Inside Horror Music with Factory of Dreams

HorrorAddicts recently had the honor of speaking with Hugo from Factory of Dreams to discuss whozits and whatzits. Here is what he had to say:

SM: First of all, I am really enjoying your stuff. The fans at dig it! How did you start in music?

HF: Hey, that’s so cool to hear, I’m really glad you guys are enjoying the music here at HorrorAddicts. Factory of Dreams is a band that wanders on that thin line between reality and fiction, so, to find such an original show as yours is a real treat and a fantastic place to be since it’s known territory for us! I started a long time ago making music you know, back on the 80s with a computer, the commodore Amiga which is still to me the only computer with a soul, I mean, it lives within the hearts and minds of the Amiga generation. I did several tunes for the Amiga demoscene and for a game, then started moving to bigger things such as synthesizers and PC hardware later in the 90s. More professionally, I started a band called Sonic Pulsar, mostly a progressive rock band, and we released two albums, one produced by Mellow Records called ‘Out of Place’. This lead to Project Creation, a project that is still going on and that will have another album soon enough as well. It’s an absolutely epic project, very scifi driven, about a planet-like self-generated ship, travelling through space. In between I participated on tribute cds for The Moody Blues, Santana, and some compilation cds. The thing about my music projects is that they’re always about scifi concepts, many times speaking about darker subjects, psychological horror, mysterious things. Factory of Dreams is no exception.

SM: How did Factory of Dreams come to be?

HF: After I completed Dawn on Pyther, the second Project Creation album about the new developed planet called Pyther, I wanted to take a break and start a new project with a whole new sound approach. The idea was to spontaneously play what came to mind, and evolve from there naturally without thinking too much about song structures or making those too complex. So, I started playing around with my synth and in about a week I came up with some 12 songs. 11 were to become Factory of Dream’s first cd called Poles. I had the music, it was very atmospheric with heavy guitars; this was surely gonna be one of the very first ‘synth metal’ projects or ‘atmospheric metal’. So, like I was sayin’, I had the music, needed a voice and started searching on the net, myspace,… and there was Jessica, an original, warm voice, I had never heard anything quite like it before, because it wasn’t totally operatic, nor totally metal/rock,…but a mix of both. Plus she had experience, she had her own project, composed and recorded herself her own vocals and arranged them. So, I sent her a few demos for Poles that I already had, she recorded some takes and I loved it and she also enjoyed the music. Everything was set.

SM: You have a very unique sound. Who would you say are your biggest influences?

HF: I really can’t think of big influences, there are some artists that have had an impact on my life, but they’re not necessarily related to the metal genre. David Arkenstone is a remarkable musician, from the electronic/new age genre, whose melodies touched me over the years. Anyway, what I enjoy to hear also is Rush, Birthday Massacre, I used to listen to a lot of Iron Maiden, old 80s rock and synth pop/wave such as Alphaville, Duran Duran, prog metal like Dream Theater, Gathering, some Epica and NW not all, Vangelis, Steve Vai, among others. So, you see pretty diverse.

SM: How do you think your sound as a musician has evolved over time?

HF: Music and sound is, many times, related to a certain period of your life, so, I believe that an album represents that specific time. That’s also why a certain song makes you remember summer, winter, whatever. However, besides what a musician feels within that period, the core of a musician’s sound shouldn’t change drastically, and even by evolving, its ‘fingerprint’ should still be there. Melody is that fingerprint. Sound and the way ideas are conveyed into a piece of music is always changing, but the feeling and the melodic sense, in my case, is mostly kept intact. Actually, I tend to revisit my older songs and, when appropriate, re-record a few, if their melody and vibe fits my new songs. That was the case with a track that shall be on Melotronical; it’s called ‘Something Calling Me’, a beautiful song that I composed some 10 years ago. Over time more experience is also gained, as well as new equipment to provide a better recording quality and mixing. As far as themes and concepts go, I think that I’ve kept my scifi genre and ideas pumping throughout the years, but now they’re much more mixed with real subjects, drama, love, social issues. These are mostly being explored with Factory of Dreams. Apart from this, the Factory of Dreams’ sound is much more modern than my previous bands. This will be even more evident with the upcoming Melotronical album. Speaking of which, a Single has been released and a great song preview too.
Check them out here:

SM: Where are you hoping to take your sound in the future?

HF: It’s progressing, endlessy, so I can’t tell. It’s never final, never complete. I believe my goal is simply to make music that satisfies me more and more and that’s all. Ultimately refining one’s sound is a goal, but the struggle is to be happy with what you can do with your music.

SM: Out of all of your material, could you pick a favorite piece or project and if so what would it be? 

HF: I really love ‘Slow Motion World’ from FoD’s A Strange Utopia, ‘Crossing the Bridge to the Positive Pole’ from Poles is also great. ‘Flying Thoughts’ from Project Creation’s Dawn on Pyther is also a favorite. If I may pick one from FoD’s upcoming cd, the song ‘Obsessical’ will be the one too, what a crazy track that’ll be, along with ‘Protonic Stream’ which has a short preview on Reverbnation.

 SM: Were there any other projects or bands before Factory of Dreams?

HF: Yes, the ones I think I mentioned previously, both Sonic Pulsar and Project Creation. Project Creation still exists and will have the 3rd album also soon enough. I have many Project Creation fans waiting for a new cd. Besides those, I also did a solo album that started it all, called Atlantis. I also composed two demo cds, and some of those pieces were re-recorded for FoD or PC. What is curious to observe is that despite 10 years have passed, my music still has the fingerprint that I referred to previously, and some melodies from Atlantis are indeed used on my new albums. Besides my cds, I also participated on several compilation with Factory of Dreams:
Gothic Spirits 10
Desfillesetdesriffs compilation
Gothic Visions 2 – DVD + CD

SM: As far as song creation, where do you take inspiration from?

HF: I usually like to sit back, with my headphones, be in my own world, and simply start playing and experimenting sounds and combining instruments with my synthesizers. That’s my inspiration above all, feeling the melody, making it evolve. There rest comes naturally. This subject that we’re talking about right now, will actually be the main theme for the title track ‘Melotronical’; how music interacts with nature, how it flows like energy, how its rhythm can be felt. Actually, the main vocal melody on this track is epic, and so catchy, I always remember it. I’m really anxious to get the album out so fans can experience it 😉 Besides this, and speaking of concepts and not melody and songs’ structure, my inspiration comes a lot from books, movies, mostly scifi, horror, mystery… that’s my world!

SM: Is there any one message you would like to get across to people with your music? What do you hope to achieve with Factory of Dreams?

HF: Sometimes there is a message, other times it’s just for the fun of creating a concept and playing around with it and with the music. I’d say that with our first album Poles there was definitely a very strong message. It was about not letting go our dreams, fighting for a better place, not following what others say or those damn trends, do your thing. Our 2nd album also had strong ideas, such as Earth’s revenge, the payback time from the harm we do to our world on a daily basis. That was clearly heard on ‘The Weight of The World’. ‘Sonic Sensations’ is a track from that same album that shows a world made and healed by music, what a great place that’d be!
Both these tracks have had a video shot, and can be found @ Youtube:
I really love ‘Slow Motion World’ from FoD’s A Strange Utopia, ‘Crossing the Bridge to the Positive Pole’ from Poles is also great. ‘Flying Thoughts’ from Project Creation’s Dawn on Pyther is also a favorite. If I may pick one from FoD’s upcoming cd, the song ‘Obsessical’ will be the one too, what a crazy track that’ll be, along with ‘Protonic Stream’ which has a short preview on Reverbnation. Our new cd will speak about many things, and depicts the evolution of an atom into a living breathing entity. It goes through many stages and also through an Era where life is like a prison, which is an analogy to our way of life currently. Too much stress, no time for…for living if you know what I mean. There, you get to see a world of greed, politics, where the individual is forgotten, all for the sake of a group of vicious people. That’s also a big message along with the line from Obsessical where we state:

“Vanity, Selfishness, A luxury, Soon to be our Tomb,
Insanity, Nothingness, A fate, Certain to meet our Doom”

“This World, Obsessed with greed, Obsessed with politics,
Obsessed with War! A raising Hell, No one left to Tell”

And also, from anoter track called protonic Stream:

“Welcome to the system, Made for survival
Not for living, Protonic Stream”

 (Hear the sample @

This last section is from our brutal Protonic Stream song that will be on ‘Melotronical’, probably track 3 or 4, we’re still deciding the track listing. This will be the biggest track on the album, close to 9 minutes long. Clearly these lyrics express the feeling that this entity from the album, or us nowadays, are living in a pseudo-democracy. There’s freedom yes, but not totally and not for everyone. Sometimes it’s only an illusion… a factory of dreams, to state the album Poles!

SM: What’s next for you and for Factory of Dreams?

HF: Melotronical is the next album. Planing a big release here, with great music and artwork, plus an awesome teaser , and a second single too to be announced 🙂 I hope people will like it, you can listen to the new single and samples right here:

Many thanks to HorrorAddicts! You guys freaking rock…in a scccaaryy horrifying way obviously lol ;);) Seriously, it was a pleasure, my thank yous.

Factory of Dreams

Awesome band with an innovative sound comes to

‘Whispering Eyes’ Hits the Internet and Radios



1. Of or relating to Melody and Tronic elements: a mechanical & melodic feeling/emotion;

2. Readily affected with or stirred by music in symbiosis with tronic motion: an emotional melody in syncopation with pulsating machines;

3. Arousing or intended to arouse music: an emotional appeal to music synchronized with electronics;

4. Something inexplicable, a combination of melody, nature, atoms, …

The NEW Single – ‘Whispering Eyes’ – is to be included in the upcoming album ‘MELOTRONICAL’. An electro-metal sound design is within the heart of Melotronical’s music.


Factory of Dreams is:
Jessica Lehto – Vocals, Vocal harmonies and arrangements
Hugo Flores – Vocals, Music, Instruments, Production

Hear the new song @: – Official Site – Including radio broadcast