Movie Review: Hidden

Hidden Reviewed by Lisa Vasquez

Directors:  Matt Duffer (as The Duffer Brothers) , Ross Duffer (as The Duffer Brothers)
Writers:  Matt Duffer (as The Duffer Brothers) , Ross Duffer (as The Duffer Brothers)

Stars:  Alexander Skarsgård, Andrea Riseborough, Emily Alyn Lind

What’s it about? (Short n Sweet)
A family takes refuge in a fallout shelter to keep safe from a dangerous outbreak.

imageOKAY — Let me start by saying that I skipped over this movie several times for other movies but when I finally gave this one a shot, I was blown away. How did this sneak by anyone? I didn’t hear much about this in theaters, or on blogs.

The first part of the movie starts off with us getting to know this quaint little family. Mom and dad are making the best of a horrible situation by trying to make life as normal as possible. Their daughter, Zoe-Zoe (played by Emily Alyn Lind) deals with as well as any kid her age. The entire family is a little hokey but considering what they’ve been through, I think they’re pretty relatable. They go out of their way to remember life as it was, and they use creative means to occupy their time.

Here and there, the movie uses flashbacks to give us teasers to what the hell is going on. After an outbreak that sends citizens running out of their homes leaves them quarantined, they are then denied access to leave their town due to a quarantine. As everyone stands there waiting in a traffic jammed highway, which happens to be the only way out of town, they see the military take action by blowing the place up.

Fearing for their lives, Zoe and her family run for cover and discover an old fallout shelter behind the school. Luckily for them, the debri hides the in ground door from the “breathers” of the outbreak who come to hunt them down. With enough food to last them awhile, Zoe’s family are confident if they just stay away from the surface (rule #1), everything will be ok.

That is until they find a stowaway thief taking their food!  Not even a good bombing by the military will get rid of all rats. That lil bugger makes his stealthy way through the cans of food and starts to deplete their stockpile. When they try to “wack” the dirty rat (see what I did there??) they knock over a lantern and set a fire.

Will the “breathers” find them? Will they run out of food? This movie’s climax will certainly give you all the answers, and more. Watch this movie. If you love dystopian type movies, you will not be disappointed in my humble opinion.

5 out of 5 skulls!


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