Press Release: Meat Cycle

Meat Cycle: A Fairy Tale From The Suburban Prophecies
14134215051_82c996e9df_zAn exercise in the nightmarishly bizarre, the synopsis for the film is as follows: The strangest fairy tale ever told, a man’s attempt to charm his wife with meat puppets goes horribly wrong.
Some early buzz about the film:
“An incredibly original vision of horror!” – Mike Everleth, Underground Film Journal
“As a film screened in the Underground Film Festival, it is definitely a must-see for its originality and overall production quality, and definitely a must-see for horror/gore enthusiasts… Christiana’s style of filming and editing is well done in appropriating his color schemes of neon green and negative filters, sequencing, and lens masking to produce that horror-esque hallucination. The audio in the film also suits the atmosphere superbly – a cut and mixture of radio frequencies, static, distortion and laughter.” — Aedyn Roze, Quip Magazine
“Mise en scene cherry-picked from seventies exploitation and eighties urbanoia; if someone dandered through the room, shooting a glance at the screen as you watched, they’d think there was something wrong with your Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD… the film presents great technical prowess and attention to detail often lost in the splatter genre, of which it is an anything but typical example.” -Gabe Headington, Strangers In A Cinema
Joseph Christiana is a grizzled award-winning indie filmmaker whose last short film, THE NIGHTMARE, was recently acquired by FearNet. His films have screened in venues and at film festivals all over the country. He is also the co-host and producer of the popular The Cutting Room Movie Podcast, which cut its teeth as a horror-centric movie talk show. More about his work at

2 thoughts on “Press Release: Meat Cycle

    • If you go to the website you can see the whole film. Its different and good for what it is. I would call it an experimental movie if that makes sense.


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