Vile Vacation Idea: Hoia-Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Keeping up with the theme this month of Vile Vacations, I wanted to think of a place I could go to ensure that I would have nightmares to come! I thought of the world’s most haunted forest: Hoia-Baciu Forest in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This forest has so much to offer someone like myself: Urban Legend, paranormal activity, creepy fairy tale like trees, and even UFO sightings!


Located in the historical region of Transylvania, and a massive forest at 617 acres (250 hectares) you can definitely get lost at night. Especially with no compass or sense of direction, this forest is also nicknamed as the “Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”.  It is named after a shepherd that disappeared along with two hundred sheep. This makes the locals believe that if they go in the forest, they may never return. Also, they believe that some souls of the locals who have been murdered go to this forest for unrest. This can account for witnessing odd lights, noises and seeing heads floating among the trees. Certainly, several visitors have experienced mysterious rashes, burns, nausea, and unexplained loss of time. Not to mention the feeling of being watched and hearing unexplained voices.


A large portion of the forest that is barren. People believe that this is where most paranormal activity is. But there’s also several springs that border the forest which can be a conduit for activity. How exciting is this!? Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Researchers visit the forest in hopes to find something here.

forest-oneThere was one documented sighting of a UFO in the 70s with a photo for proof, but some have not been able to be so lucky to see another as successfully. While the photo is pretty cool and such, the idea that there hasn’t been another sighting is possibly the only disappointment if to visit.

So, with the idea that you will be guaranteed some kind of experience when visiting this creepy, but awesome forest, would you go? I most definitely think it would be well worth the experience and great material for nightmares.


What is your favorite vacation destination? Let me know and if you have visited Hoia-Baciu Forest, I would definitely love to hear about it!