Press Release: Whispered Echoes by Paul F. Olson

Whispered Echoes by Paul F. Olson

Journey through the Heart of Terror

They are calling to you.
Do you hear them?
They are the whispered echoes of your darkest fears.

From the pen of horror writer Paul F. Olson comes Whispered Echoes, a stunning dark fiction collection that will carry you down lonely twilight byways into a world of darkness and dread. It’s a world of forgotten roadways, sleepy small towns, deep forests, windswept waters—a place where the uneasy spirits of your imagination roam free and anything at all can happen.

• A man searches for answers at an abandoned lighthouse and uncovers an unspeakable past
• An unassuming tourist goes for a stroll and leaves devastation in his wake
• An ancient voice speaks from the depths of a long-forgotten cave
• A violent storm rages overhead, while the scratching sounds begin in the cellar below
• A man inherits the family talent, but what price does that legacy demand
• A return to the family homestead brings