Daniel Oullette Artist Interview – by William Zimmerman

What horror-related themes have you found to be the most inspiring for your music?

Universal Studios Monsters and Kaiju Films

What horror movie/TV show would you re-score if given the chance?

Are Hallmark Channel movies considered horror? Because they are scary! Hmm… Dark Shadows from the 1960/the 70s would be fun!

What non-musical things inspire your music?

Buddhism, the sea,  Julia Child, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Gardening, my loved ones because so many are creative.

What film/TV horror-related character would you most identify with? Why?

I think Elvira because of the balance of horror and humor which I love.

How do you handle fear as an artist?

Sometimes I walk right into it and sometimes I walk right beside it or around it. I don’t like to walk away from fear. I walk away from other things like foolishness. Life is always out of our hands a bit. 

What are your favorite horror movies?

Dracula, Dracula’s Daughter, The Others, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Pan’s Labyrinth

What was the scariest night of your life?

Is this about something supernatural? A friend and I once went ghost hunting along route 44 in Rehobeth, MA, and ended up having the rubber of the tire break and slap the side of the car. We were sure it was a ghost! There is a fable about a ghost there.

If you could bring back greats who have passed on, who would be your undead opening band?

Ofra Haza, though I would have to be her opening act. 

Her voice was from celestial realms not yet discovered.

Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the Horror Addicts?

Please check out my new album El salón (A Happy Home is a Haunted Home)! It is horror and humor and what I hope is weird fun! 

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O lindo sonâmbulo (Um fantasma na minha casa)



Terror Trax: Interview with Amulet by William Zimmerman

  1. Where did the project name, Amulet come from?

Stephanie Stryker: I’ve always wanted my band to be called Amulet. It’s mystical, fancy, and mysterious.

  1. Who are your main inspirations?

MJ Phoenix: Punk, new wave, reggae, and funk genres. Also, Stephanie herself.

SS: NIN and Manson are in my musical DNA, along with goth classics like Sisters of Mercy.

  1. What non-musical things inspire your music?

MJ: Heartbreak, each other, despair, general dissatisfaction, darkness.

SS: Beauty in darkness, esotericism, and occultism. Mysteries of the unknown and exploring those topics.

  1. What actor/actress could you most identify with? Why?

MJ: Leonardo DiCaprio he’s a great environmental advocate.

SS: She’s just a character, but Lily Munster. I love her dark housewife lifestyle and she cared deeply for her family and home. She’s got that take-no-shit sass to boot!

  1. Where was the coolest place to play? Where did you enjoy yourselves the most?

MJ: Small venue with a packed house and good vibe. Public Bar Live in DC was great, so was Ottobar in Baltimore.

SS: 100% agreed with MJ. The vibe of a crowd enjoying the music is the best part of a venue.

  1. What are your favorite horror movies?

MJ: Nosferatu. Not a horror movie, but I love Cat People.

SS: I love witch, occult, ghost, and vampire-themed movies. I also love all the dark fantasy classics with Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and friends.

  1. What was the scariest night of your life?

MJ: When I was marooned on a roof rack of a speeding car going between Nepal and Katmandu. Long story…

SS: I saw Limp Bizkit in 1999 and was very close to dying in a mosh pit. Thankfully, someone pulled me out, but I lost my JNCOs and chain wallet to the pit. Can this story be any more 90’s?!

  1. If you could bring back greats who have passed on, who would be your undead opening band?

SS: David Bowie and Type O Negative, but we’d be okay opening for them ;).

  1. Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the Horror Addicts?

MJ: If you feel like writing a song, do it! Go with your inspiration.

SS: Be true to yourself. Authenticity is so valuable and it helps people relate to you.

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Terror Trax: Cut Like This / Interview with William Zimmerman



Could you give us a brief background on Cut Like This?

We are an NYC Horrorpunk trio.

What’s the inspiration behind the new single, “The Boogeyman.”?

Freddy Krueger and Insomnia.

What character in a horror movie or TV show can you most identify with and why?

Ash from Evil Dead, he’s a mess but badass!

What are your favorite horror movies?

Evil Dead, The Thing, Aliens

What was the scariest night of your life?

Having emergency surgery!

What’s next for Cut Like This in 2022?

A music video for Boogeyman!

Final thoughts / Anything you want to tell the Horror Addicts?

We have a horror show on YouTube!

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