Book Review: The House That Dripped Gore by Dan West

house dripped goreHello Addicts!

While I generally try to not watch reality television, one type has caught my attention when they first debuted about a decade ago, the ghost hunting shows.  I’ll admit that I believe ghosts are around and that I enjoy these shows partly for their findings and partly for their attempts at making compelling television.  When I saw what “The House That Dripped Gore” was about, I couldn’t resist checking it out.

This story follows Stanley Matheson as he is hired to check out Hull House, a haunted home inherited by a rich benefactress.  In Stanley’s research of the home he finds that it was the birthplace of a cult and that all of the problems with the home grew from there.  He wastes little time in putting together a team consisting of an unbelieving skeptic and two mediums, one a buxom curator of a dark objects and other paraphanelia and the other a victim of a possession that ended with his team dead.  Will this ragtag group survive their stay at Hull House, and what secrets will they discover?

I wanted to like this book, I honestly did.  This story plays out in a similar fashion as the “Scary Movie”, “Tales From the Crypt”, and “A Haunted House” horror comedies, which I’m somewhat a fan of, but not a whole lot.  The attempts at humor come across as a bit heavy handed and downright low brow at times.  The twists and turns are what one might expect from this style of horror comedy.  If you are a fan of the aforementioned movies, they you will enjoy this book.

Until next time, Addicts…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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