Horror Addicts #060, Steve Merrifield

Horror Addicts Episode# 060
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin
1800’s / Steve Merrifield / Dead Sea Surfers / The Burrowers
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The Burrowers (2008)

In the wild west of the early United States, in what was known as “The Dakota Territories” a family is found dead.  During that period of our history the first assumption is that the murder of the family had to be caused by the Native Americans.  Unfortunately for those involved they are going to find out they are far from the truth.

The Burrowers opens with Coffey (Karl Geary) returning from a trip and upon arriving home he finds a slaughter and there is no sign of his girl.   Upon finding that others are also missing he gets a posse together to find them and get them back.  Coffey believes the atrocity was caused by Indians and will do anything he can to get her back and kill those involved.

As Coffey and his posse try and search out those missing they begin to come across others out in these wild opened spaces.  The men come across the United States Cavalry, Indians and as the movie progresses they eventually come across a surprise just buried under the top soil of the open planes.  What they find is a woman who has been buried alive and eventually we will find out what has put her there, and why.

What makes The Burrowers a unique film is the way Perry was able to combine to well know film genres into a great movie.  Perry does a great job at setting the movie up and making it believable that the film took place in the late 1800’s.  We find all the conflicts of that era taking place within the film.  You have the Native American’s trying to hold onto their lands.  Settlers moving westward setting up homes and trying to make a home for themselves.  Then we have the Cavalry whose job is to protect the settlers and at times take their job a bit too seriously as we find out in the film.

Then we move from this western motive to the horror aspect of the film.  This aspect is heightened by the wide open spaces, the dark night found upon the open plane with only the moon and a fire to cast light.  Then of course there are the noises in this dark and sudden movement that will have some viewers jumping in their seats.  Lastly, there are the creatures that were behind the disappearance of the settler family, and abduction of Coffey’s girl.  These creatures are learning to adapt to a changing world and having lost one food source has moved onto another.

The Burrowers is a film that many should find appealing to watch.  It should find viewers who like either movie genre or fans of both will not be disappointed.  The film slowly builds the suspense and when things get interesting and quicker paced you will not feel disappointed.  This straight to DVD release would have played well in theatres, and hopefully will play well in your homes.