HorrorAddictsCon: Michele Roger Evil Holidays 2

The Marvelous Madame BienVenu: Course 1

by Michele Roger

Madame BienVenu hasn’t lost her touch in the kitchen.  She has created some of the most delictable and dellish dishes for her guests.  But it isn’t food she’s interested once everyone sits down at the table.  Her prodical daughter watches in amazement as her elderly mother charms a handsome news reporter, defends the battered preschool teacher, and begins to cast her spell that will bring a lifetime of justice to a table.  Her unsuspecting dinner guests have no idea that Madame BienVenu plans to have one last night of revenge mixed with black magic……

Having trouble with the clickable player? Here is the direct link:

Michele Roger is the author of “Dark Matter” and “The Conservatory”; both horror novels.  She also hosts her own podcast of short stories called “Something Wicked This Way Strums”.  When Michele isn’t writing, she is performing as a solo harpist as well as in the ensemble “Bellissima Musica”.  You can find both her writing and her music at www.micheleroger.com

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