HorrorAddictsCon: Michele Roger Evil Holidays 1

The Marvelous Madame BienVenu: Amuse Bouche

by Michele Roger

Our good friend Michele Roger is going to help us celebrate the holidays in wicked style. Today she will share several holiday horrors with us!

First up, The Marvelous Madame BienVenu: Amuse Bouche

Madame BienVenu is an old woman and an even older witch.  She has spent a lifetime trying to make friends and peace with the folks of her small town.  She’s been helpful in the community.  She has made remedies for the sick.  She’s cooked for the bake sale fund.  Nothing seems to have worked.  Now that her adult daughter and second generation witch has returned home, Mrs. BienVenu has decided to invite a few key townsfolk over for a large holiday meal.

Having trouble with the clickable player? Here is the direct link:

Michele Roger is the author of “Dark Matter” and “The Conservatory”; both horror novels.  She also hosts her own podcast of short stories called “Something Wicked This Way Strums”.  When Michele isn’t writing, she is performing as a solo harpist as well as in the ensemble “Bellissima Musica”.  You can find both her writing and her music at www.micheleroger.com

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