Press Release: Alpha Delta Zatan

Press Release: Alpha Delta Zatan

Frat-House Slasher ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ Coming to VOD this Fall, Reveals First Look!

Together Magic and Reel Nightmare Films have wrapped principal photography of their horror thriller ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ in Los Angeles. The new full-length feature film will be released worldwide on VOD this October 2017.

Starring an all-male cast of up-and-comers including Jeremy Winter, Jake Kidwell, Connor Field, Drake Malone and R&B singer Eleaze, ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ will deliver audiences with a fun, sensual spin on the “sorority massacre” sub-genre. “Alpha Delta is a treat for fans of horror and slashers, and for anyone who appreciates the male form.” – Says Armand Petri, Head of Operations and Marketing at Reel Nightmare Films.

The official synopsis reads: “A goofy but noble college kid is surprisingly invited to join his college’s most exclusive frat house, and he is about to discover there is something scarier than hazing in his future.”

Solidifying its status as a distributor of new and distinctive voices in the horror genre, Reel Nightmare Films will also release the horror-comedy anthology ‘The First Date’ and the paranormal documentary ‘Night Stalkers’ (from the director of ‘Hotel Camarillo’) this Fall.

Directed by Art Arutyunyan; ‘Alpha Delta Zatan’ will be available on the usual VOD platforms for Horror and on DVD this October.

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Press Release: Valentine Wolf New Album: “The Elegiac Repose” Release

Press Release: Valentine Wolf New Album: “The Elegiac Repose” Release

Valentine Wolf has released a new album, The Elegiac Repose! Nine tracks of death positive songs exploring grief and loss with incredible album art by Egregore Design. You can order a physical copy now on their website or a digital copy on Bandcamp page.

Review : HorrorAddicts Horror Bites: Alice’s Scars by Adam Bealby

Review: HorrorAddicts Horror Bites: Alice’s Scars by Adam Bealby


As the editor of this HorrorBites Story, I had the opportunity to not only read it early but often. What a story to choose to read multiple times. I remember where I was when I found out what happened to Alice, and you will too. This story is a great one to be told. It is told as if Adam is recounting a memory of  Alice he once knew. He was able to give us a short, small glimpse of what bipolar disorder does to the one with it and those that love them.

I have noticed recently several horror writers have been writing stories of mental illness from depression to bipolar. Sometimes, mental illness is more horrific than any fiction writer could ever tell. Lifting the stigma of these illnesses will allow us to advance in not only understanding but possibly curing them. It was hard for “Adam” ( as the narrator) to love Alice, as it is very hard to love someone who is ill and may or may not be getting treatment.

Of course, how he describes the discovery of Alice’s scars and the progression of his understanding Alice was great. There were a couple other scenes in the story that he was great at conveying using the world of Alice and Wonderland to help his characters along their purpose. You definitely feel like you are going through the recounted events and see it in a world familiar with Wonderland.

So, I invite you to get this story and spend a quick break reading it. I promise you won’t return the same.


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Adam L. Bealby writes fantasy, horror and weird fiction for both adults and children. His short stories and comic work have been published in numerous anthologies, including Spooked (Bridge House Publishing), Pagan (Zimbell House Publishing), Darkness Abound (Migla Press), Once Upon a Scream (, Sirens (World Weaver Press), World Unknown Review Vol. 2, rEvolution (MiFiWriters) and Murky Depths magazine. He lives in Worcestershire, UK with his wife and three children, and a harried imagination. Catch up with his latest ravings at @adamskilad.





Press Release: Night of the Penguins by Dani Brown

Press Release: Night of the Penguins

Overthrowing cults with the aid of a new God


A secret cult operates at the zoo Carla works at. They pay doesn’t keep food in her cupboards.  All her clothes are second hand. There isn’t enough money to cope with management, preferred employees, and customers.

Starving before her wages land in her pay packet, Carla walks up the hill to steal some food from the zoo.  She isn’t alone. Induction night for the cult happens at the same place. They need sacrifices to the old Gods to maintain power.

Carla knew management were too stupid to keep power on their own. She didn’t realize the help was supernatural. She hides, looking for morsels to ear. Management know someone is there.

Left with no choice, and nothing to eat, Carla must overthrow the cult. It isn’t a simple case of one bad employer, but many. For underpaid, under-appreciated employees everywhere, Carla stands up aided by a new God.

Dani Brown is the author of “My Lovely Wife” and “Middle Age Rae of F***ing Sunshine” (both out now from Morbidbooks). When she isn’t writing she enjoys knitting and thinking of the finer points of invading Finland with an army of chavs mounted on dingoes. She has an unhealthy obsession with Mayhem’s drummer and doesn’t trust anyone who claims Velvet Underground as their favourite band.

Dani Brown can be reached at the following:


Twitter: @crazycatlady4

Submission Call: Crescendo of Darkness

Cover by Carmen Masloski

Crescendo of Darkness
Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

There’s a funny thing that can soothe the soul after a rough day at work, can put you in the mood to take on any challenge, or can transport you back twenty years in time. It’s the most widely enjoyed mode of entertainment and the most used form of mood alteration. Music.

Your story must involve music in some way. This could take the form of a specific genre or song, but also the creation of music, an instrument, or even the lack of music. What would you do if you didn’t have your favorite music to calm your mind or to motivate you? What horrible deeds are prevented on a daily basis because someone listened to their favorite song? How many people are alive because someone heard the right song at the right time? What is the power of music?

Note: This is a anthology. Your story must be a Horror story and contain something emotionally, physically, or mentally horrifying.

Manuscript Format:
Font: either Courier or Times New Roman.
Double spaced, font 12 point.
Your manuscript must be in either DOC or RTF format.
1st page header to state: author name, mailing address, email address, and word count.
Following pages header to state: author name, story name, and page number.

In the body of the email:
100 words or less bio about you.
One sentence explaining the story attached. Your elevator pitch.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ids
Your website or blog

Subject of the email state:
Send to:

No previously printed work and no simultaneous submissions.

Deadline: October 31st, 2017, 11:59pm PST
Length: 2,000-5,000 words
Payment: $10.00 USD + digital contributor copy
Return time: Final decisions will not be made until AFTER the submission close date (10/31/17). You should expect a return within 3 months of the submission close date.

If you do not receive an email stating your manuscript was received within two weeks of submission, please send a polite query to

For any other questions, please send an email to

Press Release : Backwoods Bonfire A Horror Collection with a Twist

Press Release: Backwoods Bonfire

A Horror Collection with a Twist

Horrific tales of fright told around a bonfire in during remote backwoods retreats are common among close friends. As each person tests the others’ ability to remain calm and resist the urge to look over a shoulder as the sounds of nature bellow out in the backdrop, only one may claim victory as the most frightening of the group.

Backwoods Bonfire inserts the reader into a group of friends that unintentionally create a case study on what horror means to them, attempting to coerce the others to believe that horror is specific, not fluid. However, one of the friends chooses to prove that horror is as real as the fire they all gather around.

Essel Pratt is a master of horror and fantasy, conjuring tales that haunt souls and inspire imagination. As a student of psychology and teller of tales, Essel writes to share the complex nature of his imaginings with the world. His ever-expanding catalog of short stories spans multiple anthologies and collections, ranging from whimsical fantasy to bizarre horror, including everything in between. Dedicated fans have praised his creations, labeling his talents as prolific in substance.

Backwoods Bonfire is Part of Project 26, P26, a series of 26 books, each one representing a different letter in the alphabet, with each letter in turn represented a horror-related concept that starts with that letter.

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Twitter: @EsselPratt


Press Release: PUFF 2017

Press Release: PUFF 2017



Badges are now on sale for the 2017 Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival to coincide with the initial lineup announcement for the second edition of the fest, with more exciting movies, guests, and events to be added in the coming weeks. This year, the Unnamed Film Festival has been expanded to include a slate of over 30 short films and features from around the globe, in a larger venue in the heart of Philadelphia.

The fest opens on Thursday September 28th with a pair of features and our Opening Night reception. The evening kicks off with a screening of IMITATION GIRL, a dreamy science fiction film meditating on the nature of self, starring Lauren Ashley Carter (JUGHEAD, DARLING) and directed by by Iranian-American filmmaker Natasha Kermani. Kermani will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening, which will then lead into the opening night reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres for badge and ticket holders.

PUFF Media Sponsor, Arrow In The Head will then help us usher in the opening night feature: Damien Leone’s much anticipated TERRIFER! The movie continues the exploits of the homicidal Art the clown from the anthology film ALL HALLOWS’ EVE, with some of the craziest and most creative kills to ever be projected in Philadelphia!

On Friday night, PUFF returns to present the slasher comedy with a twist TRAGEDY GIRLS, accompanied by a prom-themed party. Guests are invited to don fall formal attire for the Philadelphia premiere of this SXSW favorite. TRAGEDY GIRLS follows two death obsessed high school best friends who take murderous action to gain fame on social media — a mix between MEAN GIRLS and SCREAM, starring Brianna Hildebrand (DEADPOOL) and Alexandra Shipp (X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX).

The Friday late night movie is an unclassifiable oddity that could never be found on mainstream screens: Peter Vack’s directorial debut ASSHOLES. Called a “microbudget cross between SALO and THE SQUID AND THE WHALE” by IndieWire, ASSHOLES begins as clever indie comedy before degrading into a mumblecore body horror that would make John Waters proud.

The fest continues into the weekend with such offerings as the Northeast Premiere of CHARISMATA, a stylish and mind-bending serial killer thriller from the UK, followed by a Q&A with director Andy Collier.  PUFF 2017 sticks close to its horror roots with the slasher flick RUIN ME as its late night Saturday feature. Reminiscent of the 1986 classic APRIL FOOL’S DAY,  RUIN ME finds its setting in an immersive horror game in the woods that turns deadly.

As always, PUFF will highlight Philadelphia’s local talent on Sunday, October 1st. Sunday kicks off with the Icelandic supernatural drama RIFT, presented by the Philly based distribution company Breaking Glass Pictures. Our regional spotlight continues with the world premiere of the Pennsylvania slasher film 100 ACRES OF HELL, starring professional wrestler Gene Snitsky, with a cast and crew Q&A. The local program will then wrap with PUFF presented local shorts on late-Sunday afternoon.

PUFF 2017 will take place September 28th to October 1st at the Proscenium Theater at the Drake (located at 302 South Hicks Street, Center City, PA). The festival will also include an art show in the lobby presented by local art collective The Jerks, additional Q&As with cast and crew, and wine and beer at the theater concession stand. Stay tuned for additional announcements, including more guests, PUFF short film selections, and the closing night film!

Badges are now on sale through FilmFreeway:

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Twitter: @PhillyUnnamed