#HorrorAddictsGuide What Inspires Horror with Sumiko Saulson


Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 

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Most of my pieces in Horror Addicts Guide to Life 2 are works that were written for the HorrorAddicts.net blog during February for the Black History Month series over several years. They are inspired by my personal connection as an African American to various subjects regarding the African Diaspora and horror writing. Coming up as a nascent horror writer, when I was younger, I often ran into people that did not associate horror writing or the genre with being African American. People actually had specific attitudes where they didn’t really think that black people wrote or enjoyed horror. Which is a trip, because there are lots and lots of different types of black horror films and a huge audience for them, which includes lots of people who are members of the black community. Writing these articles gave me a chance to show my love for the black community, my love for black horror, and to make sure that other people were aware of a lot of really wonderful things that are out there, such as in horror literature, the works of LA Banks, and works by Toni Morrison that are specifically horror writing. And there are all of these wonderful films by people like Tony Todd that I have really loved growing up, and all of my life. I hope that I can share that love of black horror writers, black characters in horror writing and film, and more, with other people through these articles.

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