Book Review: Time Of Death Book 2: Asylum

22711078Time Of Death Book 2: Asylum by Shana Festa continues the story of Emma, Jake and Daphne as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Its been two months since the collapse of society and they’ve been through a lot. The three of them are currently living on a house boat with Jake’s brother and sister. As of now they are in the safest place possible, but it can’t last long as their food and water supplies start to dwindle. One thing they have learned is that even a safe place can fall to the undead and they have to always be on guard.

Knowing that they can’t stay on the boat forever, they go on land and head up the coast and find a new place called Asylum. Things seem safe in Asylum but more may be going on then meets the eye. With the U.S. government gone, Asylum has started its own government and presents a new way of life. Emma has to adjust to a new world and her and Jake don’t see eye to eye and the loss of several people they know has put a strain on their relationship. Asylum may be safe but things are far from perfect and is life there really better than dealing with the zombies outside?

Like in book one, Asylum has a good mix of action and humor but it also adds some new characters that I liked. We are introduced to a man names Stryker who is a complete mystery. His story unfolds throughout the book and where he starts off as one-dimensional he shows a lot of depth by the end. I liked how Emma’s attitude changes towards him as you see what causes him to be the way he is.

Another new character I like was Jasper. Jasper is a character that is shown as not being to bright but he shows he is an important part of Asylum even though he doesn’t fit in the social groups in asylum, he still does his job well but doesn’t get the respect he deserves. I loved when he is telling Emma how he is not stupid and Emma is thinking she really likes this man but at the same time she gets upset over how slow he is.  I also liked how we get to see Emma’s nursing skills put to good use.

The best part of this book was watching Emma and Jake’s relationship change. In the first book there was conflict between them but that is heightened in this one. The apocalypse would put a strain on any relationship and this one is no exception as Emma and Jake fight over their tasks in Asylum. Some interesting points about government are brought up in Asylum and where Emma starts to think of it as a bad place, Jake doesn’t necessarily think that and I found myself supporting Jake.

Asylum is a book that takes what happened in Time Of Death Book One: Induction and builds on it. This book does not repeat stuff that happens in the first one, it takes things in a completely different direction. While book one has a lot of non stop action, this book has action but gets deeper into character development. I had my issues with book one and all those issues were solved with book 2. This is a much better book then Induction and Shana shows that she is getting better as an author. The only issue I had with this one is that I wanted a book 3. Luckily for fans of Books 1 and 2, book 3 is coming.

Review: Time Of Death: Induction

23364657Emma lives in Florida and has a pretty average life. She is 37 years old, married to a man named Jake and has a dog named Daphne. Emma is close to completing her nursing degree and has just lost her first patient, or did she? When she gets home from the hospital she is surprised to find out that her patient has come back to life and is trying to eat the hospital’s staff. From there Emma’s life goes from average to tumultuous, not only does she have to deal with the undead coming back to life but there is also a hurricane destroying Florida. As civilization collapses, Emma and her family have to try to survive and hopefully build a new life.

Time Of Death: Induction by Shana Festa is a book that starts with a slow burn and ends with an explosion. In the beginning we see all the characters going about their normal life and then the zombie apocalypse happens and the book becomes non-stop action. I loved how Shana makes us care about the characters before she puts them into danger. Once the hurricane hits and the zombies started to rise, I didn’t want to put the book down.

I liked how with the action moving along like a freight train, Shana  still manages to insert humor into the mix. For instance as Emma and Jake are driving around looking for shelter, Emma takes a sniff and thinks her husband has just passed gas. The smell doesn’t belong to her husband but we get a couple of good laughs before the action starts again. Another scene has Emma traveling with a group of soldiers on a reconnaissance mission and they use a series of hand gestures that Emma doesn’t understand. After a bit the soldiers start to laugh and Emma realizes that the soldiers are messing with her.  In a book about the collapse of society I like how the humor in Time Of Death breaks up the tension. Even when the world is ending I think people would still use humor to lighten the mood, so it was a nice touch.

Time Of Death: Induction is a first novel and it does show. I thought some of the action scenes were confusing and at times the story felt rushed. At one point a human is using a pole to keep zombies away from a boat and the zombies pull him to his death , I thought this was something zombies shouldn’t be able to do. Also there is one point where I almost stopped reading because the title of the chapter gave away what was going to happen next. It’s hard to feel suspense when you know what’s coming.

All this being said  I enjoyed this book. The characters were excellent, you see Emma and Jake have their differences and don’t always work as a team, but you still see that they love each other. One of the best scenes in the book is when you see the couple try to make an escape and  clash over what should happen with the dog Daphne. Daphne may be a dog but she is a good character in this book. If you’re a zombie fiction fan you will love Time Of Death: Induction. The way the apocalypse starts made this book worth it for me. This is the first in a series and its a good first novel.