Monster Mash with Septron

For our final song this season, we are featuring German Electro band Septron, which is the one-man project of Bastian Polak. I was not able to chat with Bastian, so I’ll let his music speak for him.

I do not speak German, but with a song like “Aschenland”, which means “land of ashes”, you don’t really need to. This is a strong but hushed electronic piece and the words are delivered with warm, mournful emotion. Like many songs on his latest album, Wuterguss, one can definitely feel his range of emotions, all woven skillfully through the music.

I would describe all of the music as dark wave, electro, and industrial, but I would also say they are emotional and compelled me to listen to more than just his ashen track. Online translation helped me get a feeling for what he wanted to convey with his words, but in the end I just sat back and listened and enjoyed the songs.

Bastian lives in the central Palatinate region of Germany. For over 8 years, he has been producing music from his home-recording studio. He has also performed some live shows and festivals. He has a strong English-speaking fan base that is just as passionate as his native fans.

If you would like to hear more from Septron, you can find his music online at his homepage at You can buy tracks from Wuterguss at Amazon and iTunes. You can also find him on ReverbnationMyspace, and Facebook.