Kenzies Konspiracies – The Ending of The Mist


The Mist was one of the best books to movie adaptations made in the 2000’s. It had it all — monsters, drama, blood, you name it-this movie has it. It is a movie made from a Stephen King short story. You may be wondering what conspiracy this classic monster movie can possibly have, well let me tell you, this movie gets deep.

So, The Mist is about a group of people who are hiding out in a grocery store because a scary mist of monsters has enveloped the entire town. They are hiding in the grocery store for safety as it is no longer safe to be outside at all. The storyline ebbs and flows with various deaths, drama, and gore.

The movie comes to a conclusion once the survivors of the mist get the courage to leave the store, getting into a car, and trying to drive to safety. They don’t make it far before a monster descends on them and the main character, a father, and his son are stuck in the car facing near death. The father has a gun with bullets and decides to put his child out of his misery and shoots him. Immediately after shooting him, the father is rescued by the military and the mist disappears.

The conspiracy surrounding this movie is that since the mist dissipated right after the murder of his son, that the only way to have saved everyone was to kill the son. Supposedly the son had to be sacrificed in order to save everyone. It makes sense because the main character killed a few other characters before his child and once his child was murdered, everything was safe again.

Now, do I believe in this theory? Yes. It makes no sense that right after killing the son, everything is safe again. It could be just a freak and hellish coincidence, but I highly doubt it. Tune in next time for more crazy horror conspiracies!

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Kenzie 118, Mercedes Yardley


Horror Addicts Episode# 118

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A Guest Top Ten Horror Movie List – John Pata

Below is a guest Top Ten List along with some honorable mentions from one member of the writer/director pair behind the film Dead Weight.  John does a great job of going into his list and the fun of his list.  John was featured in an interview at the end of last seasons (6) on an interview regarding Dead Weight. The film was just reviewed in the season.

So below is John’s Top Ten List along with his Honorable Mentions.

John Pata…………

Truth be told, no matter how much I spend on this list, I will want to change it immediately. And then tomorrow. And then next week, and the week after that. And so on… And so on… And so on…

I decided it was time just to get it the way I want it (for now, of course), and leave it at that. I’m sure there are plenty I spaced out on and left off the list, too. Now I am not saying that these are the BEST films of the 2000s, rather the ones I enjoyed the most. Be it for the craft, story, gore, scares or anything else really. Oh, and they are listed in alphabetical order. It was challenging enough to narrow it down to ten. I’ll be damned if I was going to attempt to rank them after that. However, I did select a “cream of the crop”, for what it’s worth. So, without further adieu…

John Pata’s Top Ten Films of the 2000s:

10.  28 Days Later (2002 – UK)

  9.  Cabin Fever (2002 – Domestic)

  8.  Feast (2005 – Domestic)

  7.  Ginger Snaps (2000 – Canada)

  6.  Inside (2007 – France)

  5. The Mist (2007 – Domestic)

  4.  Shaun of the Dead (2004 – England)

  3. The Signal (2007 – Domestic)

  2. Trick ‘r Treat (2007 – Domestic)

  1. The Descent* (2005 – UK)

* = My pick for Best Film of the 2000’s

I now present my Honorable Mentions:

30 Days of Night

Behind The Mask

Devil’s Rejects

Freddy vs. Jason

The HIll Have Eyes

High Tension

Let Me In

Mulberry Street



Chiller’s 13 Scariest Films of the Decade.

Recently, the Chiller Television Network has been running a special announcing, what they consider to be, the top 13 Scariest Films of the recent decade.

I’ve posted the list below and I’m curious if anyone has any comments on the list of films.

Are there any you believe are missing, or some that are listed that should be removed?

The List in order from the top spot to spot 13.

  1. The Ring
  2. Paranormal Activity
  3. Saw
  4. The Mist
  5. 28 Days Later
  6. Cloverfield
  7. 30 Days of Night
  8. Hostel
  9. The Descent
  10. Orphan
  11. Final Destination
  12. The Strangers
  13. Drag Me to Hell