Guest Blog: Immortals I Love, Vampires I Don’t Love – Kimberly Steele

When I write vampires, I find it difficult to make any rules for them aside from they have to drink human blood at regular intervals to stay alive.  I like the glampire aristocrats of Anne Rice with their whole set of problems with going out in the sun but I just don’t like writing them at least for the time being.  I’m more fascinated by Virginia Woolf’s take on immortality with the character of Orlando.  He/She is a great character, but what I love the most is the only “rule” is that Orlando cannot die.

As far as vampire as monster, like the vamps in the comic/movie series Blade, they are cool as hell but my whole thing is that average people are the real monsters.  I like juxtaposing the reality of vampires (who in my mind are serial killers who live forever) with average people who do terrible things, yet unlike the vampires, do not wrestle with their conscious.

I don’t like vampires that are too perfect.   The oh-so-sexy beautiful vampire with perfect features only works for me if he’s portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard.  God that boy is hot.  He could play a jar of Play Doh in an performance art rendition of Our House and I’d probably find it compelling, but I digress.  I’m also tired of the half-breed vampire human thing used in both Blade and Underworld.  It’s stupid and cliche–please, let’s move on.

Twilight’s vampires are too soft–I don’t care how much Edward blueballs Bella, but couldn’t he eat something higher on the food chain then venison once in a while?

What kinds of depictions of vampires do you think are the most fascinating?  What aspects of vampire characters do you dislike?