FRIGHTENING FLIX: Dark Shadows Video Review


Kristin Battestella aka Kbatz is very excited to at last ramble about the highs and lows and ways to watch the gothic sixties soap opera Dark Shadows! In this introduction to the series, learn about the storylines, technicalities, and monster mayhem!



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14 thoughts on “FRIGHTENING FLIX: Dark Shadows Video Review

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  2. The series was terrific and had more than one flowering of strong storytelling. But it also went off the tracks when it came to anything set in the 1800s. Great when set in the 20th century and flashing back to the 18th century. That was the original conceptualization. It worked.

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    • Hi Kitty! Just saw your comment! Thanks for taking the time out to share your thoughts. I love the 1897 storyline myself but you can tell by time they get to 1840 in the final year of the show that the writing is on the wall. The original Barnabas plots are tough to beat!

      I’ve written in much more detail on Dark Shadows as well at my main blog I Think, Therefore I Review:


      • Kristin, You are a real expert on the show, although I certainly love it, I clearly don’t know it’s later iterations as thoroughly as you. I tend to rewatch my favorite parts. There were tons of great flashbacks on the series. My favorite is to 1796, where Victoria Winters is sentenced to death for failing to be cautious in speaking up about where and when she’s from in the future. (For an intelligent young woman she shows a lack of good sense and startling ignorance of the history of persecution of women in early America.) For that matter, why does she not do a better job of hiding that history of the Collins family? That particular piece of evidence did not help to keep her off the gallows.
        Thanks for sharing that link to your additional work on my fave soaper. I cannot wait to delve into it, because you are an entertaining and enlightening writer on this important, brilliant series, which stands as the most creative daytime TV show, imo.


      • Oh my gosh, thank you Kitty your praise is so kind!

        Watching the entire series can indeed be a chore – there are some bad spots! My husband enjoys pointing out all of Victoria’s mistakes too. The ‘Oh my gosh you look just like…’ for every person when she gets there AND when she comes back, he he.

        If you have Amazon Prime the entire series is available as well as some of the condensed Vampire Curse and Haunting of Collinwood movies.

        Thanks again for taking the time to come back and comment at Horror Addicts!


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