Horror Addicts Top Ten Movie Contest Update

Horror Addicts it’s time to give you an update on how the movie contest is going.

The below list is the list of the Top Ten so far from the user lists that have come from our listeners, and readers.

Do you agree with this list of Top Ten movies or do you feel your movies are missing? There isn’t a lot of movies from those who are fans of Foreign Horror Fans.

Well this is just a reminder it’s your time to get your top ten list into the email address of HAddictsmovies@gmail.com to get a chance of seeing one of your films listed.  The deadline is August 15th so time is running out.

Again all we want is your top ten films, year of release and country of origin.

We have had some great sample lists provided to us as examples so check them out.

They were provided by writer Kevin Glennon and Directors Philip Chidel and John Pata.

Now without further delay here is the list of films that have gotten the most repeat submissions and will be in the Top Ten.

  • Dead Silence – 2007 (US)
  • Ghost Ship   – 2002 (US)
  • Paranormal Activity  -2007 (US)
  • Saw  – 2004 (US)
  • The Descent – 2005 (UK)
  • The Mist – 2007 (US)
  • The Ring   – 2002 (US)
  • Case 39 – 2009 (US)
  • Frailty – 2002 (US)
  • The Strangers – 2008 (US)

Some films that are just short of the Top Ten.

  • Shutter – 2008 (US)
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf – 2001 (French)
  • Insidious – 2010 (US)
  • Let Me In – 2010 (US)
  • Orphan – 2009 (US)

The key thing to note about the above list of film so far is that most are from the US. I know we have fans of Foreign horror but nothing has really come in for those movies. So the challenge is on.

So get your personal list of Top Ten Horror Films released during form 2000 to end of 2011 into us as soon as you can.  Their are prizes at risk for those within the US and Canada, and for those overseas bragging rights to see one of your films listed.

A Guest Top Ten Horror Movie List – Philip Chidel

To help our Horror Addicts fans get an idea of the type of things we are looking for here is a guest list of Top Ten Horror Films from Philip Chidel.  You may remember Philip from his interview on Horror Addicts along with the review of his short film ‘Til Death.

So take a look at his list of top Ten Horror Films between the years of 2000 to 2011.  He provides us with reasons for his choice which should help shed some light on what had him pick the film.

So without further discussion here is his list.

Philip Chidel’s Top 10

10  OPEN WATER:  (2003 – domestic) Some say over hyped for such a low budget, which may not be possible, but real sharks are scary.  The final scene haunts me still.  Boring to some, terrifying to me.

9  THE STRANGERS: (2008 – domestic) A guilty pleasure.  Could have been an easily forgettable low-budget slasher flick.  Instead has sharp direction, slick production value, and genuinely creepy masked baddies.

8  PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: (2007 – domestic)   Perhaps damaged by its lesser and imitative sequels, but this first one really did make me scared to go to bed at night.  Unique and inventive.

7  THE DESCENT: (2005 – UK)   Girl power!!  But not enough girl power to scare away Batmen.  Also has one of the great scare moments in the last 20 years.  Maybe more.

6 TRICK ‘R TREAT: (2007 – domestic)  Great campy fun.  Great for a Halloween in.

5 RINGU: (1998 – Japan)   The original.  Still the definitive J-horror movie, and you still don’t get a better creep on than the girl thru the TV set.

Note remade as, The Ring (2002 – Domestic)

4 REC: (2007 – Spanish)  Spain is scary.  Esp. those quarantined apartments with weird angry things in the attic that attack for no damn reason.  Sequel is good too!

3 THE HOST: (2006 – South Korean)   Anotherll time fave.   Monster as metaphor.  Or if you like: Just plain old badass monster.

2 LET THE RIGHT ONE IN:  (2008 – Sweden) Smart hard drama is always scarier than real horror.  But add vampires and kids, and you’re golden.

1  AUDITION: (2000 – Japan) The scariest most gloriously repulsive movie and it is actually ABOUT something.  All time fave.

Til Death (short film 2011)

Til Death is a short film that was written and directed by Philip Chidel.  The film stars Ramon de Ocampo, Johnny Giacalone and Katherine Celio.  The story, although short, tells about the simple love between a man and his wife. You could also say it shows exactly what they mean by those wedding vows, “Til Death do us part.”

The film opens with a grieving husband visiting the grave site of his departed wife, Karen (Cello) who died in a car accident.  The husband was injured in the accident but fortunately for him he was not killed, or maybe it’s unfortunately for him.  His friend, Ron (Giacalone), is with him at his side and we get the sense he is the fix-it type of man for their mutual employer.

Mark (de Ocampo) is naturally distraught over his wife’s death and upon going home he sets himself into a stale home. The main lighting source comes from the windows or a fire place in the evening. He doesn’t appear to be motivated to get on with his life after Karen’s death. You could almost start to feel bad for the man, but as Ron tries to check on him you begin to wonder.

Eventually the hurt and pain from the loss of his wife takes a much deeper toll on the poor man. He begins to slowly seem to decompose and his body starts to fail him.  We get to watch as this happens and the look and feel as this happens is shown masterfully in this short film.

As this is a short film one must be careful on how much of the main plot is discussed. The film is something that people will truly enjoy as we watch how the main character copes with what happens. The eventual outcome is not something some will see coming and this adds to the  film. This is another great short film that will keep viewers glued to the action and maybe even get you to cringe.

Some additional information I’m sharing late but if you want to learn more about the film you can check out the two links below.

Update from 5/13/2012
Philip Chidel and I, have been in touch and he asked I share this with those who wish to view the film.  This also goes for those with additional questions.  He asked that you get a hold of him at the following email. So if you want to view the film, drop him a line.