Abney Park Novel: The Wrath of Fate


Captain Robert’s novel, The Wrath Of Fate, which is the backstory for Abney Park, goes on sale January 1st. You have heard the stories in Abney Park’s songs for years, and wondered how they all fit together. Here is the adventure novel that explains it all!

First Addition Paperback: $15
Numbered and Autographed First Addition Paperback: $30
(These early release first additions will be only available as a trade paperback. e-book, and audio books available later in 2012.)

This is the story of a young and destitute musician, who through a series of failed heroics changes the history of the world. Expect time travel, clock work men, floating cities, apocalyptic wastelands, and of course Airship Pirates!

(click) Hear a chapter read by Captain Robert (click)

This story is told in 26 chapters, each beautifully illustrated by Juan Pablo Valdecantos Anfuso (one of the brilliant artists who works on the Abney Park RPG). Here are a few of his illustrations to wet your appetite.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a fantastic book?
(on sale January 1st)