Be an Airship Pirate and enter the world of Abney Park

Abney Park has been entertaining audiences since 1997. They got their start  as a goth band but have transformed their sound into a mix of industrial dance, world music and steampunk.  Through their music they have created a world where anything can happen.

It all started while the band was on tour. Their plane collided with a time traveling dirigible called the Ophelia that was created by Dr. Leguminous Calgori in a freak storm. The band took control of the vessel and became airship pirates. Abney Park now travel through time seeking adventure, playing music and altering the worlds timeline.

If your not content experiencing Abney Park’s story through their 11 albums you can now play Abney Park’s role playing game. The 300 page RPG book will be released on August 31st and is currently available for pre-order at the band’s website. The story is based on Abney Park’s music and all the artwork was chosen by the band. Steampunk is a fast growing sub genre and Airship Pirates could break out the way Vampire: The Masquerade did 20 years ago.

The story for Airship Pirates begins in the year of 2150. The earth was recovering from the great apocalypse of 1906 but someone screwed up the timeline. Taking place over the You are the captain of the airship Jolly Roger and your living a life of adventure as you sail over beast-haunted wastelands and the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga.

Also below you in the  fog shrouded cities are people huddled in Victorian squalor being ruled over by the upper class. The Emperor’s clockwork policeman patrol the streets with the threat of the change cage hanging over anyone who rebels against the government. Out from the dockyards come the imperial air navy in search of pirates. Your mission is to use your ship to keep away from the emperor, sail the winds of time and plunder history itself but try not to screw up the timeline in the process.

Also coming soon from Abney Park is their novel The Wrath of Fate. Written by Captain Robert who started the band. The book expands on the origin of  the band, how they became airship pirates and tells the tale of their adventures throughout time. For more information on the music of Abney park as well as their RPG, their novel and some really cool looking goggles, check out