Nightmare Fuel: Donkey Lady Bridge

Hello Addicts,

You can find haunted bridge legends in practically every state. Some are rather mundane tales, while others have details so far out there that they border believability. This week’s Nightmare Fuel falls under the latter description. This is the legend of Donkey Lady Bridge in San Antonio, TX.

A farmer living just outside of San Antonio, TX, snapped for unknown reasons. He murdered his children by setting fire to their home. His wife survived with permanent disfigurements. Her fingers and toes melted down and fused until they resembled hooves, and her face charred until it took on an elongated donkey-like appearance. It is said that she still haunts the bridge at Elm Creek, wailing over the loss of her children and tormenting any who try to cross. This is just one of many stories regarding this bridge. Some versions set the story in the 1800s or the 1950s. In some tellings of the story, a stranger set the fire in retaliation for something the family did to him.

Modern sightings of the Donkey Lady have her being a monster, yelling at people through their car windows and leaving hoof sized dents on the roofs. Others claim to hear her calling out in the night for her children. One almost surefire method of getting her attention is by honking your horn, but this method usually ends with the honker being chased off the bridge. The Donkey Lady’s fame even inspired the Texian Brewing Company to name a beer after her.

Regardless if the legend is true, the bridge still draws its share of curious people willing to chance an encounter with the Donkey Lady. Nowadays, there is a gate blocking access to the bridge itself, but people still claim to a feeling of being watched while there. It is for this reason that I plan to check out Donkey Lady Bridge someday.

Until next time, Addicts.


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