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13 Questions with Marc Vale

Welcome back Horror Addicts for season 7 and the 3rd year of 13 Questions!

What we have in store for you this season (in the words of The Rocky Horror Picture Show) is sure to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you! And to get this amazing season started, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Marc Vale for HA Episode 72.

This newly converted Addict has written an exclusive story that “you won’t hear anywhere else!” This dark comedy is titled, A Lid for Every Pot: The Wedding. “It’s about a loving couple that had met on a blind date (a previous story titled, A Lid for Every Pot). And now, it’s their wedding day. Everyone’s invited and the guests all share the bride’s style of… ah… appetite.”

You may recognize Marc’s name from his short stories and novellas Silhouette, The Phoenix and the Turtle, Live at Pappy’s Grill House, Irma, and Metric Modulation. For those of you not familiar with Vale or his work… all of those stories “take place in a fictional town [Marc] named, Blue Lake. Some stories have monsters, poltergeists, or situations where time travel is involved. They are all connected either by the town or by characters.

There is also an audio version of the short stories/novellas titled, All Road’s Lead to Blue Lake. Marc shared with me that All Road’s Lead to Blue Lake actually “has an added bonus story, Teacher of the Year, which features one of my characters who played a very minor part in Silhouette. Fans can listen to All Roads Lead to Blue Lake at: Podiobooks.com.”

For all you paperback lovers out there, sadly none of Vale’s works are available in print. BUT they are in fact available as very cheap e-books and free audio.

Marc’s current project which “came about through the inspiration of all the women in his life,” is Strigoaie: The Romanian Witch. Marc kindly explained to me that Strigoaie: The Romanian Witch “is the story of Marie Fatan in which she travels with her grandmother, Granna Lee, to Romania. This is her dad’s side of the family, which is very secretive. Later, Marie discovers why this side of the family is that way.”

This Gran Turismo and Batman junkie lives to write. In the interview Vale told me a little bit about his love of writing. “The dream is to be only a writer, but reality hits me every morning, say around 6:15am and then I get up and ready myself for my day job. Then, I steal as much time as I can find to plot and plan for my next project.”

As a Horror Addict Marc was excited to share his thoughts on horror. “[I enjoy] the suspense, getting scared, the open possibilities of creating any type of situation and having the freedom to muck it up the way you want to. I’m always rooting for the monsters!”

What was his favorite horror story growing up, you ask? IT by the one and only Stephen King. To quote Vale, “the movie doesn’t do it the frightening justice it deserves. Read the book, at night. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you, clowns are your friends, aren’t they?”

For those of you aching for more of Marc’s work, fear not. He’s got plenty of projects on the way. “First I am going to finish Strigoaie: The Romanian Witch. Then I’m going to start working on a novella titled, One Summer at Camp Falcon. And after that, I’ll begin working on, The Back Roads to Blue Lake (another short story collection) and an idea struck me recently to write another Strigoaie book. The story’s been playing in my head a little bit as I wash dishes, which is where ALL my ideas come from.”

For more information about Marc Vale and his work please check out these sites!