Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween Addicts!

We hope you are enjoying the season.
Here’s a refresh for all of you who want to play the Finale at your parties!

Halloween Special! #110

And from all of us at HorrorAddicts.net, have a happy, safe, and scary Halloween!

~Emz, Horror Hostess



Happy Halloween Darlings! Thank you for your loyalty to HorrorAddicts.net. ~Dawn Wood


Horror on TV, pumpkins glowing on doorsteps, people dressing up to scare their friends. Halloween comes only once a year, but don’t let the spirit die. Keep watching horror movies, reading horror novels, and most important keep checking HorrorAddicts.net where it’s Halloween all year long. Have a great one and stay spooky. ~ David Watson


Festive Fall Flights of Fancies to you my Precious Addicts. Stay Beautiful throughout the season! Remember the motto: Too Spoopy to Live, Too Creppy to Die! ~ Mimielle


Thank you for all your comments and stay spooky but safe this Halloween! Macabre tidings, Kbatz


Happly Halloween, everyone! Here’s hoping your holiday is full of morbid meals and not-so-tricky treats! Stay safe and stay spooky! ~ Dan Shaurette


Have a Happy Halloween, and let the bed bugs bite addicts! ~ Marc Vale

10 Halloween Costume and Makeup Cheats

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1. Black eyeliner as black lipstick, outline with a sharpened point, then fill in.

2. Thin pieces of torn toilet paper/facial tissue and eyeliner glue applied in layers to make scars or burns or other FX instead of using liquid latex, spirit gum or liquid collodian if allergic, too expensive, etc. Especially good for kids because it removes easily with regular eye makeup remover before bedtime after trick-or-treating.

3. Newspaper stuffed bustles. Stuff newspaper or tissue paper into Walmart bags, secure under bustle poufs and get ready for a rustle in that bustle.

4. Glue a bag of $1 spider rings (cut off ring part first) all over a thrift store white nightgown draped with bagged spiderweb, rub dark eyeliner under eyes and a bit on lips, instant creepy lady costume.

5. Use Baby Powder to set the lightest cheap cream drugstore foundation, it will pale it out quite a bit.

6. Cut and shape craft feathers to use in place of expensive exotic large false eyelashes.

7. Craft glitter manicure : Paint nails with desired color, let dry. Then paint with clear, dip in craft glitter, let dry, repeat, then seal with more clear. (NOTE: do not use craft glitter near eyes for any reason.)

8. Steal, erm I mean borrow your friend’s fast food uniform and be that for Halloween.

9. Paint your face with a Dia de los Muertos design and borrow or thrift an old wedding dress and veil

10. Wear a thrifted or borrowed black suit and tie, wear a full-head white stocking cap and white gloves and go as Slenderman.

Kbatz: Family Friendy Frights!

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Family Friendly Frights!

By Kristin Battestella

Scary? Perhaps. However, these macabre bemusements are perfect for mom, dad, the kids, and 2.5 dogs to nestle on the couch and have a spooky night in with the popcorn!

Beetlejuice- Don’t say the bio-exorcist’s name three times! Michael Keaton leads an all-star cast in this humorous tale about a country couple turned ghosts trying to rid their house of a snotty New York family. Winona Ryder is creepy as the goth daughter Lydia, and all of director Tim Burton’s odd touches have their moments-from Juno’ smoke coming out her slit throat to Delia’s infamous ‘Dayo!’ dance party. Multiple viewings are in order here.

Edward ScissorhandsThis 1990 tale of a lonely, incomplete man with scissors for hands is a little more mature and dark then some of my other suggestions. However, this early, spooky, and yet heartwarming collaboration from director Tim Burton and star Johnny Depp has all the whimsy and freakiness needed without getting too comical, bizarre, or just weird. Fine performances from a lovely ensemble cast including Winona Ryder, Kathy Baker, Dianne Wiest, and Vincent Price blend humor, love, and innocence into one charming little tale young and old can enjoy.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark- There’s a touch of mature innuendo, but it’s a treat to see Cassandra Peterson’s alter ego host in a full length picture. The plot’s a predictable fish out of water scenario; with sexy Elvira taking an inheritance in a quiet, conservative town. Nevertheless, Peterson’s wit, bosom, and personality are all in spooky good fun.

Ernest Scared Stupid- Everyone loves Jim Varney and his plethora of goofy characters. Add a creepy house, trolls, and Halloween and you’ve got all the hijinks for a family fright fest. Yes, it might be stupid as the title suggests, but who cares?

High Spirits- Peter O’Toole and his Irish friends turn their foreclosed castle into a haunted showplace to attract American tourists. Unfortunately, Daryl Hannah and Liam Neeson really haunt the place! Some goofy humor, funny romance, even a few scary scenes make this Neil Jordan haunt a keeper.

Munster, Go Home! and The Munsters Revenge- Boxers or Briefs? Lennon or McCartney? The Munsters or The Addams Family? Enjoy this funny, charming family of monsters in their 1966 theatrical debut Munster, Go Home! as they take their hijinks-now in Technicolor!- abroad. Though more about the caper at hand instead of the family, The Munsters Revenge is still a treat for fans of Herman, Lily, Eddie, and Grandpa.

Silver Bullet- Ah, a wheelchair bound Corey Haim insists there’s a werewolf in town but no one believes him! A well-rounded cast and scary wolf mysteries make you jump in your seat the first time you see this one. Several memorable, frightening scenes here still stick with me 25 years later. Younger audiences might be too frightened-but it’s only a movie, isn’t it?

Sleepy HollowHere’s another less bizarre and family fun spookfest from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. This 1999 period piece also starring Christina Ricci isn’t as dark and decrepit as a film about Ichabod Crane could be, but its hint of goth and turn of the century humor is perfect for a scary night in for families growing beyond Hocus Pocus. The suspense, ensemble cast, and surprisingly disturbing performance from Christopher Walken as the Headless Horsemen keep this one worthy as the successor to The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad. Who doesn’t love that one?

7 Halloween Costume Blunders to Avoid

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Costuming is all about being prepared. Here are some tips from our costume blunders over the years.

  1. If you are going to cover yourself with liquid latex, shave any air in the area and have all other hair tied up and protected. Very painful trying to get it off later.
  2. Never leave home without touch-up makeup. Nothing worse than being at a party and realizing your makeup is messed up half-way through with nothing to fix it with.
  3. To avoid nip slip, wear a nude strapless bra and underwear under mummy bandages. The bandages WILL slip. Don’t let yourself become the victim of this costume’s faults.
  4. If you are going to wear prosthetics, eat BEFORE you go to the party. A lot of these attachables make it hard to enjoy food and drink.
  5. Horns that are supposed to be applied with adhesive, should be applied with adhesive. I once used the squeezable horn to “suction” it on my forehead and after 8 hours of work, the “sucking” process had created real horns on my forehead out of my own skin and blood. It sounds cool, it isn’t. Incredibly painful.
  6. If you are going as Bride of Frankenstein, use a base or fake hair to help construct the hair tower so that you don’t have to tease all of your hair. Painful to brush out later.
  7. It’s always better to make costumes from real clothes and makeup rather than polyester costumes and greasy clown makeup. Do your best with what you have, it will appear more authentic. Halloween stores are great for accessories like striped socks, hair attachments, or jewelry.

Do you have any costume tips? Any horror stories to help others avoid? Please share below.

6 Food Items to Make Your Haunted House Spookier

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For those of you trying to torture little children on Halloween night by building the best ever Haunted House, check out these sensory items to really creep them out.

  1. grapesPeeled grape eyeballs.
  2. Ketchup Blood.
  3. Spaghetti veins.
  4. Mayo pus.
  5. Crushed Oreo mud.
  6. Strings dipped in honey spiderwebs.

Do you have some other food you use for your Haunted House? Please share!

5 Low Sugar Drinks for Halloween

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I’ve always really loved this song by Don Hinson and the Rigamorticians because, I have so many allergies, if I were a vampire, it would be my luck that I would be allergic to blood.

Whether you are allergic or watching your sugar for a medical reason, or just looking for low sugar alternatives to serve at your Halloween bash, these are sure to be a hit.

  1. No Sugar Added Cider:
    Get out your crockpot and add a gallon or two of no sugar added or low-sugar apple juice along with a sliced orange and one scoop of mulling spices. Leaving on high for a large portion of the day.
  2. No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa:
    Swiss Miss makes the best No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate. Add a little non-fat milk to make it extra creamy. Add a couple drops of red food coloring to make it darker. If you are into a more Latin taste, add a dash of cinnamon.
  3. Pumpkin Tea:
    Great thing about tea is most of them don’t contain sugar. Non-sugar sweetener and a dash of cinnamon adds specialness to this boiled water.
  4. Sparkling Water Non-Alcoholic Sangria:
    Choose your favorite non-sugar, sparkling water and add your favorite freshly cut fruit. Raspberries, strawberries, or grapes add a succulent taste and will be sweetened naturally.
  5. Bloody Good Pomegranate Cherry Mixers:
    This is one of my favorite drinks year around, but it’s color lends itself to the Halloween season. Mix Sprite Zero and Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate drink mix into a large glass of ice.

Have a favorite sugar-free drink you enjoy? Please share it with us below.

Top 5 Oldie Halloween Songs

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I just can’t get enough of these oldie Halloween songs.

  1. “Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood” by Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians
  2. “Skeleton in the Closet” by Louis Armstrong
  3. “Headless Horseman” by Bing Crosby
  4. “Grim Grinning Ghosts (From Haunted Mansion®)” by The Mellomen, Paul Frees, Betty Taylor, Bill Lee, Thurl Ravenscroft
  5. “Coolest Little Monster” by Zacherley

Do you have a favorite? Please share!


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