Curse Of The Shadow People

S3010061-600x450I’m going to start this post off by saying that I don’t believe in ghosts. While I find ghost stories entertaining I don’t believe them. I like hearing tales about aliens, bigfoot and the supernatural but I look at them more as entertainment than reality. I don’t watch ghost hunting shows because I don’t believe they will ever find proof, that being said I like the shows where they give the history of a place and talk about the ghosts that haunt it.

About 10 years ago I heard about a place close to where I live where there is a Science Fiction cafe(the place is still in business so I don’t want to give the real name.)and they have a guided tour of the haunted woods that are near the location. Supposedly this section of the woods is home to ghosts, strange vortexes that lead to other dimensions, fairies and other supernatural happenings. When I heard about this I wanted to take the tour so my wife, son and I took a road trip to the haunted woods.

S3010024-740x558When we got there my wife was skeptical, she thought it would be a sham and a waste of money. I told her that I agreed that it’s a sham but it will also be a lot of fun, at the most it will be a nice walk through the woods at night and maybe they will tell us some cool ghost stories. She reluctantly gave in and we paid for the haunted tour. There weren’t many people there, it was August and the tour guide who is an author of several books on the paranormal explained that they don’t get busy until late September. Before we went we saw pictures on the wall of strange lights that have been seen in that area.

When we arrived at the location the tour guide and her two assistants started to take pictures and flashes were going off constantly. They showed us the pictures they took before our tour and sure enough we saw some odd-looking lights and they told us that the spirits were active tonight. We started walking and our three guides never stopped taking pictures. The flashes were going off so often it was hard to see anything. I just kept looking down because of the constant flashing and I happened to glance over and noticed that one of the tour guides was holding a small mirror in his hand. I wasn’t sure what it was for but later I would find out.

S4027381-729x549We walked for a while and our guide gave us candy and told us to leave it out for the faeries. Eventually we came to a clearing and sat on some logs. One lantern was lit and slowly our eyes recovered from the camera flashes. I saw a lot of spots but it wasn’t anything supernatural. As we sat there our guides talked about the haunted forest while showing us some pictures and sure enough there were strange lights and what looked like tunnels to other dimensions.

I was thinking to myself that I would have preferred a walk through the woods with a lantern while hearing ghost stories but that’s when I noticed something peculiar. Moving along the clearing that we were in was a dark figure. It had arms, legs and a head but no face and it was solid black. It crept along the opening with its back to the trees and walked around the open space where we were. I watched this thinking it was probably a guy in a suit and any moment one of our guides would point to it and say “look a spirit.” They never said a word and I never mentioned it because I thought if I did our guides would just say they saw it and say there is your proof these woods are haunted.

shadow21We walked back to the cafe, we saw the pictures from the trip and there were quite a few odd lights in the pictures which I think were made by the mirror that I saw. Probably because we were such a small group, the guide treated us to drinks and food and then told us about the machine they built that makes crop circles. As we were leaving the person in charge said to us “at the least you should look at this experience as a fun trip through the woods.” She was right it was a fun walk in the woods but I still wondered what I witnessed and why no one else saw it.

I did some research and found out that what I saw was a shadow person and many people believe that they are extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe. Honestly I’m still not sure if I saw evidence of the paranormal or if it was just a side effect of the flashing lights but it was a cool experience that I won’t forget. Maybe some ghost stories are real and maybe there are things in the universe that we just can’t explain.