Press Release: Web Of Deceit


Michael Kyne and Bianca Allaine Barnett originally produced the short film Web of Deceit (formerly M is for Marriage) as an entry into the ABCs of Death 2 Search for the 26th Director competition. In that vote-based competition, Web of Deceit placed 20th out of over 250 entries from all over the world. Now, Michael and Bianca are raising funds to produce a limited run of 100 festival edition DVDs and take their short to independent film festivals. This limited festival edition will also contain bonus materials, including behind the scenes interviews and trailers.


Michael’s past work includes They Walk and Crazed, for which he was executive producer and special effects supervisor, and Lovely Molly, for which he worked in the costume department. Bianca’s past work includes the teen vampire comedy My Sucky Teen Romance, Evil Inside, the upcoming Bride From Hell, and Albino Farm, in which she portrayed the memorable villain Pig Bitch alongside WWE superstar Chris Jericho.

For more information on Web Of Deceit, check out these links:

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