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Horror Addicts Episode# 081
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Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

So often in horror movies those “hated” hillbillies are portrayed as deformed insane killers that will kill anyone that enters their property. They are often seen as cannibalistic creatures, more than humans that thrive on the meat of college students and travelers. The question raised in the comedic horror film, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, is what if this is not the case.  Is it possible that sometimes these poor people are just misunderstood?

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil starts out with Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are working their way to a vacation property that Tucker just purchased. They stop at a gas station and while there the inevitable happens. A car load of college students comes into the lot and Dale is smitten by one of the members of the college group.

The college students are on their way to go camping and consist of Allison (Katrina Bowden), Chad (Jesse Moss), Chloe (Chelan Simmons), Chuck (Travis Nelson), Jason (Brandon Jay McLaren), Naomi (Christie Laing), Todd (Alex Arsenault), Mitch (Adam Beauchesne) and Mike (Joseph Allan Sutherland).  It’s the very pretty Allison that Dale finds himself liking and after some pressure from Tucker he goes over to talk to her. The problem the man is nervous and isn’t exactly in his Sunday best. He freaks the group out. After all, they do say that first impressions are a key to making friends and in this meeting the kids think they met killer Hillbillies.

Tucker and Dale just let it go and continue out to their vacation home and arrive to find a rundown cabin. To them this is heaven, and although it may need work, they set out on making the place their second home.  It just happens that maybe a few miles away, along the same lake the college kids have setup their camp.  It’s here that Chad makes moves on Allison only to have her turn him down.

Chad shares the story of a Memorial Day Massacre that happened in these same woods years before. It was a case where some hillbillies had slaughtered a group of college kids with only one of them making it out of the slaughter alive.  As in most cases to take the edge off the kids decide to take a swim on the lake not knowing that Tucker and Dale are already fishing.  It’s only when Tucker and Dale see the beautiful Allison with her freaking out seeing them causing her to fall and hit her head.  The boys rush to her rescue pulling her into the little boat and as the other college kids’ look on their fear the worse.  The only thing this group of kids can do now is SAVE THEIR FRIEND.

At this point in the movie things just continue to get more confused and messed up on both sides of these comedic story. The kids mount a rescue missing as Dale does his best to nurse the injured Allison back to health.  As each side does their own things it’s bound to happen that they misinterpret the others actions. Things only get worse for the college kids as odd accidents end up in some shocking deaths that will not only have you laughing but shaking your head as you watch.

To think just a bad first impression and a misunderstanding will lead to all this carnage.  Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a great story and movie. It is truly comedic to watch as the two very kind hillbillies must struggle against the menacing college kids. The kids may be more to blame for what is happening in this film than the hillbillies turning this genre specific norm around.  The movie will lead you not only laughing but for a change pulling for the hillbillies.

A Guest Top Ten Horror Movie List – Kevin Glennon

The below is from the author of the book, yes I said book,”Vikings, Vampires and Mailmen” by Kevin Glennon. The thought here was to get another view of a horror movie list by checking with one who writes horror.  So, Kevin was kind enough to help us with this bit of research and submitted the below list to share. If you haven’t seen it David reviewed his book in a previous post on the blog.

Top 10 Horror Movies – 2000 – 2011
by Kevin Glennon

10. Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010 – USA)
This movie did to horror what Chris Moore’s book Fool did to Shakespeare.  Sometimes even Evil isn’t black and white.

9.  Bubba Ho-Tep (2004 – USA)
Everything about this movie is original and fresh, which is why a boring bad guy like a mummy can be feared again (finally).  And what Bruce Campbell movie was ever bad?

8.  F ido (2006 – Canada)
This movie is teeming with monsters, only they’re not the zombies.  The gore is brilliant, but the filmography makes this a borderline art film by a clear horror fan.

7.  Zombieland (2009 – USA)
We knew what we were getting by just the title alone, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Great acting actually pulls this movie together, as it’s really nothing special from a zombie-horror perspective.

6.  Shadow of the Vampire (2000 – USA)
You never actually know if there are real monsters – only that everybody is moments away from being ripped apart.  It’s a great way to bring back such a horror classic.

5.  Cloverfield (2008 – USA)
Perhaps the only modern movie to do CGI right without taking away from the horror.  Clearly someone was listening in film school when the lesson was “less is more.”

4.  Saw (2004 – USA)
The perfect modern American horror movie, with original plots and twists.  In a world of smartphones with GPS and 911, this flick brought scary back.

3.  Troll Hunter (2010 – Norway)
This is CGI done right – very tasteful, original story with a genius balance of teasing the viewer with information before finally revealing things.  Great acting and locations.

2.  Night Watch (2004 – Russia)
A great twist on traditional vampire movies, this story gets everyone dirty.  It’s not good vs. evil so much as evil vs. more evil.

1.  Shaun of the Dead (2004 – UK)
One of the smartest movies in a long time, and doesn’t skimp on the gore or the loss of good characters.  Easily one of the best zombie flicks of all time.  I’d put it on the list multiple times if I could!