Guest Blog: Kenneth G. Gary



Continuing with the African American Horror Writers, we have a special guest Kenneth G Gary reading his own work. Check him out, let him know how you like his writing, and here’s where you can get his current book: “The Dark Art Store”



SMOSH Series New Episode

Want to discover new Youtube shorts and humor in Horror? We recently recieved and email about this YouTube channel.


Check out their latest episode from SMOSH and let me know what you think!


Press Release: Beneath The Lake-The Official Crystal Lake Publishing Videocast


13781989_513489572181474_1530482769889640993_nBENEATH THE LAKE – the official Crystal Lake Publishing videocast, hosted by Todd Keisling. Beneath the Lake will delve into the minds behind Crystal Lake’s titles: authors, editors, and artists, all eager to share their expertise and take on the horror genre in a fun and exciting look behind the scenes of publishing.

Sign up at Patreon to view live broadcasts, or watch the recorded broadcast at Beneath The Lake’s YouTube page.

You do not have to be a Crystal Lake patron to watch the podcast, unless you want to watch it live and send in questions during the show. The first show is already available, featuring the editors of GUTTED: BEAUTIFUL HORROR STORIES (Doug Murano and D Alexander Ward), and authors Mercedes MurdockYardley and Brian Kirk.