Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: New Years Day

Seattle Sounds-New Years Day- By Dawn Wood


AnthonyI had the pleasure of opening for New Years Day and the Birthday Massacre with my band Murder Weapons in Seattle at the end of 2014. I was pleasantly surprised at the charisma and talent of New Year’s Day. Their music appealed to Metal/Gothic and Industrial fans and their humility in relating to the audience/fans was refreshing.

Their new 5 song EP entitled: “Epidemic” is brilliant, with the title track “Epidemic” being a huge fan fave.

New Year’s Day formed in 2005 and began an aggressive DIY promotion of their music on Myspace.  They were featured on “Myspace Record 1 Compilation”.  Since that time, they have toured with the likes of: The Birthday Massacre, Motionless in White, Blood on the Dancefloor just to name a few.

They describe their music as:
Ash”Imagine if Dexter Morgan with side kick Eric Northman, hosted a late late late night talk show in a haunted mansion deep within the enchanted cemetery, then NEW YEARS DAY would most assuredly be their house band with warm blood-spattered bottles of True Blood offered in the red room for the visiting undead.”

Members include:
Ash on vox
Tyler & Jeremy on guitars
Nick on drums
Anthony on bass

Check out these links to New Years Day:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nydrock
Twitter: NYDROCK
Lastfm: http://www.last.fm/music/New+Years+Day
”Epidemic” download:https://play.spotify.com/trackset/mediabar/6JE2QBD2FmzMgYqu65Uzhb%2C1J4FkTOZNz9ooQjZPszM5W%2C165QuY1DUqXzqqA1IZ3Unm%2C049O57ssi7ReAFOmPCPHOZ%2C4B6oGnWjAfnLIApzHkHkDm%2C0gpTgDbkZczXoXiTlGch4t%2C0jVXpiW37MVzkDAptUOXle%2C12hm7s2WGdIFLo13FXoeuy%2C1LY0tTpCaNIqQSqWheIX5l%2C2d6iLsfggnvjl1dep2rpuE%2C5gLMuCZKVpbshie2OpT10M%2C20qReIgUUTYLhojoWyNObg%2C6QmBmb9PaVUqNJaRHrxFkH%2C1JgkDsrK8nnwP8lxhpJXgS%2C031S2FIn62EYApsRJXNAFU/%23/12

NEW EP: http://www.nydpreorder.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKFyoG_RFbY


Free Fiction Friday Double feature

For our Free Fiction Friday this week we have a double feature for you, first up is Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. Charlaine Harris is the creator of the Sookie Stackhouse series of vampire novels of which the HBO series True Blood is based on. Dead Until Dark is the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and was originally published in 2001.

The story for Dead Until Dark is the basis for season 1 of True Blood, but there are some differences. Such as the story is told entirely from Sookie’s point of view.  The synthetic blood is called Life Flow instead of True Blood and some of the characters are different in the TV series.

If you’re a fan of Charlaine Harris and True Blood you’re going to want to adopt this book. This version of the book has the cover that is pictured to the left and is no longer available in stores. The new version has a vampire woman licking her lips and does not look as good as the original. So if you would like this book, leave a comment on the blog and let us know why you would be a good owner for this book. This is available for US residents only.

Dead Until Dark is not the only free read we have for this week. Our second one is available for everyone and all you have to do is click the link below.  This link was talked about on episode 64 of Horror Addicts and it features some writing samples from Weston Ochse.

Weston Ochse is an Arizona based writer who has written several short stories and has won a Bram Stoker Award for long and short fiction. Some of his novels include Scarecrow GodsEmpire of Salt and Blaze of Glory. The stories featured in the link below are from a story collection called Multiplex Fandango along with an intro by Joe Lansdale.  So if you want more information on Weston Ochse and you want to read some of his stories click the link below:


So just to recap if you would like to own a copy of Dead Until Dark and you live in the US, please leave a comment on the blog. If you want to read Multiplex Fandango click the link above.

Horror Events in July

July 22nd -24th / Fright Night Film Festival / Louisville Kentucky / This is an annual convention that includes a dealer’s room, a body art show, a showing of 1978’s Halloween at a drive inn theatre, a masquerade ball and appearances by John Carpenter, John Drake from Dr. Giggles, and many more. For more information go to frightnightfilmfest.com.

July 17th / Viscera Film Festival / Los Angeles Ca / This is a horror film festival that showcases women horror film makers which includes movie showings, special guests, an award ceremony, Q and A’s and a bloody carpet event. Some of the movies being shown are Bloody Bunny by Molly Madfis, Nursery Crimes by Laura Whyte and The Ghost and us by Emily Carmichael. For more information go to viscerafilmfestival.com

July 29th – 31st / Steel City Con / Monroeville Pa / This convention will include a large dealer’s room and guest appearances by Tony Todd from Candyman and Wishmaster and George Kosana and John A Russo from Night of the Living Dead. For more information go to steelcitycon.com.

July 3rd / This is Death Valley, constellations, Amongst the cool guys @ the poor alex / Toronto Canada / A night of metal music from Amongst the Deceased, Falling Forward, Dawn Valley and many others. Show starts at 5:30pm and goes until midnight. For more information go to: www.pooralex.com.

June 26th / True Blood viewing party / Austin Tx / Enjoy a True Blood viewing part complete with themed drink specials and snacks. Have a fangtastic night celebrating blood, sex and death. For more information go to www.joscoffee.com