Getting to Know Rhonda Carpenter

Rhonda Carpenter is the winner of the 2010 Wicked Women’s Writer’s challenge. She is also the author of Mark of the Druid and works on with fellow Wicked Women Writer Heather Roulo. Rhonda is also a professional psychic, clinical hypnotherapist, a handwriting expert, dream analyst and  the founder of Rhonda was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to talk to horror

How did you come up with idea for Barring Lilith? After I was assigned the sin
of lust I was very excited about the prospects of where a lust story might go. I
jumped online and started researching the 7 deadly sins. When I got to Lust I
found it extremely interesting that Eve had not been the first wife of Adam. But
someone I had never heard of, Lilith, had. But when she would not take the
subservient position during sex God kicked her out of the garden of Eden and she
went out into the world and had an extremely fertile womb. God was angry with
her and killer all her children at which point she married the demon of lust
Asmodious. I thought after reading the story how it must have been for her and
the story flowed from the idea that after she married a demon what would she
have done for fun. As the mother of 3 boys all grown men know the thought of
teens slipped into the story. I had a great time with this Horror Addicts
project and am so proud I won the WWW for 2010-2011.

What research did you have to do for Barring Lilith? I researched online for all
of the 7 deadly sin works that had been done over the years. But I have to say
Wiki was a killer resource for this kind of story as it gave me a ton of my own
ideas and things I wanted to know more about.

Was it a hard story to write and what is you writing process like? It was tough
to do it in 30 days as when the story was due I had house guest for 3 weeks and
had a really hard time getting to my computer to write. I seriously watched them
pull out of the drive and locked myself in my office for 4 days. But once the
idea was formed the story flowed well and I made the deadline with seconds to
spare. UGH no more 30 day deadlines for this writer.

How long does it take you to record and edit a story? It depends on the story
this one was all my voice so it was shorter than the full cast productions I
have done in the past. I recorded and edited in one night. Total time about 7
hours for a 32 minute production.

Is writing a story for print different then writing for a podcast? Not for me. I
write the same whether it is for print of podcast. What is different is the
recording when you find out things don’t flow as you though they would in your
head. The he said she said is always different and this time I really enjoyed
doing the voices for the succubus. They were a kick. I tried to give the young
boys different personalities so they would be easier to tell them apart while
recording but honesty all the boys where fun to record. The problem with being a
woman is that doing men’s voices is an impossibility, you can never get them to
sound quit right. But the writing process was the same. Write the story and then
make it work as a podcast.

Could you tell us a little about Mark of the Druid and how you came up with the
idea? The Mark of a Druid was garnered from a dream I had some years ago. I sat
up in bed as the dream had awakened me and I said damn that would make a good
story. So I got up and started to write it. The Mark of a Druid is now available
in all forms including droid and Iphone for Horror Addicts here is your
Smashwords coupon code good till Dec 31, 2010 .99 cents KK77F

Could you tell us a little about Podioracket and what you do there? Podioracket
is a twofold promotional cornucopia for authors. What Heather
Roulo, Brian Rathbone and I do there is interview the PB authors for both a
prerecorded short show and a longer live show on our feed. We also cover Pod cast news and contests for
all the listeners so that you can go to one place to find out what is new and
now complete and what the scoop is from the Authors. The short
show is never longer than 25 minutes and often much shorter than that so you can
get what you need and still have time to subscribe on a lunch break. The long
show is a live radio show that I host with Brain Rathbone the author of The Call
of the Harold
. During that show you get a real close up sit down with authors, publishers and podcasters. We often give away books on
the live show to the callers and the chat participants.

What are some of your favorite books and what is your favorite genre to read and
write in? I love to read fantasy, and mysteries but my all time favorites type
of book is historical fiction I am a sucker for tales of Ireland and Wales as
will as the English and French. I dig a good horror story but am not into the
gore of horror. My favorite books. Hmmm there are so many. How about this: just
finished Philippa Ballantine’s Geist (LOVED IT) could not put it down! I am
reading Sharon Kay Penman’s historical welsh series now on book 2 book one was a
page turner or should I say button pusher I read on my Sony e-reader and it was
titled Here Be Dragons, currently reading The Fall of Shadows. If we are talking authors I really enjoyed this year Brain Rathbone’s Call of
the Harold
series, The Fox by Arlene Radasky, Deadly Codes by J.P. O’Donnel and
the full cast audio drama of The Leviathan Chronicles by Christof Laputka.

What will you be working on next? You mean what am I working on. Currently I am
working on the sequel to The Mark of a Druid titled When Ethers Descend and I am
also dabbling in a historical fiction murder mystery titled Truth Slithers that
takes place in the 1890’s in a small Southeastern town in Missouri based on a
true life event of my great great grandmother. I have been slow getting back to
writing after my cross country move this summer. I had so much to do to get the
ranch into shape including raising baby chicks and being the cow whisperer for
15 heifers and a bull this summer.

Super big thank you to all the Horror Addicts for voting me the Most Wicked
Woman Writer this year and I am so looking forward to hosting next year’s
competition. The gals just have no clue what we have in mind for them and the
listeners should love the spin we will put on the competition this coming