Press Release: The Book Of Ashes


[Permuted Press, 15 Dec 2015]

” … a post-apocalyptic masterpiece.” – Sean Smith, author of OBJECT OF WRATH

“Engrossing, intense and surprising.” – Martin Rose, author of BRING ME FLESH, I’LL BRING HELL

27414889The Night Plague devastated humanity. Vancouver Island is a feudal wasteland ruled by the Hell’s Angels. In a trailer by the forest, retired school teacher Cory O’Neal composes a history of the plague. But the more he writes, the more his history resembles a confession.

Beautiful, haunted Joanna Ward was the most brilliant and gifted student of Cory’s career. During a troubled year in a dysfunctional private school, they forged a bond that led to accusations of improper conduct and Cory’s departure. But in the intervening decades, Canada has become increasingly rocked by civil unrest. The RCMP suddenly evacuates Cory’s town and a mysterious epidemic explodes from a lab where the adult Joanna works, leaving unsettling questions:

What really happened between her and Cory that final year?
How does the rise of a sinister cult relate to the spreading chaos?
Will the events that ended Cory’s career also end Mankind?

“A deeply engrossing and very intimate apocalyptic vision.” – Gareth Wood, author of RISE

“Mason’s dark vision of the future puts you in an emotional choke-hold and doesn’t let go. An expertly crafted tale!” – Toby Tate, author of THE LILITU

JAMIE MASON is a Canadian author of dark SF/F. His novel KEZZIE OF BABYLON was published by Permuted Press in March 2015 and his short fiction has appeared in On Spec, Abyss & Apex and the Canadian Science Fiction Review. He lives on Vancouver Island. Learn more at

Author spotlight: Heather Roulo

H. E. Roulo is no stranger to She has been on the show before, won our most wicked award in 2009 and she has had stories in out publications: The Wickeds, Horrible Disasters and our current anthology Horror Addicts Guide To Life.  H.E. Roulo has a new book out from Permuted Press called Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. H.E. is our featured author for episode 114 of the podcast  and she answered a few questions about her writing for us:

When did you start writing?

25256749From the top bunk, I’d tell my younger sister stories at night. As soon as I knew enough letters, I put pencil to paper to write stories. By the time I was in the third grade I knew I wanted to be an author. I just didn’t know how badly it paid.

You produced your first book Fractured Horizon as a podcast. Why did you go this route and where can people listen to it?

For a lot of years, I didn’t tell people I wrote. Co-workers didn’t know. It was my secret.
When I finally decided to take my writing public, I wanted to see whether there was interest. Did people like my stories? Podcasting my novel let me get immediate, week-by-week feedback. I also didn’t have to worry about hiring an editor, I did all the recording myself at night or while my toddler slept.
Fractured Horizon was my first big success, even a Parsec Finalist, and it will always be dear to me. The story of Kay Downs traveling through time the hard way, by living through it, until she reached the damaged future and repaired it, started my career. Peoples’ responses to that story encouraged me to continue. I’ve learned a lot since then. I recently rewrote the text of Fractured Horizon to be clearer. I’ve had it edited. I need to release it, it’s just a matter of finding the time.

Is writing an audio drama different from writing a novel? 

fractured-horizonI’ve deliberately attempted new things so I would be a better writer. I learned a lot about story, being concise, setting the scene, and pacing, from experimenting.
The podcast novel, Fractured Horizon, was an audio book. I simply read the written novel, edited the audio to take out pauses, and added an episode introduction to catch listeners up. It’s a little rough, and moves too fast. I could do better now. Of course, I think that about every project I finish.
Once I was done releasing Fractured Horizon, I was looking to do more audio. I released short stories, including three for Those stories did a lot for me. I won the first annual Wicked Women Writer’s challenge with “Graveyard Shift”; released “Undergrowth” as my first ebook single; and “Great Asp & Little Death” became one of the stories in the Rich & Roulo series.
After that, I had several stories traditionally published in markets like Nature and Fantasy’s special Women Destroy Fantasy issue.
Finally, I wrote a script for a full-cast audio drama. An audio drama is different from an audio book because the voices of the characters and sound effects tell the story—just like old radio plays. I had to be creative; there’s only sound to tell the story. I couldn’t rely on descriptions or go inside the character’s head. That audio drama, and the world I created, led to much more.

What is the inspiration behind Plague Masters: Sanctuary Dome?

24899021The novel took a long path. It started as an audio drama submitted to Necropolis Studio Productions for their Omega Road Chronicles, which is a series of moody unconnected short stories, much like The Twilight Show. My script was for a 40 minute show. They selected it right away.
Next, I turned the idea into a short for the Live and Let Undead anthology, which is themed around putting zombies to work. And that sold right away.
At that point, it seemed a no-brainer to expand the world I’d come to love. I already had Samantha, who is searching for her brother’s murderer. For the novel, I added the story of Trevor, a teenager from a downtrodden planet. He wants to fight against the zombies swarming his world, but opportunity is scarce. He’s working as zombie-bait for the local militia when the girl he likes becomes infected. They get sent to the Sanctuary Dome, a punishment that’s actually a big improvement, but he’s not infected and is trying to save everyone, even his home world, from this disease.

Are the zombies in your story fast-moving or slow-moving?

Mythology is so important in a story like this. It drives the tension and action. In my world, a bite means a change to a zombie, but there are also blood infections. Get splashed with zombie blood, and you’ll change but no one knows how soon. It turns people into ticking time bombs. That’s what happened to Samantha, and to the girl Trevor loves. They’re infected, but not changed into zombies, yet.
When someone does change, they go through stages of madness and rage. They’re still fast. Eventually, zombies become slow and docile. They will wander with sheep in a field, but they can get aggressive again if provoked. Don’t provoke the zombies, it gets ugly fast.

How many books do you have planned in the Plague Masters series?

I’m contracted for three books. It’s a tidy trilogy with an ending I’m really excited to write. At this point, the first book is available for purchase. I’ve finished writing the second one. Now, I get the dig into the finale of the series. There’s going to be even more action, and more at stake for every character.
All the worlds in this system are suffering. The series has to end soon, before there’s no one left for me to torture.

Why do you think people are so fascinated with the zombie apocalypse?

I think there are lots of different reasons. A zombie apocalypse lets us imagine a world starting over. Old, boring 10422043_759435137459081_6646199572415413856_nproblems are gone. No one worries about grades or taxes in a zombie apocalypse.
Life becomes purer, it’s about survival, testing ourselves, and hopefully rising to the occasion. With zombies, there’s no guilt in killing them, no gray area, no reason to understand their point of view. There’s fairness in knowing that they’ll kill you if they can, and you can respond on that level. If you’re smart and careful, you’ll survive. Our world is a complicated place. The zombie apocalypse simplifies it.
Until the Plague Masters rise, of course.



Review: Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome


Some teenage boys dream of getting a car or having a nice girlfriend. When you’re a teenager who lives in a run down neighborhood on a planet that is being over run by zombies, you dream of helping your planet’s army kill them all. Trevor wanted to do all he could to help his planet and jumped at the chance to be zombie bait. The soldiers send him into buildings to draw the zombies out and he gets to feel like he is helping society.

Life changes quickly for Trevor as he saves his dream girl but finds out she is infected. Trevor then escapes his planet and ends up in the Sanctuary Dome where the people infected with the zombie virus stay until they are changed. On another planet not far away, a teenage girl named Samantha is trying to find her missing brother and believes that the person responsible is a man named Julius. Julius is a rich man and his money built the Sanctuary Dome, can he be responsible for murder? Secrets are being kept under the dome and soon the zombies will be free to infect the universe.

Plague Master Sanctuary Dome is a book that horror fans and Science Fiction fans will enjoy. Science fiction fans will love the futuristic mythology and the political system that reminded me of The Hunger Games. I love the concept of a dome on another planet where diseased people are kept and the technology they have to see if someone is infected. I also liked how different the zombies are, they can be fast-moving or slow-moving based on how they were infected.

My favorite part of this book was Trevor’s story. Trevor is your average teenager thrown into a harsh situation. He simply wants to protect his family and everyone else on his planet but he finds out that everyone has an agenda and nothing is as it seems. He is used as zombie bait by an army that doesn’t care about him because he is from a poor area of the planet. While he sees himself as helping people against the zombies, his father is against what he is doing and is the only one who is looking out for him. The relationship between father and son is easy to relate to, Trevor’s father just wants to protect his son but Trevor is naive and thinks he knows whats best for himself.

There may be a lot of zombie books out there but Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is a fresh spin on the genre. What I liked best about it was the characters who are mostly young people who were forced to grow up to fast. Not only do they have to deal with zombies they also have to deal with a corrupt political system that doesn’t have everyone’s best interests at heart. This book has something for everyone.  Younger readers will like the action and the characters while older readers will like the setting that H.E. Roulo created. This is the first book in a trilogy and it will be exciting to see where the story will go next.

Book Review: Suffer The Children

18211208Suffer The Children by Craig DiLouie is a book that takes a look two of people’s worst fears. That being the death of your children and the end of life as we know it. The story starts simply enough by showing people dealing with the ups and downs of a normal life. Then the unthinkable happens, within a 24 hour period all children who have not reached puberty suddenly die. Doctors call the disease Herod’s Syndrome and there is no cure. As the world mourns the death of over a million children, they are shocked when the dead children start coming back to life.

The children return to their parents but they are not the same. They ask their parents for blood,scientists can’t explain it but the only way to keep the world’s children alive is to let them drink blood. When they do the children come back to life but only for a short time and each time they die and come back, they lose a little bit more of themselves. The question Suffer The Children asks is How far will a parent go to save their child?

That description of the book sold me, vampire children rising from the dead and their parents have to get them blood to drink, now that sounds like a great horror novel. This is not that kind of horror novel though, which leads me to my only complaint about the book. I would have liked to see a little more action and scary moments, but this is more of a character driven story. This book focuses on the psychological horror that parents go through when they lose a child and the science behind the disease that is causing all this to happen.

In Suffer The Children, blood is a high-priced commodity and desperate people will do anything to get it. Society is crumbling slowly and everyone feels it. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when a woman asks a priest to read a eulogy for her dead children. The priest tells her no, not because he is busy but because everything he ever believed was a lie and he doesn’t want to do a ceremony. He then says that he always liked the woman but can’t keep doing what he is doing. I loved how each character changes in the story.

Another example is when one woman blames herself for her son’s death and regrets that sometime she thought more of herself than her kid. She then does some disturbing things to make sure her son has the blood he needs. Another character named Doug goes from a caring father into a raging drunk when his kids die but when he finds out that his kids can be brought back, he gets the blood they need by becoming a criminal. Doug is kind of presented as being a villain of sorts in Suffer The Children  but I found myself liking the character because I didn’t see him as bad.  Doug was doing what he had to do to keep his kids alive because he looked at it as his purpose. Suffer The Children is a different type of apocalypse thriller and examines people’s worst fears on a personal level. I loved how the book ended and I’m hoping for a sequel.




Press release: Zombie Attack! Army Of The Dead

large_ZombieAttack2_eBookOnce again Xander and Felicity find themselves on the run from a never-ending series of threats including bikers, warlords, ninjas and more. Meanwhile a hidden enemy is working on a secret weapon: genetically engineered super zombies! Friends and soldiers are pitted against each other as one side races to spread the cure while the other battles to gain ultimate control over the fate of mankind.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61868-2-697

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61868-2-680

eBook Price: $5.99

Print Price: $16.95

Publisher / Imprint: Permuted Press

Format: Trade Paperback (6×9)

Pages: 290


FIC028010 FICTION / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure

FIC028070 FICTION / Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

Devan Sagliani was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from UCLA. He is the author of the Zombie Attack! series, The Rising Dead, A Thirst For Fire, and the UNDEAD L.A. series. Devan also wrote the original screenplay for the movie HVZ: Humans Versus Zombies. He currently writes a bimonthly horror column for Escapist Magazine called Dark Dreams.

Devan’s fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Million Writers Award. In 2012 his debut novel Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde won Best Zombie/Horror E-book on Goodreads. He is also an active member of the Horror Writer’s Association. He currently lives in Venice Beach, California with his wife.

Follow Devan on Twitter @DevanSagliani and Join the Horde on Facebook!

The Remnant: Into The Collision


Review by by Michele Roger


In The Remnant: Into The Collision, P. A. Douglas takes us on thrill ride in an end of days epic tale that reads quickly and plays out like a video game.  The story’s main character, Byron is part heart-broken divorcee, part protective father and all vigilantly.  As meteors hurtle through space, heading straight for the obliteration of the earth, all of society crumbles.

Media and information collapse with the broadcasted suicide of the last news anchor standing.  Corpses line the otherwise vacant streets of his city.  Night time brings teenagers with guns, vandalism, robbery and murder.  Primal instincts surge up in Byron as he worries for his daughter.

When home is no longer a refuge, Byron heads to his hometown scuba gear factory with its high security system and code protected gate.  Byron chooses to survive the apocalypse and the factory seems a formidable strong hold.  A small group of ragtag, would-be survivors join him.  Unfortunately, Byron soon discovers what from a distance can appear a refuge, can intimately become a personal prison; a hell on earth.

As the deadly meteors penetrate earth’s atmosphere, the planet’s oxygen supply begins to deplete.  The factory, with its hundreds of spare oxygen tanks suddenly becomes the only means of possible survival.  The characters resort to a dog-eat-dog mentality.

Armed to the teeth with guns, thanks to the small group’s hometown drug dealer, survivors begin to turn on fellow survivors.  The military adds to the chaos and approaches the factory in the hopes of stealing vast oxygen supply.

The pages turn as the corpses line the factory floor.  Which will last longer, the bullets in the magazine or the last of the oxygen trapped inside the scuba gear factory?  Witness the end of days through Byron’s eyes as he fights to stay alive.  Will he be earth’s last remnant?

I think P. A. Douglas has introduced us to a part of humanity we might be too afraid to face as a society.  He is convincing in his argument that not all of us, in fact, very few of us are innately good when facing the last few days or hours of our time on earth.  “Remnant” has the emotional pull of the apocalyptic novel, “The Road” infused with the speed and energy of the film “Mad Max.”


Michele Roger is a Detroit native and a published horror author. Her recent novels include, “The Conservatory” as well as her latest release, “Eternal Kingdom: A Vampire Story.”  You can find both for sale through STFU publishing, and   When Michele isn’t writing, she is a harpist and composer.

Press release: Tentyrian Legacy

22272714Arianna Parker always knew she was different—but she never could have known she was the prophesied descendant of an ancient Egyptian vampire race. Nor for that matter did she think she would fall in love with a 2,225 year old vampire. Arianna’s forbidden romance takes her on a path of self-discovery where she learns she is destined, along with a secret order of vampires, to save the world.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-61868-2-116

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61868-2-109

eBook Price: $9.99

Print Price: $19.99

Publisher / Imprint: Permuted Press

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 450

Genre: FIC027120 (Romance/Paranormal)

FIC009050 (Fantasy/Paranormal)

Audience: General Adult

Elise Walters is a marketing executive with over seven years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Elise has helped articulate the value propositions for a wide array of products – from birth control to checking accounts. If her career has taught her one thing it is the importance of crafting a story, a skill she has translated into her debut novel Tentyrian Legacy. Elise graduated from Wake Forest University in 2007 with a B.A. in English. While her career led her into advertising, her passion for literature was one she continued to nurture as an avid reader. That passion began at the age of 12 when Elise ordered her first batch of romance novels from With titles by Catherine Coulter and Nora Roberts, she hid her books, embarrassed at their lack of age appropriateness and scholarly pedigree. However, it was those books that helped shape her teen years by offering an escape to the awkward time of adolescence. In college, Elise specialized in Victorian literature and well-worn copies of Jane Eyre and Emma were never far from reach. However, teen romance favorites like the Twilight series also stacked the shelves.

Press release: Deep Black Sea

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00008]

A crew of seven aboard a specially designed research submarine sit three miles down in the dark world beneath the sea. When they bring aboard the bacteria that enables certain animals to survive in the seven-hundred degree poisonous water of the black smoker, they have no idea that one of the researchers plans on using them as his test subjects.the circus from within.

eBook ISBN: 978-1-6186-2-673

Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-1-61868-2-666

eBook Price: $5.99

Print Price: $16.95

Publisher / Imprint: Permuted Press

Format: Trade Paperback (6×9)

Pages: 290


FIC028010 FICTION / Science Fiction / Action & Adventure

FIC015000 FICTION / Horror

Audience: General Adult

David M. Salkin is an award-winning author, the Mayor of Freehold Township, New Jersey and a Master Graduate Gemologist who co-owns a fine jewelry store. Deep Black Sea is Salkin’s seventh published novel, and his first hard cover novel is due out in September of 2014. A writer of thrillers, Salkin’s books have spanned military espionage, action-adventure, horror, mystery and science fiction. Like one of his author-heroes, the late, great Michael Crichton, Salkin writes about varied topics—but there’s always one constant, he writes page-turning thrillers. David has twice been a panelist at Thrillerfest in New York, and has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles numerous times. Be sure to check out or find him on Facebook to keep up with his newest releases. David M. Salkin titles include: Crescent Fire, Necessary Extremes, The MOP, The Team, Forever Hunger and Deep Down. Salkin has served as an elected official in Freehold Township for twenty years. When not writing or working, he can be found underwater scuba diving with his dive buddies Patty, Rachael and Alex.

“DEEP BLACK SEA is science fiction at its best, a realistic tale of exploration and danger, written by a man who knows the details of deep-sea exploration firsthand. An exciting read.”

-Science Fiction legend Ben Bova, author of MARS