Deep Shock Review by Adelise M. Cullens

Italian Giallo is ready to make its return!

Spotted through my home library are little yellow books in a language I wish I could read. These books were originally my great grandmother’s, then read by my Nonna and then by my father after her. Now they sit with me, but although I cannot decipher the ink within their old pages, I still know what they are. Mondadori Giallo. These are Italian Thriller novels. The story goes that you could go into a newsagent and purchase a yellow Mondadori Giallo – Giallo literally translates to yellow – knowing what you were getting. You wouldn’t have to even read the front cover. Just seeing the bright yellow told you all you needed to know. (There was also Urania in white for science fiction.)

So, when Davide Melini released the teaser trailer for DEEP SHOCK I was very excited.

Deep Shock follows Sarah, when “she can’t completely overcome the deaths of her grandfather and her older sister. The trauma and lack of sleep cause her to embark on a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her mind…” Paying tribute to the Italian film genre called “giallo” and the title of this project is inspired by the most famous horror movies of two of the most important Italian directors: Dario Argento (“Deep Red”) and Mario Bava (“Shock”).

Not just the premise is interesting in this short film but the big names that worked on it are sure to make it a treat to experience.

Produced by Luca Vannella (“Avengers”, “Thor”, “Harry Potter”, “Apocalypto”, “Heart of the Sea”), Alexis Continente (Murder on the Orient Express”, “Transformers: The Last Knight”, “Thor”), Vincenzo Mastrantonio (“Titanic”, “Moulin Rouge”, “The Passion of Christ”, “Romeo + Juliet”), Bobby Holland (“The Dark Knight Rises”, “Game of Thrones”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”, “007 – Quantum of Solace”), Ferdinando Merolla (“Troy”, “Gangs of New York”, “Hannibal Rising”), Roberto Paglialunga. Cast of Muireann Bird, Francesc Pagès, George Bracebridge, Lorna Larkin, Erica Prior, Luis Fernández de Eribe. And of course, written & Directed by Davide Melini (“Donatello Awards 2011” official selection with the short film “The sweet hand of the White Rose”)

Set to be released in the summer, go check out the teaser trailer for Deep Shock, and let us know what you think in the comments below and on the social media. @DeepShock_2017 and @horroraddicts13


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Press Release : Teaser for “Prelude: A Love Story”






Photo Credit: Jano Ryusaru

Actor and fangirl, England Simpson (truTV’s “Southern Fried Stings”), is making her directorial debut with horror short, PRELUDE: A LOVE STORY. The film, which is frequently described as an “arthouse thriller/horror,” follows the story of Sarah (England Simpson), a conflicted woman failing miserably at controlling her new-found obsession with murder.

Synopsis: After being tortured and held captive, Sarah (England Simpson) struggles to lead a normal life outside of her own personal prison. Overcome by the horrific experience that plagues her past, Sarah transforms from victim to villain.

PRELUDE: A LOVE STORY also stars: Angela Pritchett (Plan 9, The Thicket), Vanelle (Remnants, Dark Awakening), Matthew Martini (Awake, Vanishing on 7th Street), Ryli Morgan (Sin By Murder, Runaway Terror).

Written and produced by England Simpson.



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