Best Band of Season 6


Congratulations to the voted Best Band of Season 6…… SUBLIMINAL CODE!



For this interview, I was able to speak with founding members and twins, Raúl José Padrón and Raúl Padrón Junior. When asked how it felt to be voted Best Band the brothers had this to say, “It feels great to win this award and makes us feel motivated to keep working hard.”

The Padrón brothers got started in the music world at the age of 14.  “We founded a power metal band that worked for a couple of years then it fell apart. So we started to play with some metal bands until one day we decided not to waste time anymore and get started to do what we really wanted to…”

Subliminal Code was born in May 2009, It was just a hobby, a single project of Padrón Junior. “I just wanted to make that kinda music that I really love and that I grew up with, then it got more serious and we needed to add new members…Gino, the 3rd member of Subliminal Code, is a very good and an old friend.”

The members of Subliminal Code are very proud of themselves and how far they have come, stating that, “everything that we have done with Subliminal Code is our greatest band achievement!”

Currently Subliminal Code is working on a full album which sadly has been delayed by some problems. But the boys are looking forward to having the album ready as soon as possible.

Before the interview came to an end Raúl José Padrón and Raúl Padrón Junior had a few final words for everyone. “We want to give thanks to all who supported us and a special thanks to Mr. Juan Manuel Alcantara and Horror Addicts for this important achievement. Also don’t forget to visit our Reverbnation and Myspace where our Soldier of Hell ep (sic) is currently available… Additionally fans can contact us through our Facebook page.”

For more information about Subliminal Code please check out these sites:


Monster Mash with Subliminal Code

Soldier Of Hell EPOur band this week is Subliminal Code, an EBM band from Venezuela. Since they are on the road, we were unable to interview them in time for this episode. However, here’s what I’ve been able to dig up on our boys from Maturín.

The group was founded in 2010 by Raul Junior Padron, who works keyboards and sequencers. His brother Raul Jose Padron joined later in the year as vocalist. In February of 2011, they were joined by bassist Carlos Marcano.

Raul Junior was influenced by many genres but claims EBM, industrial, metal, synthpop, and Goth as the band’s pedigree.

Their first EP which was released in 2011, Soldier of Hell, has come a long way since their original demo. It is from this new album that our featured song, “Sin of Pleasure” is from. The lyrics of the song are in Spanish, but a quick translation shows that the song, as the title suggests, is about giving in to the sins of the flesh.

I really enjoyed the song, but I would say that they earn their self-described genre of “Harsh EBM” by the singing, which is definitely dark, menacing, and mysterious. I would add that the band’s music is a fresh take on the EBM genre that I normally hear predominately from Europe or here in the States.

If you would like to learn more about the band, their Facebook page is the clear winner, at They can also be found on ReverbNation and they have videos available also on YouTube.