The Shining is a film that takes you deep into the psyche of its main character.  It’s a study of what a man will imagine and eventually do when he is placed in a place of solitude. In this case, the man goes insane with a little help from the local spirits. This film is set apart by the young actor and the role he plays in the film making this a stunning film.

Dog Soldiers (2002) Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby

British Soldiers are dropped into the highlands to take part in a training mission.  This seems a simple enough tasks but then they discover that things are not as they seem.  The troopers eventually end up finding themselves under attack from an unseen enemy who later does get revealed. They are being attacked by a pack of werewolves and then it becomes a battle of who will survive. A great survival movie with a great cast and even better great looking werewolves that scare

Fido (2006) K’Sun Ray, Billy Connolly, Carrie-Anne Moss

The world has seen a dramatic war in which men, woman and even children had to fight for their lives.  Humanity eventually beat back the hordes of Zombies that were created from radiation from space and a genius found a way to control the zombies.  This takes us to the town of Willard where a boy’s mother is able to get the family a zombie.  Timmy befriends the zombie and names him Fido and we get a story that is quite unique.  Things eventually get interesting in town and we see a boy do anything he can to save his dog, oops I mean his Zombie.

Let the Right One In (2008) Kare Hedebrant, Lina Leandersson, Per Ragnar

It’s the 1980’s and a boy lives alone with his mother in Sweden.  The boy is somewhat of a loner in school and is often bullied by a group of kids.  One day while out in the courtyard of his apartment complex he meets a young girl.  They eventually strike up a friendship, of sorts, and at times even speak through Morse code. The girl is different and has an old man as a caretaker and after a while we find out she is a vampire.  Their friendship is tested and things began to go wrong in town as she thirsts. This film was so well received it got an American remake called Let Me In (2010) staring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Perfect Creature (2007) Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows

This film came to the US in a straight to DVD release and was made in New Zealand with a well-known cast for that part of the world. The movie is set in a steampunk type of environment and takes place in a city that resembles Victorian London. There is a mix of cars, zeppelins, radios and black and white TVs that help to sell the world.  What makes this land stand out is the fact that vampires are seen as a church and are called the Brotherhood. Their job is to help to protect humanity and aid mankind by providing medicine for disease. However, one of the Brotherhood breaks ranks and begins attacking humans and it’s up to a female cop and a brother to track down the killer. As they track him a story unravels that is unique and quite surprising.

Slither (2006) Elizabeth Banks, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker

A meteor crashes near the town of Woodsville and unlucky town member Grant Grant is infected by a creature that had traveled within the meteor.  This creature begins to kill pets and eventually starts taking over the people in town. It’s up to the Sheriff Bill Prady to discover what is going on and save the town and anyone that has not been infected.  This film is a dirty pleasure as there is plenty of humor and some interesting scenes in the film that will either have you laughing or going ick.

The Strangers (2009) Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman

A man had just proposed to his girlfriend only to be turned down by her.  They return to the vacation home of his parents to relax before seeing what will happen with them.  As they are there a blonde woman stops at the home and asks for Tamara. After they tell the stranger it’s the wrong house things return to normal, or they think. After James leaves to get some smokes for Kristen, the woman returns. After this we begin to see people watching her from outside and then eventually within the house. It only gets worse for the couple form that point. This film takes the fears of home invasion and turns it on its head and most of all the creepy middle of nowhere setting adds to the film.

The Host (2006)

A South Korean Horror Film that takes a unique look at the killer creature tale. The film centers around a family that will do everything it can to get their missing little girl back. She had been taken by a creature that had wreaked havoc along the waterway killing people and taking the girl back to its home. The family which has a gold medalist archer, snack bar owner, his son and an additional son do all they can to find the girl. This leads to moments of challenge within the family unit and some comedy. It’s a great film as it explores the family as well as seeing the girl try to stay alive when in the creature’s lair.

The Exorcist (1973) Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Max Von Sydow

In truth I should need to write very little about The Exorcist as it’s a horror classic and has been scary audiences since its original release.  The film has been followed by some conflicts and legends behind the filming of the movie. Most people remember a scene in which Linda Blair’s character tosses up enough pea soup that it appears as if it wouldn’t stop.  This film continues to make it on lists of scariest films ever made and should continue to be listed for some time. The plot is simple enough a young girl becomes possessed and the exorcism that takes place to save her. The film is pure terror and one that still sticks in the mind of viewers after seeing the film years in the past.

Perfect Creature (2007) Encore Review

The film Perfect Creature is a film that many would not equate to being a Vampire movie.  This is because the plot has you watching as two brothers match wits as influenza ravages the general public.  The thing is there is much more to the plot and two “Brothers”.

To start this film is set in what appears to be a combination of Victoria England and a post World War 2 time frame, and some actually consider it a steam punk type of setting.  The structures in the film have a gothic feel to them and the overall look to the slum called Jamestown is really well done.  You get a great sense of the hopeless of the inhabitants of this area through the look and dress.  In a switch from using pure CG for the look of the film pictures were taken of buildings throughout New Zealand that would fit the setting.  These images where then added to the layering of the film and thus give it such a gorgeous look.

The story is just as appealing as the setting of this film. I say this as the film makers do a great job of introducing us to the lead characters within the first 10 to 20 minutes of the film.  We also learn that the word Brother has a different meaning then you’d think in this.  The fact is that a Brother is actually a Vampire.

The hero Silus is introduced to his young baby brother as Edgar comes into the world.  We find out then that Silus shares a mother with Edgar and that both are Vampires.  I add that the scene with the baby Edgar is quite interesting as we see the young child with its fangs.   The film then jumps ahead 100 years and we learn more about the background of how the Brothers came to being.  Alchemy was used to create the Brothers through Genetic experimentation, but at a cost as disease was also created.

When we next see Silus he is an adult and is hunting a murder of humans.  The same humans that the Brothers are there to protect as the Brothers linked to being a religion.  Then we meet female police officer Lilly who is in the midst of arresting a landlord who has been stock piling influenza shots to sell on the black market instead of providing to his tenants.  At this point in the film the key players have been introduced to us in some form or another and the story is about to take off.

The thing that engages one so much about this film is the different role Vampires play in this alternate society.  They are not seen as blood thirsty creatures of the night only hunting for prey and to cause death.  Vampires are actually seen as god like as they have churches with thousands of followers.  People even go to their local Brother Church to donate not money, but blood to the Brothers.

However, as the movie’s opening script warns us something is happening to upset the balance between Humans and the Vampires.  This thing is deadly and toxic not just to the Brothers but as well to Humans. The fact is the villain, Edgar, is as cold blooded as any modern telling of a Vampire.  His methods maybe slightly different but the affect on society is just the same if not worse.  Edgar’s methods work so well that the government gets to the point they are willing to let all in Jamestown die to protect society.

Perfect Creature is one of those films that when you stumble across it all you will want to do is share it with your friends that are horror fans.  I’m hoping that you enjoy the movie as much as I have as it’s become somewhat rare to find a horror film that contains a well written story and plot.