Movie Review: Repentance

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Live Action Reviews!

by Crystal Connor

At 2:42 am on Aug 17th, 2014, Crystal Connor, wrapped in a fleece blanket, seated in front of the fireplace picked up her remote and clicked play.  For the next two hours her neighbors were subjected to screaming, crying, and expletive outburst…

This is the unedited journal chronicling the harrowing experience her neighbors were forced to endure as she watched, Philippe Caland 2013 Repentance

Reader discretion is Advised

imagesEntry 1: Did they hit someone?

Entry 2: I want a harp at my book signing

Entry 3: No! When someone says ‘I hear something’ get your ass up and go look.

Entry 4: Get out!

Entry 5: At $300/hr your only helping yourself

Entry 6: What the fuck is wrong w/you? He said he can’t.

Entry 7: If I tell you I’m afraid of the river and you stand up and start rocking the boat I would beat you to death with an oar.

Entry 8: This therapist is a crack-pot

Entry 9: A motha fucking séance? Oh hell no!

Entry 10: Yep. You should be scared

Entry 11: No she’s not!

Entry 12: You show up asking for money and when he offers it to you tell him to go fuck himself because you can’t be bought. Hmmm

Entry 13: You’re in a fucking bomb shelter, no one can hear you.

Entry 14: Once your tied up, the time for negotiation has passed

Entry 15: This Negro here.

Entry 16: “Your making things very hard on yourself.” The very last thing you want to hear from the man holding you hostage in his bomb shelter.

Entry 17: Your lying

Entry 18: You read/saw Misery just like the rest of us, you know that’s going to be that easy.

Entry 19: I told you

Entry 20: Sweet Jesus

Entry 21: So your husband is missing and its just biz as usual for you?

Entry 22: That’s a trap

Entry 23: In what world is that the reasonable choice?

Plotline: Successful author and spiritual advisor Tommy Carter takes on a troubled man as a client, completely unaware that the man’s fixation on his mother’s death will soon put his life in jeopardy.

Scariness Factor: There are a few good jump scares but its more startling than it is scary. From 1 – 5 we’ll give it a 2 ½

Gross-out Factor:  N/A

High Points: It was kind of exciting to watch a movie where the entire cast looked like me. None of the people on screen are there to fill in or reinforce the negative stereotypes, or to be the 1st one to die that we so often see when POC are in a movie or TV show. The setting and the soundtrack are amazing. Every time I see images of Louisiana it makes me want to book flight.

Complaints: Ok, so Ben, Tommy’s little brother is supposed to be a hardened criminal newly released from prison for the umpteenth time. His cussing and using all of this urban language but he doesn’t sound or look authentic. It’s jarring, and because of this he ends up looking like a whiney, it’s always-someone-else’s-fault little boy in a grown man’s body.

This movie had so much potential, but the entire movie is carried by just one actor: Forest Whitaker. These are all A-list actors so  I don’t understand the less than stellar performances.

With about  3rd left to go, you start to see, at least in part, how this movie will end.

Overall: I was so super excited to watch Repentance, but just like Colin Theys’ 2014 Deep Into The Darkness, what could have been something truly terrifying ends up being nothing more than a made for TV melodrama

Stars: I think watching horror movies should be an ‘interactive’ activity (which is why I watch them alone) and the more I yell at the people on the screen the more fun I’m having. I’m a tough customer and I can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to the myopic way in which I prefer to be entertained.

This movie is classified as horror, but maybe a better tagging would be horror light. I would recommend Repentance as a good movie to show for a pre-teen slumber party or for someone who has a low tolerance for terror.

So despite 23 entries, I am going to give this one a 2 ¾ stars.

Where I watched it : Streaming


Washington State native Crystal Connor has been terrorizing readers since before Jr. high School and loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys, rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high heel shoes & unreasonably priced hang bags. She is also considering changing her professional title to ‘dramatization specialist’ because it’s so much more theatrical than being just a mere drama queen. Crystal’s latest projects can be found both on her blog and Facebook fan page at: &


Review: Revenge Of The Antichrist by Devil-M

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Albumcover - Revenge of the AntichristTale of torment and corrosive emotional shadows, Revenge of the Antichrist is a compelling concept album which ignites the imagination, pushes thoughts, and inflames ears.  The new album from German industrial metallers Devil-M is packed to the rafters with rhythmic bait and hypnotic sonic incitement persuasion to pull limbs and torso into its imaginative devilry. At times a release which makes you draw rapid awe bred breath and in other moments a testing yet enthralling challenge which needs some work to embrace, Revenge of the Antichrist is a gripping and rigorously fascinating treat.

The Story behind the album is about a guy called Astharat who suffers on shizophrenie and kills his wife Eden. The 15 tracks escort the listener more and more in Astharat’s Dark world. Ups and Downs due to his mood shake the listeners through a world full of self-hatred, blood and a million ways to die.

Tarot - Siddhartha GautamaDevil-M is the brainchild of Max Meyer, the band, emerging in 2006 as a solo project for the Schiningen hailing musician. Merging his interest in movie scores with pungent electronic diversity, the project was soon contributing soundtracks for independent movies like Die at Dawn. 2009 saw Meyer turn the proposition into a band format which was swiftly followed by a relatively well-received release of debut EP Willst Du sterben and a host of live shows with bands like Nachtblut. In 2011 first album Kannst Du sterben was unveiled to strong and positive responses, its success followed a year later by the uniting of the current line-up of guitarist Lars Everwien, bassist Lisa Hass, and Sonja Langenfeld on keys alongside Meyer. Shows with band such as Grausame Tichter, Centhron, Vlad in Tears, Angelspit, and FabrikC pushed the bands presence and reputation further which Revenge of the Antichrist and its fiery blend of industrial metal and cinematic/theatrical endeavour can only reinforce and open a wider attentive spotlight upon Devil-M.

Music Review of “Revenge of the Antichrist” by Devil-M by Dawn Wood (

I listened to tracks from the brand new Album “Revenge of the Antichrist” which was released on August 25th, 2014. It is published via Meth Media / Dark Dimensions and combines Industrial Metal with Soundtrack-elements. Some of the songs are good candidates for amazing remixes (for all you remixers out there) and some are club ready and highly recommended.

Taste Your Tears-Starts out with dreamy, clean guitars and breaks into a rock track with some industrial elements.  I actually found this song to be reminiscent of the grunge era.

Tarot - AstharatRevenge of the Antichrist-Pt 2 and Siddhartha Gautama (Blackest Light Remix)- Both have nice intros with chanting monk samples, diverse tempos and driving guitars.  Both songs have elements of Metal and of course Industrial and are quite anthemic.

Love is Not Available- This song appears to be a ballad, but I found the distortion to be distracting.  I wanted to hear more, but feel the distortion should have been way down in the mix.

Garden of Eden- A somber and beautiful instrumental perfect for the Gothic listener.

I am God- Another beautiful, somber, Gothic song with female vocals. (Definitely my favorite track.)  This would be the perfect choice for a remix,

Harmful Scab- More monk samples and reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails.  I think this song would be a great choice for a dancy Industrial remix as well.

Apokrypha (Centhron Remix) and Rebirth- These songs are ready right now to be played at any Gothic/Industrial dance club. Great vocals and driving beat. Manson-esque feel.



Band Contest – Theme Song

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offhabandsfPRESS RELEASE
September 21, 2014


Every three seasons, chooses a new theme song.

Bands / Musicians are now welcome to submit their song for possible use on the show. If chosen, your song will be played as the theme song every show for three seasons.  Your band name will be mentioned on every show to thousands of listeners across the globe. is an international podcast with our largest fan bases located in: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

The song submitted must be in mp3 format.
Send us an email to:

Email must include:
*Your band name

*Short (100 words or less) bio.

*An mp3 of the song you’d like considered

*Contact email

*Picture of the band in png, or jpg format.

ckgbadgeThis contest closes Dec 31st, 2014 and winners will be announced publicly in 2015.

The new theme song will debut on Season 10 of starting in 2015.

By entering this contest, you are agreeing to allow your song played for three seasons of

The Sad Cafe review by C.A. Milson

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sadcafe01-225x300The Sad Cafe

Movie review by C. A. Milson

Stars: Bradley Fowler, Katie Lanigan, John LaFlambo

Directed by: Bennie Woodell

IMDB Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Plot: The Sad Cafe, brings to life the gritty world where cause and effect, life and death, love and hatred play out a delicate balance. A place where unrequited love is the driving force behind closing ourselves off from the world, and is the cause of unrelenting bitterness to the happiness that was taken from us, the happiness we long for. The Sad Cafe is, at its core, a love story…a romance tragic in all aspects. A testimony to the pain people endure in their pursuit for love and companionship.

My Tagline: Inner monologues, double dipping hitmen, and Carl Grissom….

Review: When you are enlisted to be a hit-man, there are certain things that ring true. 1. The life you once knew will be gone, and 2. Personal relationships are expendable.

This film, produced on a modest budget of $8,000 hit the mark in telling the story of one hit-man who goes from a street-kid to a crime boss’ number one guy.

Bradley Fowler plays the role of Jack. A former street kid taken in by a crime-boss and is now an elite hit-man. No hit is too big for Jack. He is given an assignment and he carries it out to the letter. That is until he is given an assignment to kill his new girlfriends’ father (who he first meets in a restaurant with Rose later that day). Knowing that he is torn between the devotion he has for Rose and his loyalty to the mob, Jack needs to make a decision that will end badly, no matter which way he looks at it. Kill the girlfriends’ dad or betray the mob? Not an easy decision to live with and one that will have consequences in the short term.

As it turns out, the daughter of our crime-boss (Selena – played by Liz Davis) has a thing for Jack, and no girl is going to stand in the way of her getting the guy she wants (Bloody princess bitch she is.  )

I will not say too much of how things play out in this film, but I will say that even some hit-men have a sense of humanity, and Bradley Fowler shows that he is actor to keep an eye on in future films.

There were some moments which did remind me of James Spader’s character (Red) in The Blacklist, which can only be a good thing 

If you like The Blacklist or The Untouchables, then watch this by all means.

VerdictThis guy is Untouchable

My Rating: 7 out of 10.

C.A.Milson is an award winning horror author of 4 books (and counting); Founder of ASJ Publishing, and seldom film producer. He resides in Melbourne, Australia and likes to spend his time in his backyard hobbyfarm of 13 chooks, and draws inspiration from the horrors that lay in wait in the darkness. C.A.Milson can be found at: and: 108, Alexander Beresford

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Horror Addicts Episode# 108

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini

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40 days till Halloween!

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Meet Author Alexander Beresford, #108

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BeresfordPICThis week’s author is Alexander Beresford, author of Charla, which David reviewed last November. Alexander has a new book, Doll Face coming out soon and brings us a piece of flash fiction this week called “Needs”. “Needs” is about a man who has lost his mind. He receives an unexpected call from a special love interest from his past while he’s in the middle of living a moment of indulgence while experimenting with things he had only fantasized about, respecting little of anything, engaging in selfish, psychotic curiosities.

Alexander has a twisted way of bringing us disturbing characters that you can’t stop reading or listening to, even though you are horrified at what’s going on. Let’s find out more about Alexander.

HA: What is your most recent work?

Alexander: I have a new novel coming out soon called DOLL FACE, but my most recent published work is CHARLA, the story of a sexy mother who hates her daughter and manages to secretly bring her pain and discomfort. So creative is Charla in satisfying her unsettling needs, that even Amelie grew up unaware of her mother’s deranged feelings towards her. With Amelie all grown up now, it has become harder and harder for Charla to quench her morbid impulses without getting her hands dirty. So, one lonely dawn, Charla experiences a very weird event that sparks the idea of summoning a demon to disrupt her twenty-five year old daughter’s perfect, pretty little life. She puts the sick plan into action … and the demon moves in!

HA: What was the spookiest night of your life?

Alexander: I’m not sure how much of this I can reveal, but a friend got permission to visit a famous political figure’s unused house currently being restored and known to be haunted. This friend, my girlfriend, and I entered the house at night, out in the woods, with no electricity, with our ghost hunting equipment and began to investigate for fun. We heard all kinds of noises, saw strange shadows and things, our equipment went nuts, we heard a voice in the EVP recording later, it was crazy. We didn’t last long in there, it was incredibly creepy. Whatever was there didn’t like us visiting for “fun”.

HA: How do you create stories? What is in your writers tool kit?

Alexander: I use a laptop and a program called StoryMill which helps me stay organized. I will usually write in one spot, on the couch next to the baby grand piano in my living room. I prefer to write early in the moring and late at night. I’m simply too distracted to get much done in the middle of the day, though I try.

Charla cover front finalHA: What era do you feel most at home in?

Alexander: I like technology and other advances, I like this era just fine.

HA: Who is one person you’d like to meet, living or dead, and why?

Alexander: I would like to meet Clive Barker. He is a brilliant writer and a person I am certain I would enjoy hanging out with. I’d like to speak to him about writing, art and creativity in general.

HA: What is your favorite horror flick?

Alexander: I’m fond of the classics, Exorcist, Carrie, The Omen, Friday The 13th, Halloween.

HA: If you were to battle a hoard of zombies, who would be your dream team fighting next to you?

Alexander: Probably no one you would’ve heard of. People I trust, strong characters, fighters, intelligent people, my friends Rey Armenteros, Alex Armenteros, and writer and long time friend Wesley Gurion for starters.

HA: Where can fans catch up with your newest work?


Book Review: Suffer The Children

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18211208Suffer The Children by Craig DiLouie is a book that takes a look two of people’s worst fears. That being the death of your children and the end of life as we know it. The story starts simply enough by showing people dealing with the ups and downs of a normal life. Then the unthinkable happens, within a 24 hour period all children who have not reached puberty suddenly die. Doctors call the disease Herod’s Syndrome and there is no cure. As the world mourns the death of over a million children, they are shocked when the dead children start coming back to life.

The children return to their parents but they are not the same. They ask their parents for blood,scientists can’t explain it but the only way to keep the world’s children alive is to let them drink blood. When they do the children come back to life but only for a short time and each time they die and come back, they lose a little bit more of themselves. The question Suffer The Children asks is How far will a parent go to save their child?

That description of the book sold me, vampire children rising from the dead and their parents have to get them blood to drink, now that sounds like a great horror novel. This is not that kind of horror novel though, which leads me to my only complaint about the book. I would have liked to see a little more action and scary moments, but this is more of a character driven story. This book focuses on the psychological horror that parents go through when they lose a child and the science behind the disease that is causing all this to happen.

In Suffer The Children, blood is a high-priced commodity and desperate people will do anything to get it. Society is crumbling slowly and everyone feels it. One of my favorite scenes in this book was when a woman asks a priest to read a eulogy for her dead children. The priest tells her no, not because he is busy but because everything he ever believed was a lie and he doesn’t want to do a ceremony. He then says that he always liked the woman but can’t keep doing what he is doing. I loved how each character changes in the story.

Another example is when one woman blames herself for her son’s death and regrets that sometime she thought more of herself than her kid. She then does some disturbing things to make sure her son has the blood he needs. Another character named Doug goes from a caring father into a raging drunk when his kids die but when he finds out that his kids can be brought back, he gets the blood they need by becoming a criminal. Doug is kind of presented as being a villain of sorts in Suffer The Children  but I found myself liking the character because I didn’t see him as bad.  Doug was doing what he had to do to keep his kids alive because he looked at it as his purpose. Suffer The Children is a different type of apocalypse thriller and examines people’s worst fears on a personal level. I loved how the book ended and I’m hoping for a sequel.





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