BOOK 11: Dark Divinations

Edited by Naching T. Kassa

Stephanie Ellis
Michael Fassbender
Alan Fisher
H.R.R. Gorman
Ash Hartwell
Hannah Hulbert
Naching T. Kassa
R.L. Merrill
Joe L. Murr
Jeremy Megargee
Jon O’Bergh
Emerian Rich
Rie Sheridan Rose
Daphne Strasert

It’s the height of Queen Victoria’s rule. Fog swirls in the gas-lit streets, while in the parlor, hands are linked. Pale and expectant faces gaze upon a woman, her eyes closed and shoulders slumped. The medium speaks, her tone hollow and inhuman. The séance has begun.

Join us as we explore fourteen frightening tales of Victorian horror, each centered around a method of divination. Can the reading of tea leaves influence the future? Can dreams keep a soldier from death in the Crimea? Can a pocket watch foretell a deadly family curse? From entrail reading and fortune-telling machines to prophetic spiders and voodoo spells, sometimes the future is better left unknown.

Choose your fate.

Coming in MAY 2020.