# 44 Dead Like Me: Life After Death

Dead Like Me: Life After Death is a direct to DVD movie that came out of the comedic show with the same name.  This movie, like the television show, stars Ellen Muth and Jasmine Guy.  Fans of the show maybe a bit upset to find a few cast changes in the movie but overall the film follows the same pattern of the television show.

In the movie we find Georgia, aka George, and her fellow grim reapers are shocked to find their normal place of business is no more as fire engulfs the building.  So the group begins to wonder how they will do their job. How will they find the souls they are to collect upon their deaths?  Well, to make things worse they find out their boss, Rube, is gone and he has been replaced by Cameron Kane (Henry Ian Cusick).

Cameron is more like a high powered attorney or man from Wall Street. His communication is no longer yellow post-it notes but instead he hands the team cell phones.  Then Cameron starts to allow the reapers to indulge in their own devices and life styles, allowing them to forget about the job and worry more about themselves.

The story, like the TV Show, is narrated by the main character Georgia.  The narration that follows the movements and acts of the film is just as well done and fans of the TV Show will relate to this fact as they watch the movie.

The film has its moments of comedy and has enough throw backs to the television show that fans of the show will certainly enjoy this film.  However, you do not need to be a fan of this film to enjoy the action and comedy found within in the movie.   You may even find yourself relating to the characters and the films subplots are really well done.  Georgia being able to help her family finally get over her death was pivotal as we get to see a family heal.  However, the plot with Georgia’s cover job and of course the way the reapers finally deal with their new boss is just out of this world.

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