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Review: Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome


Some teenage boys dream of getting a car or having a nice girlfriend. When you’re a teenager who lives in a run down neighborhood on a planet that is being over run by zombies, you dream of helping your planet’s army kill them all. Trevor wanted to do all he could to help his planet and jumped at the chance to be zombie bait. The soldiers send him into buildings to draw the zombies out and he gets to feel like he is helping society.

Life changes quickly for Trevor as he saves his dream girl but finds out she is infected. Trevor then escapes his planet and ends up in the Sanctuary Dome where the people infected with the zombie virus stay until they are changed. On another planet not far away, a teenage girl named Samantha is trying to find her missing brother and believes that the person responsible is a man named Julius. Julius is a rich man and his money built the Sanctuary Dome, can he be responsible for murder? Secrets are being kept under the dome and soon the zombies will be free to infect the universe.

Plague Master Sanctuary Dome is a book that horror fans and Science Fiction fans will enjoy. Science fiction fans will love the futuristic mythology and the political system that reminded me of The Hunger Games. I love the concept of a dome on another planet where diseased people are kept and the technology they have to see if someone is infected. I also liked how different the zombies are, they can be fast-moving or slow-moving based on how they were infected.

My favorite part of this book was Trevor’s story. Trevor is your average teenager thrown into a harsh situation. He simply wants to protect his family and everyone else on his planet but he finds out that everyone has an agenda and nothing is as it seems. He is used as zombie bait by an army that doesn’t care about him because he is from a poor area of the planet. While he sees himself as helping people against the zombies, his father is against what he is doing and is the only one who is looking out for him. The relationship between father and son is easy to relate to, Trevor’s father just wants to protect his son but Trevor is naive and thinks he knows whats best for himself.

There may be a lot of zombie books out there but Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is a fresh spin on the genre. What I liked best about it was the characters who are mostly young people who were forced to grow up to fast. Not only do they have to deal with zombies they also have to deal with a corrupt political system that doesn’t have everyone’s best interests at heart. This book has something for everyone.  Younger readers will like the action and the characters while older readers will like the setting that H.E. Roulo created. This is the first book in a trilogy and it will be exciting to see where the story will go next.

Book Review: Insurgent Z

23929492Botte Louisiana is just a little fly spec on the map. The weather is almost always hot and life is pretty laid back in this small town. Things are changing quickly though, the military has its eyes on Botte and they want to do some experiments on prisoners at the local prison which is referred  to as Paradis (French for Paradise). The hope was to create an army of super soldiers but not surprisingly, things don’t work out.

Sheriff Mason Guillot is used to work being easy in his town but now he is in the middle of a zombie outbreak and forced to confront his dark past. Eight years ago he was a soldier and his superior officer Jonathan Hart led him into a trap that caused two people to die. Hart is in charge of the experiments at the prison and Mason must face the man he never wanted to see again. Mason must defeat his personal demons and let go of the past in order to help the people in his town survive the zombie uprising.

Insurgent Z  by Mark C. Scioneaux and Dane Hatchell starts off as a military thriller and then turns into a horror novel. The beginning of this book led me to believe it was going to be a very different kind of novel. It starts in the middle east and gives us some background on two of the main characters before it gets into the zombie story line. The opening of this book was fantastic and I loved the dialogue between the soldiers who are being held prisoner in an enemy camp and their torturer, a man they call scarface. This book starts off with a dose of real life horror and then you see how this real life horror shaped Mason before the zombie outbreak 8 years later.

Mason is a man who has gone through hell  and you root for him because he still tries to do the right thing even after he has suffered. I liked how this book gets deep into what makes all the characters tick. Even  the supporting characters are given back stories, two people in the book, a young couple named Ryn and Deb have had a rough life. They are married and nothing turned out how they planned. Ryn became a drug dealer and Deb works with hospice patients. You see that their relationship is strained but as zombies stumble on to their property, you see them work together to survive. I loved their story and it was one of the scariest parts of the book when they have to fight to survive.

Insurgent Z is everything you would expect in a zombie book. You have interesting characters, flesh-eating monsters, science experiments gone wrong, old school zombies(read it, if you know about the history of zombies you’ll know what I mean.) and lots of action. The characters are what really makes this book worth reading though. Even people who aren’t in the story very long get a back story and the authors make you care about them. This is what makes this book horrifying, you care about the people and you want them to get a happy ending. Insurgent Z is a simple story with complex characters and is a good example of how zombie fiction never gets old.

Review: The Dark Times

23797186In the opening of The Dark Times by Dane Hatchell and P.A. Douglas there is an author’s note saying that some people think the apocalypse is a chance to start over and be part of a new utopia. The sad truth is that people don’t always change and a disaster can bring you closer to who you really are and for some that’s a scary thing. This note sold me on the book and it gives you a great idea of what to expect while reading it. People have an idea of how they would change when society collapses, but what they think they will become is not reality.

The main character in The Dark Times is an overweight cop named Rico who is down on his luck and drowning his sorrows in whiskey when the first wave of zombies arrive. Rico handles himself well, he kills some zombies and manages to save people and decides to turn his life around. He leaves his old life behind and hops on his Harley in search of a new beginning. He ends up in a small town in Texas and meets a junkie named Angie. Rico fights the urge to help her but when things go bad, Angie may be the only one that can help him.

Everyone thought that the first wave of zombies was a one time thing caused by a mysterious illness but six months later it starts again and this time its the end. Civilization collapses quickly and Rico and Angie have to work together to survive. Being a heroin addict, Angie is not the most reliable person but Rico has demons of his own and the only way they can both survive the zombies is to put their past lives in the past.

The Dark Times is a very dark book and not just because it’s the zombie apocalypse and the end of civilization as we know it. This book is dark because it takes a look at human nature and asks the question: can a person get past their personal demons in order to survive? Every character in The Dark Times has a dark side and they have to confront that dark side to survive in the zombie apocalypse. The characters are what makes this book good, they are all complex and it was interesting to see how they change during the apocalypse. What really distinguishes this book from other zombie books is the depth to the characters, I found myself rooting for even the bad guys in this story.

There were some things that I didn’t like about this book, for instance there were a few scenes with a group of soldiers that seemed random and took away from the story. There was also an African-American character named Quinn that was so stereotypical it annoyed me. All in all though this is a good book and worth your time, it was interesting how some of the characters didn’t change at all as their world collapses. The Dark Times is a good look at how people change or don’t change when faced with the end of the world. There are a lot of books out there on the zombie apocalypse but few of them have as good  of characters as this one.

Book Review: Time Of Death Book 2: Asylum

22711078Time Of Death Book 2: Asylum by Shana Festa continues the story of Emma, Jake and Daphne as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. Its been two months since the collapse of society and they’ve been through a lot. The three of them are currently living on a house boat with Jake’s brother and sister. As of now they are in the safest place possible, but it can’t last long as their food and water supplies start to dwindle. One thing they have learned is that even a safe place can fall to the undead and they have to always be on guard.

Knowing that they can’t stay on the boat forever, they go on land and head up the coast and find a new place called Asylum. Things seem safe in Asylum but more may be going on then meets the eye. With the U.S. government gone, Asylum has started its own government and presents a new way of life. Emma has to adjust to a new world and her and Jake don’t see eye to eye and the loss of several people they know has put a strain on their relationship. Asylum may be safe but things are far from perfect and is life there really better than dealing with the zombies outside?

Like in book one, Asylum has a good mix of action and humor but it also adds some new characters that I liked. We are introduced to a man names Stryker who is a complete mystery. His story unfolds throughout the book and where he starts off as one-dimensional he shows a lot of depth by the end. I liked how Emma’s attitude changes towards him as you see what causes him to be the way he is.

Another new character I like was Jasper. Jasper is a character that is shown as not being to bright but he shows he is an important part of Asylum even though he doesn’t fit in the social groups in asylum, he still does his job well but doesn’t get the respect he deserves. I loved when he is telling Emma how he is not stupid and Emma is thinking she really likes this man but at the same time she gets upset over how slow he is.  I also liked how we get to see Emma’s nursing skills put to good use.

The best part of this book was watching Emma and Jake’s relationship change. In the first book there was conflict between them but that is heightened in this one. The apocalypse would put a strain on any relationship and this one is no exception as Emma and Jake fight over their tasks in Asylum. Some interesting points about government are brought up in Asylum and where Emma starts to think of it as a bad place, Jake doesn’t necessarily think that and I found myself supporting Jake.

Asylum is a book that takes what happened in Time Of Death Book One: Induction and builds on it. This book does not repeat stuff that happens in the first one, it takes things in a completely different direction. While book one has a lot of non stop action, this book has action but gets deeper into character development. I had my issues with book one and all those issues were solved with book 2. This is a much better book then Induction and Shana shows that she is getting better as an author. The only issue I had with this one is that I wanted a book 3. Luckily for fans of Books 1 and 2, book 3 is coming.

Review: Time Of Death: Induction

23364657Emma lives in Florida and has a pretty average life. She is 37 years old, married to a man named Jake and has a dog named Daphne. Emma is close to completing her nursing degree and has just lost her first patient, or did she? When she gets home from the hospital she is surprised to find out that her patient has come back to life and is trying to eat the hospital’s staff. From there Emma’s life goes from average to tumultuous, not only does she have to deal with the undead coming back to life but there is also a hurricane destroying Florida. As civilization collapses, Emma and her family have to try to survive and hopefully build a new life.

Time Of Death: Induction by Shana Festa is a book that starts with a slow burn and ends with an explosion. In the beginning we see all the characters going about their normal life and then the zombie apocalypse happens and the book becomes non-stop action. I loved how Shana makes us care about the characters before she puts them into danger. Once the hurricane hits and the zombies started to rise, I didn’t want to put the book down.

I liked how with the action moving along like a freight train, Shana  still manages to insert humor into the mix. For instance as Emma and Jake are driving around looking for shelter, Emma takes a sniff and thinks her husband has just passed gas. The smell doesn’t belong to her husband but we get a couple of good laughs before the action starts again. Another scene has Emma traveling with a group of soldiers on a reconnaissance mission and they use a series of hand gestures that Emma doesn’t understand. After a bit the soldiers start to laugh and Emma realizes that the soldiers are messing with her.  In a book about the collapse of society I like how the humor in Time Of Death breaks up the tension. Even when the world is ending I think people would still use humor to lighten the mood, so it was a nice touch.

Time Of Death: Induction is a first novel and it does show. I thought some of the action scenes were confusing and at times the story felt rushed. At one point a human is using a pole to keep zombies away from a boat and the zombies pull him to his death , I thought this was something zombies shouldn’t be able to do. Also there is one point where I almost stopped reading because the title of the chapter gave away what was going to happen next. It’s hard to feel suspense when you know what’s coming.

All this being said  I enjoyed this book. The characters were excellent, you see Emma and Jake have their differences and don’t always work as a team, but you still see that they love each other. One of the best scenes in the book is when you see the couple try to make an escape and  clash over what should happen with the dog Daphne. Daphne may be a dog but she is a good character in this book. If you’re a zombie fiction fan you will love Time Of Death: Induction. The way the apocalypse starts made this book worth it for me. This is the first in a series and its a good first novel.

Zombie Author Profile: Raymond Lee

What is the plot of your book: Mail Horror Bride?

From the blurb: 

23211442From Russia, With Love…

How do you destroy your enemy? Go for the heart, then take over the brain.
The Z1219 virus, created by Russia’s most skilled scientists, is the deadliest biological weapon in history. Harbored in the human bloodstream, it remains undetected until detonated. Once detonated, the host becomes a walking corpse with only one goal: Eat everyone.
And now it is in America, packaged in the mail order brides the Russians shipped over to destroy us all.
With the disease now running rampant and no cure yet discovered, it is every uninfected person for himself.
Homes are destroyed and the families inside them torn apart. Relationships can help or hurt as those left uninfected discover they are not entirely untouched by the disease.
Follow a group of strangers as they struggle to do anything necessary to survive without losing their humanity in the process. Some will win this challenge. Most will lose.
It’s a new world and the zombies aren’t the only monsters. They’re just the easiest to recognize in a country gone horribly wrong.

What was the inspiration behind the book?

I was sick in bed during the 2013/14 New Year’s marathon of The Walking Dead and happened upon it while flipping through channels. I instantly became addicted to the show and the whole zombie apocalypse scenario. When the season ended and I found myself going through withdrawal, I decided to create my own zombie apocalypse. Like the show, I wanted to focus more on the survivors than just the blood and guts of zombie slaying. Unlike the show, I wanted it known right away how the virus started.
The Russian mail order bride scenario came about because it seemed the easiest way another country could get the virus over here undetected. Thousands of these women enter the country every year. It was easy to see them as the perfect carrier. And to my knowledge, the idea hasn’t been done. I like offering something new.

What was the hardest part of writing Mail Horror Bride?

Web-Blood-Curse1This was actually the easiest book I’ve written. I am used to writing books with only one or two main characters so when you get stuck, you get really good and stuck. Since there were so many different characters I could play with in this one, I never got stuck. Some scenes may have been tricky but they didn’t truly stump me. I was able to have so many different viewpoints, so many characters with different traits, and have them start out at different locations. it was a lot of fun, especially since this genre gives you license to create some really twisted characters. From the very start I wanted to make a series that readers could find themselves asking “Ok, who’s really the monster here?” The only thing I can even think of that was a bit hard was just keeping track of the time frames and where each character was at. They started separate, in different locations, then slowly joined together into one big group. While switching between the little groups forming I had to constantly keep how much time had passed for them in my head, along with what state were they in and what direction were they headed in now. Oh, and hair color. There were a few times I’d forget who was blonde and who was brunette among the younger girls, and had to go back and check.

What draws you to horror writing?
I share a birthday with the master of horror writing, Stephen King, and I think I share a bit of his demented mind as well. I have the craziest, most frightening dreams. Sometimes the things that happen in them cause me to wake up covered in cold sweat and shaking with fear and nausea.
I’ve always been drawn to anything supernatural, which makes horror writing all the more appealing. Even when writing romance novels under my real name, I tend to generally write darker story lines than you find in traditional romance. It just happens that way.

How long would you survive the zombie apocalypse?
moonlitcov3According to every online quiz I’ve taken, I’d be the last one standing. I’ve never shot a gun but I think I’d learn easy. I could slice and dice, which I think is safer in a world filled with monsters attracted to noise anyway. I’m not much of a runner, but neither are the zombies (unless you’re talking Dawn of the Dead zombies, then I’m totally screwed), and I’m pretty low maintenance so living without electricity and all that wouldn’t faze me too much. I’m already very suspicious of people and don’t need a bunch of friends (Quality over quantity!) so I’d be smart about people. My outdoorsman skills and my upbeat attitude would help me live. Upbeat in a zombie apocalypse? Yep, I said that. Put me in a world where I don’t have to work or listen to people gripe about politics and I’m a happy camper. Gotta kill some zombies to live like that? No problem.

If you had to battle a horde of zombies who would be your dream team fighting next to you?
Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Michonne, Glen Rhee, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Blade. The Avengers. And from my own book: Raven Bleu.

What else have you written?
I write paranormal romance and contemporary romance under my real name, Crystal-Rain Love. Mail Horror Bride was my debut under the Raymond Lee pen name. I started with romance as it was the easiest genre to break into. The traditional publishers of that genre have always been great about helping new authors know exactly what to do, and generally taking on more authors. Now that I’ve got a nice backlist going in that genre, and self-publishing has become easier, I finally branched out into the genre I’ve adored since my childhood, which was spent reading Stephen King.
Do you have any other books coming out?
The second book in the One Nation Under Zombies series is planned for March. I plan on getting the third out by year’s end.




Review: Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning In Zombies

10668827_949314288430213_2894372591177431099_oMovies and books about zombies are more popular now then they’ve ever been. Some stories about zombies  are humorous while others are scary, but zombies carry a deeper meaning. They represent society’s fears of disease, social isolation, the collapse of civilization, mind control and the fear of playing god. These are only a few of the fears that zombies represent, we haven’t even touched on the biggest fear, which is the fear of the science that makes the zombie apocalypse possible.

In her book Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning In ZombiesJessica Robinson examines how zombies are a metaphor for our fear of science getting out of hand. She also gets into how the zombie apocalypse could happen and how science may be responsible but at the same time may be the only thing that can save us. A line from the intro in Undead Obsessed really set the tone for this book. Jessica says she once had a professor who said “every film has a message, but if you really want to know what society is afraid of watch horror movies.” The main idea of this book is to find out why we’re afraid of zombies.

This book goes deep into the meaning behind zombies. Jessica Robinson tackles voodoo zombies such as the ones in Serpent And The Rainbow and the flesh eaters that we know from Night Of The Living Dead. It also gets into what zombies are, how the zombie plague can be transmitted, and how to survive in a world full of zombies. Jessica does this by using examples from such movies as The Crazies, World War Z and The Walking Dead.

My favorite part of this book were the chapters dedicated to surviving the apocalypse. I like the talk on how people would need to work together to survive and how egos need to be put aside. Another good point that is brought up in Undead Obsessed is how in most zombie movies scientists are the ones who start the apocalypse such as in the movie 28 Days Later (actually animal rights activists had a lot to do with it also) but in a movie like World War Z, it’s a scientist who is the hero. Scientists get a bad wrap in movies and it’s probably because people fear that scientists are smarter than them and are withholding information. Though we also have to realize that in certain situations we would have to rely on science to fix the world’s problems.

Undead Obsessed is a zombie book unlike any other and a must have for zombie literature fans. While I admit that some of the science in this book went way over my head, I found it an entertaining read. Undead Obsessed is for the horror fan that likes to look past the blood and guts for the deeper meaning

Some people watch zombie movies and see it as simple entertainment.  In this book Jessica Robinson shows us that there is more meaning to zombie films then people think. The main idea I got from Undead Obsessed is that science can be harmful and beneficial. Watching a zombie movie is a way to help us understand these fears. This is a great analysis of what zombies stand for and it will change the way that you look at horror in general. There is always a deeper meaning if your willing to look for it.

HorrorAddicts.net 110, Season Finale, Halloween Special

Horror Addicts Episode# 110

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Co-Host: Camellia Rains

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini


Click to listen:

Season Finale / Halloween Special

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Cheap Reads: Disease

Cover_SmallI have only one selection for Cheap reads this time around and that is Disease by M.F. Wahl. This is a six part serial that takes a look at life after the zombie apocalypse. When I first started reading this it reminded me of The Walking Dead because its main focus is on how human survivors change as they deal with the fall of civilization. It didn’t take long though to realize that the story for Disease is much better then The Walking Dead and I think this is how people would act when zombies take over the world.

Disease begins after society has collapsed. The first characters we meet are a young woman named Casey and a boy named Alex who are on the run. You see how desperate they are as they explore a house that’s crawling with zombies. They battle the undead and get excited as they find an unopened can of dog food.  Casey and Alex are slowly starving to death and a can of dog food is like a godsend, if there is a god in the zombie apocalypse.

Things aren’t bad for everyone though, we also meet a woman named Lot who has started a new society in a hotel. Lot and her followers have everything they need and they started trading with other survivors that have set up their own communities. Lot’s hotel looks like a little utopia in this world where zombies rule, but not everything is as it seems.

Meanwhile Casey and Alex meet up with a group of Lot’s followers led by Danny and it looks like they have finally gotten the help they need. The hotel for them is a blessing and a curse and they soon realize they may have been better off with the zombies.  Because some people are bigger monsters than the zombies outside.

If you’re a zombie fan, Disease is a must read. M.F. Wahl describes her zombies in gruesome vivid detail. All the zombie scenes are so well described that reading it is like watching a zombie movie. One of my favorite scenes was towards the end as a freshly turned zombie rises out of a shallow grave but the scariest parts of this book don’t include the zombies, the people are scarier. One character in particular in this story is the physical embodiment of evil and the way the author shows how evil she is by using innuendo was brilliant. Only one person sees past the facade of the villain in the story but he has his own agenda. I would love to talk more about the story but I don’t want to give away any of the surprises.

Disease is a fresh look at the zombie genre. I liked how the book had both fast and slow zombies and how some zombies were smarter than others. Most of all I enjoyed the characters and how each one of them is a shade of grey.  They all have a sense of right and wrong but when it comes to staying alive, what is right goes out the window. Another thing I liked about this book is how unpredictable it was. There were four times while reading this book that I was shocked because something happened that I didn’t see coming and that’s what I like to see in a great horror story. Disease is the kind of book that I would show to someone when they ask why I like to read horror and I can’t wait to see what M.F. Wahl comes up with next.



The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years

15944997It’s over for the planet earth. The zombie apocalypse has happened. The human race is destroyed with the exception of a few people living in spaceships and inhabiting colonies on Mars and the Moon. The humans have movies and music to remember what life was like on Earth, but they left the most important thing behind and now three people are returning to Earth to get it.

It won’t be easy, there are zombies everywhere and these aren’t like the zombies you see on TV, they’re much more vicious. Also, if you bash a zombie it will die then reform and come back more terrifying than before. If a group of zombies are huddled together, they will form into a different creature all together. So in addition to zombies, there are other giant monsters roaming the planet wanting to devour living flesh.

The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years by Noah Mullette-Gillman is not your average zombie story. I loved how the zombies formed into giant unstoppable monsters. This book is full of non-stop action and the reason behind the zombie epidemic was believable. Even with all the action, it still managed to have a decent story to it. Society is gone, but the humans left still long for things they left on earth and need them for the new society to last in space.

There are only four characters in the book and what makes the story interesting was how similar each character is, but different at the same time. If you read it, you’ll understand. The character  I was able to relate to most was Dix . He is shown as not being as smart as the others, he feels inferior to everyone else, and has a short attention span. He is left to guard a passageway where the others are searching for the thing they came for. He watches a movie instead of standing guard and things go down hill quickly. Despite Dix being shown as an idiot,  I found myself rooting for him and hoping he would redeem himself and become the hero.

My favorite part of The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years was when one of the  characters named Anya asks Dix to pretend he is someone else so she doesn’t feel alone. I could relate to Dix feeling down about not being appreciated by someone he cares for and I loved what eventually happens to him in the story. Another thing I liked was the description of  what Earth looks like 200 years after humanity is destroyed.

The only question I had about Noah K. Mullette Gillman’s book was, what did the zombies eat? It’s stated that they only eat living flesh but there are no humans left on the planet so I wondered if the zombies just ate animals because they didn’t eat each other. There was a lot to like here, though. I liked the protective suits that the humans had and I have never read a zombie sex scene before. The revelation that the characters made at the end also made this a great read. If your tired of zombie fiction then give The Dead Have Ruled The Earth For 200 Years a shot. This book was an original take on the zombie genre.