HorrorAddicts.net Online Writers Conference : Video Workshops!

In addition to Workshop Exercises and Writing Essays from Our Horror Addicts, staff, we’ve included our Previous Video Coverage of Writing Events and Special Author Interviews as part of the HOW Conference!

Panel Recordings, Author Interviews, and Keynote Speeches include:


Terri Brisbin – Romance Panel
E.P. Bell – Non Fiction Panel
Kristin Battestella – Fiction Panel, yes that’s me :-X
Karen Castaneda – Children’s Panel
D. L. Cocchio – Young Adult Panel
Jennifer Eaton – Young Adult Panel
K. Edwin Fritz – Horror Panel
Tina Gabrielle – Romance Panel
Marie Gilbert – Young Adult Panel
William Gold – Paranormal Panel, Fiction Panel
Maria Imbalzano – Romance Panel
Nadine Jasmin – Fantasy Panel, Romance Panel
J. Lauryl Jennings – Speculative Panel, Fiction Panel
Dina Leacock – Speculative Panel
Jane Lueder – Non Fiction Panel
K.A. Magrowski – NaNoWriMo Community, Horror Panel
Christine Norris – Paranormal Panel, Author Interview
Caridad Pineiro – Young Adult Panel
Ilene Schneider Rabbi Author – Networking Night
Linda Silver – Children’s Panel
J.P. Simmons – Paranormal Panel
Loretta Swift – Fiction Panel
Char Webster – Author Interview
All our Panelists are entitled to one of our HOW badges as a token of our gratitude to link to your website so everyone can enjoy and share your on camera wit and wisdoms! THANK YOU!
You can find ALL Our Videos at the HorrorAddicts.net Online Writers Conference in One Place thanks to our Handy Video Index here:


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