Merrill’s Musical Musings : Heavy Metal / A Fitting Revenge


Greetings Horror Addicts! I hope this bit of Musical Musing finds you in a good place. I’ve come up with a theory, want to hear it? Yeah. Good. See, my kid’s school starts in early August now. I decided that means it’s fall, and therefore time to bust out the spookies! Right? With this declaration, I put on one of my Halloween necklaces and I treated myself to some new décor this past weekend. Emz and I represented at Creatures Con in Concord, met some cool fellow horror peeps, and shared info on the podcast and Press. I even ran into a few music fans, including a dude in a Slipknot jumpsuit, a young’un sporting a Pierce the Veil shirt, and a gal wearing a homemade, hand-painted System of a Down shirt. I was in heaven chatting with folks about music and horror, and how much we all miss getting together in person! I came home fired up, jammed out to some Ghost, and finished a novella I was writing featuring vampires, witches, and Shifters. Life is good. 

Let’s get to the meat of my Musings and talk about Heavy Metal. I got to chat with our very own Historian of Horror Mark Orr about my favorite genre of music this week and I’m sure I geeked out on him quite a bit. I highly recommend watching Metal Evolution, a ten-part docuseries that features all of the subgenres of heavy music. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Ro’s Reviews

We’ve got a few musical offerings to fit the theme. Melodic death metal outfit A Fitting Revenge from Rochester, New York, launch into punishing yet technically sound riffs from the beginning of their newly released album Omnipresence. Horror Addicts who love to get lost in an album with superior musicianship will enjoy tracks like “The Infinite” and “The Inquisition,” the latter of which takes the listener on an epic sonic journey. Fans of Killswitch Engage, Angelmaker, and Enterprise Earth will dig this sci-fi-infused offering. 

Shout Outs

She 1 Him 2 has put out a couple of singles this year that are worth checking out, including a cover of the Bowie classic “Fame” and “Stuck Inside” a situation many of us can relate to after the past couple of years. Artist CARV.R released the single “Iris,” which has melodic vocals over an excellent hypnotic dance track. And Sirens of Light shared with us a delightful cover of “Revolver” from Mission of Burma. I hope to hear more from these sirens.

Ro’s Recs

I would be remiss if I didn’t inform you that Texas band Space Cadet reunited recently for some shows and released a brand-new album titled 11 that is, quite simply, fire. It harkens back to the early days of grunge but with a modern-day vibe that invokes nostalgia at the same time that it fits with current hard rock/metal radio offerings. I hope this is the beginning of the second half of their career as I’m absolutely sold. Tracks like “All Over But The Dying Now” and “Like a Ghost” definitely go to eleven.

Another must-listen is the all-female Mexican hard rock band The Warning. Their video for “Disciple” has some creepy, mind-control visuals that are a little too close for comfort these days. Check them out!

Check out the tunes above on my YouTube Music Playlist and Stay Tuned for more