David’s Library: Outerspace Horror Books

Night of the Living Trekkies  by Sam Stall. This book doesn’t take place in outer space, it takes place on earth at a Star Trek convention. A zombie plague has broken out among the trekkies and it’s up to a small band of survivors dressed in Star Trek costumes and armed with plastic laser guns to save the world!The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson. This book is about a captain and his crew who discover a ship adrift with three aliens aboard. Little does the captain know that the aliens are energy vampires and now are seducing and taking over the bodies of their victims while spreading terror throughout space.

A couple others you might like are: Full Moon Fever by Joe Casey which is about werewolves in space and Zombie Syndrome: A Space Horror Novel by Keith Adam Luethke which is about a zombie outbreak in space.

Enjoy!  And tell us what you think by commenting to this post below.