It Came From the Vault: Ghost Hunting with Rhonda Carpenter – The Crescent Hotel


Eureka Springs, Arkansas is an idyllic get-away from the hassle bustle of the city. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Ozark mountains, revel in the myriad of shops and artist galleries as well as a huge selection of spas that will relax you from head to toe. Or just meander the streets ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the Victorian gingerbread houses that line the narrow streets of the historic loop district.

I was excited to visit the acclaimed hunted Crescent Hotel built in 1886. This was “the” place to go and be healed by the mineral-rich waters of the natural hot springs in the area. Apparently, some visitors liked it so much they never left. The Crescent Hotel is perched on the top of a hill overlooking the lush greenery of the mountains and valleys that surround it.

When I entered the hotel’s grand entrance I was drawn at once to the art deco pipe organ with its stained glass and hand carves ladies. While it is no longer in use I could just hear the sound of it playing in days of old.

The grand entrance also has one of the most intriguing fireplaces I have ever seen.

But the grand entrance didn’t hold my attention for long as I was literally pulled, camera in hand, to the staircase leading up to the rooms.

You won’t have to look closely but I invite you to do just that as you look through the pictures I took that are filled with orbs of light or what some people call ghosts.

The activity in this hotel seriously vibrates through you as you walk the halls.

On the second floor, I stopped dead in my tracks at room 216. As you can see this room is active with spirits. They are even coming out of the walls.

The staircase is so active I can’t even count all the orbs. Can you?

I purposely didn’t read anything about the ghosts at the Crescent as I wanted a clean experience. But I understand they have a ghost tour you can take if you don’t just want to roam the halls with your camera. They are even down by the pool. Eureka Springs was well worth the trip and the Crescent was a lovely step back in time. I understand why the resident ghosts don’t want to leave.

For more photos from Rhonda’s trip just the link below!

Wicked Women Writers and Masters Of Macabre

For Episode 130 of the Horror Addict podcast we will be highlighting the past winners of our Wicked Women Writer’s challenge and the Masters Of Macabre contest. The Wicked Women Writer’s Challenge started in 2008 by Michele Roger as a distraction to the monotony that can be writing as a woman in a genre dominated by men. It was also meant to bring attention to female horror writers and podcasters.  In 2011 started the Master’s Of The Macabre contest to give male horror writers/podcasters a chance to compete. In each contest the participants are given a theme, a place and object with the goal of writing and reading the scariest story. In celebration of both contests here is a little information on each winner and what they are up to now:

www98012010497226_786392101430051_367125154057381978_o In 2009 the first winner of WWW was Heather Roulo the theme was doing away with your spouse. Heather’s story was called Graveyard Shift and was published in The Wickeds: A Wicked Women Writers Anthology (Volume 1). Heather is a writer of science-fiction, horror, and fantasy and has  a BA in English from the University of Idaho. Recently she released a new book called Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome.

TMOADOur 2010 winner was Rhonda Carpenter. The theme was seven Deadly Sins and Rhonda’s story called Barring Lilith. The Sin in question was lust and gets into what it is like if you are married to the demon of lust Asmodius. Rhonda is the author of the book Mark Of The Druid and was co-host of the podcast Podioracket.

2969162The winner in 2011 was Laurel Anne Hill for her story Flight Of Destiny. Her story stirs steampunk, infidelity, jealously, and a radioactive poison into a delicious hot-pot of horror. Laurel Anne Hill has been published in several anthologies including How Beer Saved the WorldShe also has a novel available called Heroes Arise


Obfuscate-Final-CoverIn 2012 Killion Slade won the Wicked Women Writer’s Challenge. Killion was assigned a holiday: Passover, a location: A Seashore and an object: A Garden Rake, she submitted Children of Angels. Killion Slade is a loyal reader of dystopian urban fantasy and has written two books in the World Of Blood series: Exsanguinate and Obfuscate

2013’s  winner was Maggie Fiske. In her story called A Quarrel for Jimmy Kills Crow,  the theme was the apocalypse and she had to write about solar flares while hunting in the mountains with a crossbow. Maggie had a lot of fun doing the sound effects for her story and made it sound like a professional radio play. Maggie has also written a novella called The Last Man to Die in the Nebraska Electric Chair. 

15838245DM Slate won 2014’s contest with her story Photo Finish . Her challenge items were a Dragon, Japanese Night Club, Hairspray and Hallucinations. D.M resides in Colorado and has a business degree from the University Of Northern Colorado.  She writes Horror, comedy and mystery. One of her novels is Roots Of Deceit.
3841772015’s contest got a lot more difficult with each contestant having to do an audio production with more than one voice involved. Jaq Hawkins won with her story The Sun Child. Jaq is a British author in the genres of Steampunk, Fantasy and the occult. She wrote The Goblin Series along with several other books on magic.



2011 was the first year that hosted the Masters Of Macabre challenge and the first winner was Shaunessy Ashdown for his story Spectrophobia. Shaunessy is a fan of the Wicked Women Writers Challenge and was happy that he had a chance to compete in a challenge for the men and when he won he compared it to being kissed by Elvira. Shaunessy  is an editor for a German school book publisher.

23261059Philip Carroll won in 2012 , the theme was curses and Phillip’s story was The Curse Of The Lottery. Phillip likes to write urban fantasy but took a trip to the darkside with this one. Phillip is an Army trained Certified Orthotist and a master storyteller that has worked on several podcasts. He is also author of the book Flypaper Boy.

The theme for 2013 was haunted houses. Rick Kitagawa included a double wide mobile home and a black and white television for his story Uncle Neal’s House and won the challenge. Rick is a San Francisco-based fine art painter, illustrator, and storyteller who creates paintings, short stories, and illustrations in the horror genre.

205492262014’s winner was Solomon Archer for his story Surface Tension. The Theme was creature feature and Soloman’s story included New York City, a teddy bear and an Oceanic trench. Solomon is a criminal psychologist by day and writer by night. His short stories have appeared in several anthologies and he is the writer of PsyKu.
51Rhbl0zlNL._AA300_In 2015 Rish Outfield won for his story Miss Fortune. Rish is a writer and a podcaster whose main goal is to scare their children into behaving, into going to sleep, or keeping their mouths shut about what they saw take place in the woodshed.

Audio Flashback: Rhonda Carpenter’s take on LUST

Audio Flashback:

Rhonda Carpenter’s take on LUST

for the Wicked Women Writer’s

Challenge, 2010

Horror Addicts Bonus Episode
Hosted by H. E. Roulo and Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: James Perry
Theme: Seven Deadly Sins
Featured Author: Rhonda Carpenter
Sin:  Lust 117, Mike Robinson


Horror Addicts Episode# 117

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

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Horror Addicts Episode# 113

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe

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Most Wicked 2012

Wicked Women Writers all over the world, www

Here is the woman you voted MOST WICKED 2012!!!!! That’s right I had the opportunity to interview the one and only Killion Slade. The set up for this interview will be a little different than usual so that all of you at home can really get a  look into the mind of our Wicked Woman Writer.

So stay scared and enjoy,


1) How does it feel to have the title Most Wicked 2012?

I am very honored to be among the Most Wicked and seriously stoked about being 2012 Most Wicked Women Writer!  It is a great honor and I sincerely thank everyone for their votes and time listening to the stories.

When I first found the Wickeds I was so excited that I found other women who wrote in the same genre as me.  I knew immediately – I wanted to be a wicked.  This means so much to me! Thank you again for such an awesome opportunity!  The stories from everyone were amazing and I knew the competition was going to be tense.  I am honored to take the Gauntlet for 2012 and help usher in for 2013!  I am so proud to be a Wicked!

2) What inspired your story?

You all did such a compelling introductory to our contest theme for this year – Horror takes no Holidays and I’ll admit it was a real challenge! I personally was taken aback when I received the Passover holiday.  I had no clue where to begin!  But truthfully, that was probably the best thing that could have happened to me because I had no preconceptions. Thus, the research began.  I traced the story back to it’s old testaments roots and the plagues of the pharaohs.  From there it morphed into evil Egyptian Gods and their annual Passover Harvest of souls.

The most challenging aspect of the entire story to me was the “why” factor.  It had to be more than just an evil presence wanting to take souls for Passover – there needed to be a compelling reason why.  That’s when the idea of the Nephilim came in and how they were banned to the underworld for the misdoings of their parents.  They had a reason why they wanted redemption and revenge.

It was sentimentally fun incorporating the garden rake and the beach scene into my story – they were actually fond memories of summers on the beach building sand castles.  But that still wasn’t enough.  I needed the horrific evil, twisted surprise at the end which tied back into the original research on Passover. I didn’t want the holiday to be a passing moment for the story but the catalyst for the entire event. So in the end, our heroine we all were rooting for, turned on us, and became the Antichrist.

3) Is there anything you would change about your submitted story?

I think if there was anything I could have changed would have been the amount of time we had for our story.  The complexity my story could have been supported stronger with a subplot, but other than that, I don’t believe there is anything I would change.  I really enjoyed the whole learning curve of keeping it under a time limit.  That was very challenging.

4) Have you started thinking about next year’s WWW Challenge?

I have actually.  I am excited to test out a couple of ideas that I believe will up the challenge level of the contest and participation.

5) What do you have to say to the other WWW Contestants?

I wanted to thank each and every one of them for participating in this contest.  It was a lot of hard work and it takes a very determined woman to not only write an intriguing horror story, but then to craft it into an audio podcast performance.  My hat is off to everyone.  It was an honor to be featured with you in this contest and I encourage you to participate again in the 2013 challenge!

6) What was your favorite WWW story? 

Oh boy…that’s a toughie.  Each one of them had their own unique level of intrigue and twist.  I especially loved the endings because each WWW submission pulled out an excellent surprise to their stories. However, the vampire trucker story sticks in my mind 😉

I was truly inspired when I heard the sound effects from Laurel Anne’s podcast from 2011 Wicked Women Writer contest.  Her timing and placement of the sound effects added so much more depth and sensory to her words.  I was hooked.  I just knew mine had to include them. .  My goal then was not just write a compelling story, but to turn it an audio auralgasm.

I contacted Emerian to learn how to create a podcast. I learned so much form her awesome video tutorials and listened to all the great advice you, and others offered on story podcasting. I researched online to find sound effects and purchased a few as well.  Some were hard to find, such as the Gregorian chanting monks, but I didn’t stop until I had the right mix.

In using the Audicity software, I mixed, flipped,and morphed the screams and music to time it right with the words to help convey the emotion of the moment.  I even found that the sound of silence became very engaging and added impact.  I sent my story out to a few beta listeners and got their feedback before recording the final take.  I think I must have done it at least 20 times!

7) Are you currently working on any projects that your fans should be looking forward to?

As a few folks know, my husband and I are a writing team, but for the Most Wicked contest, this was all my own horror show. He’s more of a fantasy – sci-fi guy.  We met on Second Life and now live in the mountains of Montana with our beautiful daughter, 4 cats, a dog, and seven horses… oh and a few chickens. We do have several more short stories published in anthologies for Death Sparkles, Bite from the Heart and soon to be released, The Ghoul Saloon Anthology. After this fantastic experience of podcasting, I am anxious to add additional audio versions of our published stories.

We are currently in the second round revision edits on a paranormal thriller trilogy called Exsanguinate in which we hope to pitch in 2013. Here is logline and blurb.

A Halloween horror night, theme park adventure for software gaming developer Cheyenne O’Cuinn results in a death style change she never dreamed existed.  Recovering from a vicious attack and her sisters abductions, Cheyenne must rescue her sisters from vampiric kidnappers before they’re used to breed warmongering dhampirs.  By unconventional means through her on-line role-play game, Cheyenne must navigate violent and tortuous clues in both reality and virtuality to rescue them.  Betrayal throughout the vampiric realm unravels human food shortages and global war preparations.  Amidst an impending vampire apocalypse, Cheyenne finds herself both in conflict for survival, and for her heart.  Will her immortal self derail any hope of solving the growing puzzles before time runs out to save her sisters, herself, and her humanity?

Question from Rhonda Carpenter – What made you join the Wickeds?

As soon as I found the Wickeds online – I knew I wanted to be among you. I purchased the Wickeds anthology and when the contest came up, I knew I had my work cut out for me.  Finding other women who had just as twisted points of view on life as me, was a real thrill. I wasn’t crazy after all. But crazy is subjective, now isn’t it? LOL

For more information on Killion please check out these sites:

We have a website at where we offer up character dossiers and book trailers about our upcoming stories. We are also on Facebook, Pinterest, and occasionally on Twitter.

Getting to Know Rhonda Carpenter

Rhonda Carpenter is the winner of the 2010 Wicked Women’s Writer’s challenge. She is also the author of Mark of the Druid and works on with fellow Wicked Women Writer Heather Roulo. Rhonda is also a professional psychic, clinical hypnotherapist, a handwriting expert, dream analyst and  the founder of Rhonda was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to horror

How did you come up with idea for Barring Lilith? After I was assigned the sin
of lust I was very excited about the prospects of where a lust story might go. I
jumped online and started researching the 7 deadly sins. When I got to Lust I
found it extremely interesting that Eve had not been the first wife of Adam. But
someone I had never heard of, Lilith, had. But when she would not take the
subservient position during sex God kicked her out of the garden of Eden and she
went out into the world and had an extremely fertile womb. God was angry with
her and killer all her children at which point she married the demon of lust
Asmodious. I thought after reading the story how it must have been for her and
the story flowed from the idea that after she married a demon what would she
have done for fun. As the mother of 3 boys all grown men know the thought of
teens slipped into the story. I had a great time with this Horror Addicts
project and am so proud I won the WWW for 2010-2011.

What research did you have to do for Barring Lilith? I researched online for all
of the 7 deadly sin works that had been done over the years. But I have to say
Wiki was a killer resource for this kind of story as it gave me a ton of my own
ideas and things I wanted to know more about.

Was it a hard story to write and what is you writing process like? It was tough
to do it in 30 days as when the story was due I had house guest for 3 weeks and
had a really hard time getting to my computer to write. I seriously watched them
pull out of the drive and locked myself in my office for 4 days. But once the
idea was formed the story flowed well and I made the deadline with seconds to
spare. UGH no more 30 day deadlines for this writer.

How long does it take you to record and edit a story? It depends on the story
this one was all my voice so it was shorter than the full cast productions I
have done in the past. I recorded and edited in one night. Total time about 7
hours for a 32 minute production.

Is writing a story for print different then writing for a podcast? Not for me. I
write the same whether it is for print of podcast. What is different is the
recording when you find out things don’t flow as you though they would in your
head. The he said she said is always different and this time I really enjoyed
doing the voices for the succubus. They were a kick. I tried to give the young
boys different personalities so they would be easier to tell them apart while
recording but honesty all the boys where fun to record. The problem with being a
woman is that doing men’s voices is an impossibility, you can never get them to
sound quit right. But the writing process was the same. Write the story and then
make it work as a podcast.

Could you tell us a little about Mark of the Druid and how you came up with the
idea? The Mark of a Druid was garnered from a dream I had some years ago. I sat
up in bed as the dream had awakened me and I said damn that would make a good
story. So I got up and started to write it. The Mark of a Druid is now available
in all forms including droid and Iphone for Horror Addicts here is your
Smashwords coupon code good till Dec 31, 2010 .99 cents KK77F

Could you tell us a little about Podioracket and what you do there? Podioracket
is a twofold promotional cornucopia for authors. What Heather
Roulo, Brian Rathbone and I do there is interview the PB authors for both a
prerecorded short show and a longer live show on our feed. We also cover Pod cast news and contests for
all the listeners so that you can go to one place to find out what is new and
now complete and what the scoop is from the Authors. The short
show is never longer than 25 minutes and often much shorter than that so you can
get what you need and still have time to subscribe on a lunch break. The long
show is a live radio show that I host with Brain Rathbone the author of The Call
of the Harold
. During that show you get a real close up sit down with authors, publishers and podcasters. We often give away books on
the live show to the callers and the chat participants.

What are some of your favorite books and what is your favorite genre to read and
write in? I love to read fantasy, and mysteries but my all time favorites type
of book is historical fiction I am a sucker for tales of Ireland and Wales as
will as the English and French. I dig a good horror story but am not into the
gore of horror. My favorite books. Hmmm there are so many. How about this: just
finished Philippa Ballantine’s Geist (LOVED IT) could not put it down! I am
reading Sharon Kay Penman’s historical welsh series now on book 2 book one was a
page turner or should I say button pusher I read on my Sony e-reader and it was
titled Here Be Dragons, currently reading The Fall of Shadows. If we are talking authors I really enjoyed this year Brain Rathbone’s Call of
the Harold
series, The Fox by Arlene Radasky, Deadly Codes by J.P. O’Donnel and
the full cast audio drama of The Leviathan Chronicles by Christof Laputka.

What will you be working on next? You mean what am I working on. Currently I am
working on the sequel to The Mark of a Druid titled When Ethers Descend and I am
also dabbling in a historical fiction murder mystery titled Truth Slithers that
takes place in the 1890’s in a small Southeastern town in Missouri based on a
true life event of my great great grandmother. I have been slow getting back to
writing after my cross country move this summer. I had so much to do to get the
ranch into shape including raising baby chicks and being the cow whisperer for
15 heifers and a bull this summer.

Super big thank you to all the Horror Addicts for voting me the Most Wicked
Woman Writer this year and I am so looking forward to hosting next year’s
competition. The gals just have no clue what we have in mind for them and the
listeners should love the spin we will put on the competition this coming

13 Questions with The Wicked

This week’s Horror Addicts interview is a special one, with interviews from several wicked ladies. That’s right, it’s time for the Wicked Women Writers Challenge!

The theme for this season’s challenge is 7 Deadly Sins. The contestants had a month to prepare their short story and interpret their sin. The women participating in the challenge are ones you’re sure to recognize: Michele Roger, R.E. Chambliss, Laurel Anne Hill, Rhonda Carpenter, Kimberly Steele, and Hollie Snider.

As last year’s winner Heather Roulo (H.E. Roulo) was the one to organize the contest this time around. And of course, our very own Emerian Rich will be working with Heather on the commentary for each story.

Here’s what Emz had to say about the contest, “I’m excited to see what the ladies come up with. They are all very talented. We’ve got Michele Roger, the one who created the Wicked Women Writers and the mastermind behind making Santa a werewolf! Laurel Anne Hill, who helped judge last year is an awesome writer and very involved with helping women in the writing community. Renee has been in our group for some time, but this will be her first story for Horror Addicts so I’m excited to see her step into the horror box. Rhonda Carpenter is a veteran of Horror Addicts and the Wicked Women’s Challenge. She’s also helped host Horror Addicts and has done little cameos here and there when I need her. Last Season, Kimberly Steele was our first woman to win the Best in Blood award for Hollie is a newcomer to our group but has been writing for years and has been involved with writing groups as a mentor. These are all awesome writing women with strong voices. This contest will be rad to hear. I am especially eager to see how the fans react. Last time it was just 4 ladies. Now it’s harder with 6.”

Heather explained to me a little about the voting process. “The voters will decide how well each of the ladies have interpreted their theme. We suggested that the entries be quicker, since we were lucky enough to have so many people participate and we want to make sure that listeners have time to hear all the stories, but really they were encouraged to try whatever they wanted. And it’s great that we get to air in the Halloween episode!” Emz, also added that, “[i]t’s really too tough to judge. That’s why I’m making the listeners do it. With such awesome women involved, the competition is steep.”

I was able to have several “mini” interviews, including one with WWW creator Michele Roger (who, as mentioned above is a contestant as well). Michele’s theme this year is “Gluttony.”

“Last year, I participated in the challenge as well, but my story was the longest. It was as if I’d forgotten how to write short fiction. I had just come off of writing my first long novel, “Dark Matter” and I think I was still stuck in the very serious mode. This year, “Gluttony” is much lighter, faster paced and tongue and cheek. I grew up attending a Catholic school in the suburbs of north Detroit as a kid. I couldn’t resist going back to those memories and basing a horror story based on a deadly sin in my old alma matre.”

Be sure to note that Roger’s new novel, “The Conservatory” is due to be released this November. For more info checkout

R.E. (Renée) Chambliss is a writer and podcaster who lives in northern California. Her highly-rated podcast novel, Dreaming of Deliverance, can be found on itunes and at To learn more about her writing, podcasting, and voice work, visit Renée’s theme this year is “Pride.” Her inspiration, surprisingly comes from a well known tv show.

“Years ago, I watched Survivor Amazon on t.v. Each episode, the losing tribe has to vote someone out of the game. Well, this time the tribes were divided by gender: there was an all-male tribe and an all-female tribe. One thing that really interested me (and kind of horrified me, to be honest) was that in the all-female tribe a couple of the younger women were very proud of their youth and beauty and were also certain that the older women must be extremely threatened by them because of it. Whenever there was a negative interaction with one of the older women, the young women always assumed it was because the older women were jealous. That seemed incredibly ridiculous to me. And it popped back into my head when I learned my sin would be pride. I decided to model a character after one of those young, pretty girls, and see where the story would go!”

“[Laurel Anne Hill is] looking forward to pouring a glass of wine, curling up in [her] favorite overstuffed chair and listening to the submitted stories. Oh, and [she’ll] also dim the lights to create the appropriate spooky atmosphere.”

Her theme turned out to be “Sloth,” which she told me was “a challenge in itself. After all, exciting main characters take action and overcome obstacles. How would I write from a couch potato’s point-of-narration and still maintain forward momentum? Then I came across a true “medical horror” case and the fuzzy pieces of my story puzzle sharpened at the edges…I started writing, and the result was Beyond Her Reach, a tale of sloth.”

And just a little FYI for all you Hill fans out there: “My award-winning novel, Heroes Arise (KOMENAR Publishing, 2007), is available in hard cover, trade paper and electronically through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Thar be Magic, my pirates and magic short story, appears in the Rum and Runestones anthology (Dragon Moon Press, 2010), also available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. In 2010, I’ve had two additional short stories accepted for anthologies, and also had an op-ed (Support your Local Hero Rat) published by AOL News in August. To reach my blog and podcast, go to”

“Lust” was given to author Rhonda Carpenter, which found out some pretty interesting things while researching. “While researching the sin lust I found a very cool story about how god created Adam’s partner but that first partner was not Eve it was a woman named Lilith. She did not accept the subservient position of Adam being on top during sex. She refused to be on the bottom. I found this fascinating. She was rejected by Adam because she would not accept his dominance. God threw her out and she then had hundreds of babies in defiance. Then God created Eve she was the perfect subservient partner for Adam, Well I guess until she gave her partner an apple.”

For more information on Rhonda, go to:

For Kimberly Steele and her sin, “Greed,” things got off with a rough start. “I completely messed up this challenge. I was assigned to do a story on Greed, so I began to write a character who is pretty much the male archetype of everything I hate about American society: a hard-drinking, wife-cheating, money-obsessed salesman in that loathsome bland herd of executives who lunch (and golf). Then there was the demon tongue that ruins the aforementioned character’s life. The tongue was even more fun to write then the slimy salesman! The spigot flowed free and fast–only problem was that I wrote 10,000 words or roughly one hour of audio story! Only once the audio was recorded did I realize I was supposed to keep it to a pithy 10 minutes of audio. I had no choice but to write another story, so I spun a yarn that was heavily influenced by EC Comics; a Tales From the Crypt sort of thing about a doofus idiot who burns a volume of Shakespeare and gets owned for his stupidity by his recently deceased grandmother. I only entered the shorter story in the contest, but audiences will be the winners here as I will release both audio stories free from”

Steele’s story for the contest is “about a greedy person has no appreciation of what he has, even though he lives a life of privilege and luxury compared to most. He abuses everyone around him, wastes every opportunity by being listless or lazy, takes everything for granted, then has the gall to blame others for his own ineffectualness.”

For more information on Kimberly check out her website at

“Good writing and lots of fun.” That’s what Hollie Snider is looking forward to for this challenge. “Since I’ve never really been part of the Wicked Women Writers, I am looking forward to getting to know everyone. That’s the big thing for me this year.”

Her plans for the challenge, “[t]o win, of course. Seriously, I didn’t even plan to be part of the challenge but Emz mentioned it to me and it sounded like fun. This is the first one I’ve done for Wicked Women Writers.”

Snider’s story for the challenge is titled, “Mirror, Mirror and was inspired by Snow White.”

“[It’s] definitely more toward the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales rather than Disney. The sin I wrote it for is “Envy.” It’s been called “gruesome” by those who proofed it for me. I hope it’s gruesome enough to get under people’s skin.” For more information on Hollie, go to:

To quote Michele, “It just seemed to me that the sci fi and horror genres are a bit of a “boy’s club”. There are real marketing reasons why many female writers publish under their initials or a pen name in this area of literature.” Or as Emerian put it, “[O]ur community is more about being a woman in a writing genre that is dominated by men. We support each other, share tips, and even help each other. It’s kind of like a secret society. We don’t have a strange handshake, but if another WWW asks for help, we all chip in.”

Everyone I interviewed had their own opinion of what they believe a Wicked Women Writer truly is. But, they all had one thing in common: she will “leave the listener with a satisfying chill in the bones.” 

All I know is this Wicked Women Writers Challenge is going to be Horrific!

Happy Haunting Horror Addicts!

13 Questions with Rhonda Carpenter

Welcome back to 13 Questions, this week I had the chance to interview Clinical Hypnotherapist and author, Rhonda Carpenter.

“It is always fun and exciting to be on Horror Addicts and I had a blast writing this piece. Horror is always a challenge for me as it is not my normal genre,” Rhonda said when asked how it felt to be the featured author of Horror Addicts episode 37: Sea Serpent.

The story she has written for this episode is Scotland Burns. “It is a story of the leviathan from the book of Job in the bible. Nope not what god did right in this one, but what god did wrong during creation and how his creations suffer then and what could be now because of those mistakes.”

Not only is Carpenter an author and Clinical Hypnotherapist, she is also a Dream Analyst, Professional Psychic, and Reiki Master. With such an interesting background I had to find out how she was able to make the transition to author.

Rhonda was happy to share her story, “Author was a natural progression of a love of writing, teaching and helping others. Honestly, my first novel The Mark of a Druid was an experiment in what can I do as a writer instead of a continuation of writing for myself. I would always have written the challenge was putting it out there for others to consume. I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome. Writing is something I need to do to be happy.”

She was also kind enough to share her secrets that inspire her to write. “I am inspired by many things to write. Music is a big part of my writing experience. But the funniest thing that inspires me are my sleeping dreams. I often put a thought about my writing out before sleep and see what happens in my dreams.”

Having such an intensive background in psychology it’s easy to see why Serial Killers are Rhonda’s favorite horror monster. She told me, “I think I am most fascinated by the serial killer. I tend toward the philological and spiritual needs of the human condition. Why one person would perceive one thing and someone else perceive something completely different in the same situation is fascinating. How the mind works and what will break one person and not another makes my mind spin with stories.” Then she asked her own question, “Serial killers are often the most brilliant and demented individuals don’t you think?”

As one of Horror Addicts Wicked Women Writers, I wondered how it felt to be back. Carpenter mentioned, “[she] so wish[ed] there were more hours in the day…[w]hat a wonderful group of women writers who are always willing to support each other. It feels great to be back from hiatus. It has been a long time coming. But the break was much needed.”

Speaking of Wicked Women Writers Rhonda co-hosts, “an informational podcast for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of authors and what they are doing;” along with Heather Roulo (also known as H. E. Roulo) WWW Most Wicked 2009. Carpenter decided to share with us a little information about Podioracket. “We do a bi-weekly short show with 2 or 3 interviews, news, contest info and promos for the authors of Then we have a live show every other Thursday opposite the short show on blog talk radio. We get to take some time and have some fun with the authors of in this hour long live show on Blog Talk Radio. We also turn out 2 to three blogs a week on the website.”

“Brand new to this season is H. E. Roulo & Brain Hotlz are cranking out the first season of Podioracket Presents! This season’s title is Visionaries because it features authors in a short story venue of their genera. It is a 16 week release schedule this season or volume. Podioracket is a labor of love for the authors of There is a very special breed of people out there in podcasting and we give the listener a heads up into what is coming up, what has just completed and everything in between. Don’t know what to listen to on Then we are your gals. You can hear about my novel and shorts or head over to Podioracket. I am also one of the founders of Free Audio Bookshelf on blogtalk radio where we, Arlene Radasky another WWW writer play full books for a live audience in weekly shows that air every Friday.”

Rhonda also has her own website, Lifefirst, which is a “a complete informative online hypnotherapy and hypnosis website dedicated to you. [They] cover all areas of hypnosis for knowledge, training, and for personal growth.” I asked if she could give us a bit more information about the site.

“Lifefirst was the brain child of myself and an associate that has sense left to do other things. We wanted to create an in depth look at hypnosis for the lay person. From there it expanded to include handwriting, and dream analysis as will as many other non-traditional mostalities (sic).”

Lifefirst has gained some fame since it’s creations. “Some years ago Google picked [Lifefirst] up as an authority site in the field of hypnosis. The site has many online interactive aspect to help anyone find out about who the mind works and how you can change what is not working for you in your life. There is a free audio library of hypnosis sessions anyone can use for free. There is also an interactive certification course and a downloadable dream analysis book. Certification courses for hypnosis are done in person but [Rhonda is] working on a level one course that could be done online.”

I was interested as to how Carpenter’s experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dream Analyst, Professional Psychic, and Reiki Master has helped with her writing. Rhonda stated, “I believe all my life experience has added to and helped my writing. Hypnosis gave a vehicle for the story of The Mark of a Druid as did my love of all things Celtic. Dream Analysis even made an appearance in the first book. My belief system certainly has effected my writing and I think the things I do as a day job will always be a part of my writing in one way or another. Funny now that I think of it horror is so far away from what I do in my day job maybe that is way it is a stretch for me. But Scotland Burns has that one question I always asked myself about the one god religious belief. How could the one great and powerful god be so merciless?”

The Mark of a Druid, Carpenter’s first fiction publication and the first of what’s sure to be a great trilogy, “is about reincarnation and the idea that energy never dies it simply changes. It is also about honor and revenge and how those qualities can follow a soul from life time to life time.”

Book two of The Mark of a Druid, titled When Ethers Descend, “is about what the knowledge of past lives can do to a person in this lifetime and it is the continuation of Aileann and Adaham’s (sic) connection to a prophecy.” You can listen to the prologue for the book in Podcast episode 34 on

Look froward to Rhonda Carpenter’s future works. “Besides the sequel When Ethers Descend [she] am working on a novel that takes place between 1890 and 1914 about a murder called Truth Slithers and [Rhonda has] a 3rd called From Mother to Daughter about a family of female psychics and the struggles of having the gift.”

For more information on Rhonda Carpenter check out these websites: – Links to her Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks (as well as her mailing and email addresses) – Link to the prologue of When Ethers Descend