Best Band Season 8: Unveil

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The dark rock band, Unveil was featured on episode #91 of, Season 8 and then you the listeners voted them Best Band. Unveil was formed in 2004 by Eric Lee on bass, Eric Pomerleau on drums, and Alain Robitaille on guitar. In 2011, they played a special fund raising event and invited their friend, Joelle Nolin on vocals. Ever since that magic night, she has been part of the band.

I was fortunate to sit down with Alain and discuss the band, their sound, and what they have coming up next.

Unveil 2HA: Tell us about your band. Who writes the music?
ALAIN: I write most of the music but Unveil has no dedicated lyricist. The lyrics of the first album were written by me and Erich Langlois, a good friend of mine who writes lovely dark poetry. He gave me several texts when I started the band. I simply built a universe around his words. Writing of the second album is moving along smoothly. I have a good idea of the direction I want to take. It will include several texts of my own. Joelle, our new vocalist, also brought-in several solid texts. And I still have a few things left over from my “Erich” stash. As the album is in the writing stage, more contributors may appear in the future.

HA: What singers or bands inspired you growing up? Who are your favorite artists today?
ALAIN: My teen years were in the 70’s, so I learned to play electric guitar listening to vinyl records. My favorites were Rush, Black Sabbath, The Mission, Pink Floyd, The Cure, and countless others. Since those days, the Internet has opened up a floodgate of incredible music. To catch my attention, a band has to have a dark edge. Some of my favorite artists these days include The Birthday Massacre, Emilie Autumn, Lacuna Coil, Chelsea Wolfe, and Die So Fluid.

HA: How did you find out about How does it feel to be chosen as Best Band?
ALAIN: I’ve been faithful listener since season 4. I must admit, I don’t remember exactly how I find out about Horror Addicts. I believe it was through Grave Concerns Ezine. I’m always web crawling for new and exciting music, authors, photographers… We were up against so many great bands, to be named “best band” is a totally unreal. It’s like being included in a family that you have loved for many years.

HA: What non-musical things inspire your music? Is there a place where you go to be inspired?
ALAIN: Since a very young age, I have had a fascination for vampires. The setting of the first album is deliberately inspired by this. The songs are not about vampires, but are written from a vampire’s perspective. Songs about loneliness, death, disgrace, fear… Unveil is all about subtlety, so don’t expect bats, coffins or blood sucking. I don’t have a special place where I sit down and wait for inspiration. I often find my best ideas when I am doing something else. The trick that works for me is: pen and paper. Whenever an idea pops-up, I write it down. So when I’m ready to write new lyrics or a story, I flip through my notes looking for building blocks.

HA: What’s been the greatest achievement of your band? Where is the coolest place you’ve played?
ALAIN: Unveil’s greatest achievement is without a doubt: “The Story of Sarah”. An event that mixed a rock concert and a short film. This project actually included the writing of two short tales: The Story of Sarah & The Story of Anna. The bridge between the two tales is a character named “The Stranger” whose story is revealed through the lyrics of the songs. It’s fun to play the “standard” gig, but what I love is bringing music to places you don’t normally see a live band. In 2010, we played a full set in a gothic fashion store. But the definitively coolest place we had the pleasure of playing has to be at a Zombie Walk where we played to a horde of zombies. A videoclip of the event can be seen on Unveil’s YouTube page. Having fun is always the number one goal at any Unveil gig. If we don’t have fun playing the show, the crowd won’t have fun watching it.

HA: What are your favorite horror movies?
ALAIN: Vampire movies. Some of my favorites are: Fearless Vampire Killers, Fright Night, From Dusk Till Dawn, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and The Addiction. I also enjoy horror-mystery movies such as: Stigmata, Prince of Darkness, The Omen, The Others, and The Ring. I’m also a big fan of the Tim Burton. I think he did a mesmerizing job in retelling Sleepy Hollow.

HA: What was the scariest night of your life?
ALAIN: When I was young, my father was a movie theatre manager. So he had access to 16mm reels of major theatrical releases. He would regularly take out his projector to present the latest movies on a wall in the house or even in the backyard. Keep in mind that this was in the 70’s, before the coming of the VHS cassette. I remember one night in 1974, I was 8 years old. That night, he did a private screening of the movie “The Exorcist” for family and friends in the basement at our house. At the end of the evening, when everyone went back to their houses, I was left alone to sleep in that same basement.

Unveil 5HA: What is available now that the listeners can download or buy?
ALAIN: Last year, we released a first official EP called “Codex Noctem”. Physical copy can be ordered through CdBaby. If you prefer downloads, you can go to BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon and many others. You can also listen to “Codex Noctem” through streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Rdio.
You can also find Unveil on many social medias such as, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, MySpace… A web search for “unveil616” will find most of them.
The best place to get all the latest news is our FaceBook page at:

HA: If you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be your opening band?
ALAIN: Finland would be great! They have a thriving music scene with so many great artists. But the ultimate “dream gig” would be Las Vegas; a big production with showgirls in black feathers raven costumes and massive stage props. Or maybe a midnight acoustic set at Stonehenge? The opening band would be One-Eyed Doll from Austin, Texas. Lead by Kimberly Freeman’s amazing stage presence, this duo puts on a rockin’ high energy show.

HA: What are you working on now for future release?
ALAIN: For now, we are working on a second album. We still have no release date at this time, but we are aiming spring 2015. We will be making local shows to try out new ideas. I also want to create a stage show around a new story set in the world of ghosts and spirits. I have been doing paranormal investigations with my friends of the web series “Ghosts in Time” to get into the mood.

This Darkness Light review by D.J. Pitsiladis

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unnamedHello Horror Addicts! This is D.J. Pitsiladis with a review of “This Darkness Light” by Michaelbrent Collings. It is a story about an apocalypse at the outset, one in which normal everyday people are turned into horrific creatures for a short period of time before they die off. The story starts out with a man waking from a coma without any memories of who he is, how he got to the hospital, or even why he is there. A glance at his chart lists his injuries as multiple gunshot wounds, but doesn’t feel as bad as he should after a trauma like that. He’s vaguely able to recall that he has a mission, and that he needs to go to Kansas immediately. He doesn’t know anything else except that it is important for his mission. As an assassin enters the man’s room and stares in shock at the John Doe in the bed before he aims a silenced gun at him. As this is going on, a nurse arrives for her shift and discovers every one of her co-workers on her floor executed. She enters John Doe’s room and provides enough of a distraction for the injured man to subdue and kill the assassin. They escape the hospital, but are just as quickly hunted by an assassin named Isaiah, a former priest, who is blackmailed into chasing them by a shadow organization within the government in order to save the world.

I found this a very hard book to put down. It started like it might be a zombie style story, but just as quickly changed to a mixture of Stephen King’s “The Mist” and the 1989 movie “Leviathan”. The priest’s story was well-played out as the man who believes he is so unworthy that he tries to make things right by eliminating people who he knows for sure are abusive to other people. The back story on why is a well told story and very believable. The way John Doe’s character is painted keeps up just enough of a mystery to keep you wondering who he is and what his mission is. The nurse is a tag along who helps John in a couple of instances, but feels more like just a damsel in distress to be rescued. It read through good and very enthralling, but the ending just felt a bit anti-climactic. Up to that point, I thought it was a great read. My ranking is 3.75 out of 5.

Until next time, fellow addicts…


Seattle Sounds CD Review Mixed Messages: by Dawn Wood

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logoFronted by Seattle Industrial scene veteran musician, Wesley Rogers, Mixed Messages has only officially been a band since early 2012. Before that, while he and guitarists Nicklos Frank and Dim Rott played for Bell’s Theorum, Whether they bomb or blow your mind, one thing is certain, you will never get bored or want to leave a Mixed Messages show. Things will be broken, aggression will be released and VHS tape will envelop you. If you are looking for a Seattle band to knock your head off with sound and entertainment, I highly recommend Mixed Messages.  Not only is their singer, Wesley Rogers an absolute hurricane of raw, screaming energy, but every band member (“the other Nicks” in the band, synth/keyboardist Nick McCoy, drummer, Nick Plantz), guitarist extraordinaire Dim Rott and the lovely Sharon Collier on bass, are talented and interesting…to watch…to hear…to conversate with.

Mixed Messages band mates are huge fans of horror.  Dim and Nicklos are “classic horror” fans and the music is heavily influenced by the horror of our political system today. You can also see Mixed Messages playing shows with fellow Industrial Horror Addict’s Band: Murder Weapons.  Wesley even jumps in on some live performances with Murder Weapons for added debauchery.

Wesley_christmasshowOn March 1st of this year, Mixed Messages started a fundraising campaign with Indiegogo to fund their CD release.  They wound up raising enough money, though their dedicated fans, to record and master their CD entitled: “The Ordeal”.  I have seen Mixed Messages live, so it was a real treat to sit down and listen to all of their material, which I have witnessed live, plus some great new songs.

  1. MMChivalry- Starts off with a bang with angry vocals and guitars, with a sprinkling of interesting samples.
  2. Into the Middle of Things-  Driving beat with screams and intriguing (mid Easternish) guitars wailing throughout.
  3. Hopeless- Slows down to a very sexy, yet rhythmic grind.  Wesley’s vocals are more spoken, even whispery (in some places) trading off to samples then eventual tormented signature screams.
  4. Did What You Had To- brings us back to “in your face” aggression.
  5. Lust and Jealousy- This is the Cds “pretty song” and is my favorite.  Sensual beats and vocals are captivating.
  6. Suffer- is a crowd favorite live.  The beat is driving and intense, almost punk rock in feel.  You will find yourself screaming “SUFFER!!!” even after the song is over.
  7. Do Nothing- Definitely a great candidate for a remix.  The beat is infectious and danceable, with overlaid dynamic vocals.
  8. Then What?- Thumping bass goodness starts this song, with plenty of samples, cacophonies of sound and hypnotic vocals.
  9. 2 Weeks Notice- Thinking this is one of those “I hate my day job” anthems.  I think we can all relate!
  10. Abomination- Political Industrial Goodness!
  11. Emerald City- I especially enjoyed the guitar harmonics in this song.  Very classic rock inspired.  I also like the Seattle reference: “Emerald City!!!!!!”
  12. Collapsing In- Hmmmm….I sense a familiar influence…Butthole Surfers.  What a cool song and a nice variable on this CD.  One thing is for sure with Mixed Messages, they like surprising their listeners.

You can check out Mixed Messages on Facebook:

On Reverbnation:

On Youtube:






Kbatz: Jennifer’s Body

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Unsure What to Make of Jennifer’s Body

By Kristin Battestella

MPW-44318So, I was sick in bed watching some other random movie. After it went off, the 2009 Diablo Cody horror comedy Jennifer’s Body came on. I couldn’t reach the remote control to change the channel, and had no desire to move anyway. And thus, here I am, confused still at what could have been.

The popular Jennifer (Megan Fox) drags her nerdy but long time friend Anita- called Needy (Amanda Seyfried) – to a crappy bar to meet Low Shoulder, for Jennifer thinks the band’s lead singer Nikolai (Adam Brody) is hawt. After a mysterious fire suddenly burns down the bar, Needy survives unscathed; but Jennifer is whisked away in Low Shoulder’s van. When she returns, Jennifer gains an insatiable appetite for gutting and devouring male schoolmates. Needy both suspects and fears the changes in her friend, but no one believes her demonic claims against Low Shoulder- the band has become a major success since the fire. As Needy decides to confront Jennifer herself, she must also protect her boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons) from her hungry and deadly BFF.

I like most of the work I’ve seen from quirky screenwriter Diablo Cody- namely United States of Tara. The writing from Cody- an Original Screenplay Oscar winner for her debut Juno- is not necessarily the problem with Jennifer’s Body. The dialogue is frank, witty, and relatively realistic in the way the sassy younger generation speakeths. It’s amusing to hear and see some of the things these kids say and do. In some scenes, the right blend of black comedy, preposterous horror, and even a few scares are just right. However, director Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Aeon Flux) never decides in which vein Jennifer’s Body actually falls. If we are supposed to laugh and appreciate the social cynicism, why are you giving us such lengthy and scary gorefests? But, if this is supposed to be straight horror, then there should be plenty more guts and gore than received. In some ways, I can’t believe this is rated R! This bipolar nature strikes an audience blow, because Jennifer’s Body never decides who its audience is. Hardcore horror fans will find it lightweight and dismiss- and frankly, the precious 18-34 male demographic is going to be seriously disappointed in the lack of nudity and lame girl on girl teases. I don’t think Diablo Cody meant the implied lesbian angles as such cop outs, but the relationship here is not handled with its due respect. Seeing Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox make out was just too much of a gimmick not to employ. And oh, they gimmicked it- and I must say, it fails woefully. The visual put ons make Jennifer’s Body look like all fluff and no substance. Sadly, I think it could have been much more.



(Soft glow in Jonah Hex much?)


After her woeful turn in Jonah Hex, Jennifer’s Body has not helped my opinion of Megan Fox at all. I must say, she fits the part of the dangerously hot cheerleader. She handles the witty dialogue just fine, and even delivers a few well-placed zingers in perfect comedic timing. With the proper grooming from an acting coach and un-conflicted approach from Kusama, perhaps she may very well have had some sardonic talent. Sadly, it just seems like Fox is playing herself, saying and doing what she would normally do to tease any weak and horny little boy. Her tongue in cheek ‘I’m hot, look at me, but no nudity!’ taunts completely destroy the illusion this film is trying to create. Are we supposed to like Jen? Hate her? If she is such a pimpin’ succubus, then we better see some pimpin’ succubus! It’s ironic, for Megan Fox actually seems to be a relatively tame personality on the Hollywood scene. Yes, she seriously says some bizarre things, but weird talk is nothing compared to the Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears types’ antics and issues. Instead of showing its promise, Jennifer’s Body is completely indicative of Fox’s just fucking with audiences and seeing how long she can make her fifteen minutes last without actually really having to do anything. You shouldn’t screw with a fickle audience as it is, honey, and if you want to stay in Hollywood, you will eventually have to do something worthwhile onscreen.

Whew, having said all that, I do like Amanda Seyfried’s (Mamma Mia!, Big Love) Needy. Instead of just pulling her hair back and adorning the glasses, Seyfried adds nuances of geeky style. Her skin seems oily, she wears weird clothes, and Needy does seem to have more than a subtext of feeling for Jennifer. Seyfried delivers the mix of irony, humor, and mousy Jennifer’s Body needs; and she still has enough left in the tank to kick it up a notch for the end. I can see the charm of the script that most likely brought Seyfried to the project, for sure. However, after having seen the outcome of the film and she as the only bright spot in it, I wonder why Seyfried is dumbing down to play such mediocre horror fair. She seems to be worth far more- and oily face aside, she completely outshines the supposed hottie Fox.

Sadly, the boys in Jennifer’s Body don’t come off as well. Who the hell is Johnny Simmons (Evan Almighty, The Spirit) and how did he get this part? While we can take leaps of faith and admit that 20-somethings, nay even 30-somethings often play our onscreen high schoolers, this guy looks seriously like he is 12 years old. No way is this kid 24! Maybe I’ve grown super old now that my 30th birthday is in sight, but I found it disturbing seeing this pup in a sex scene. It was just weird. Too Bieber. While I’m also not really sure what Adam Brody’s done to be so special (apparently, The O.C.), he was much more fun as Low Shoulder’s satanic band leader Nikolai. The whole film should have been about Low Shoulder with an ambiguous Lance Henriksen in pursuit! My favorite part of Jennifer’s Body is when the band breaks into a chorus of ‘Jenny 867-5309’ before the titular sacrificial deed is done. This was the Generation Y horror comedy irony for which this film was looking, but never fully found. Or was trying to hard to achieve. I (and it) can’t decide.

Eh, Cody fans or lovers of the cast can tune in and enjoy Jennifer’s Body. There’s enough with and entertainment placed few and far between for a fun night in with the gang. However, serious horror aficionados looking for social statements or those looking for a kinky late night scary or otherwise titillating thrill shouldn’t bother. I wasn’t going to bother with a review, but I had to make the two hours of viewing totally worthwhile somehow. Why are Fox’s movies always a superficial shadow and a miss of bad editing, design, and presentation? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Flash Fiction Friday: Kadirah Wade

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They Buried Her Deep

by Kadirah Wade


They buried her deep late one day

She died at sea by the Inlet Kay

She watched them as they walked away slow

Their heads hung down in pain, sad and low.

When they turned to reach the avenue bridge

She sprang from her grave and ran to the ridge

“I will head them off and scare them bad

I do not believe them to be sad.”

As they reached the top of Old Drummer’s Hill

She appeared with a scream, so loud and shrill

They all felt fright, near to a dead faint

Some called out loud to an unknown saint

The steam rose above, her body still warm

They scattered and ran from her ghastly form

She chased them down and snapped at their heels

She heeded not their mercy appeals

“You’ve all brought about my dreadful demise

You taunted and teased and spread vicious lies.”

And one by one they each met their fate

She did them in by the evening, late

Never again would their mocking be heard

She ended their sniggering cruel words

Then she returned to the peaceful sea

And fell asleep in her sodden lee.

Cheap Reads

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23009298The first book I want to talk about is Heroin In The Magic Now by Terry M. West. In the introduction to this book Terry says how the main character’s pain is based on reality and he tells the story of how he got into the horror genre. In order to get into the business he helped make soft core porn to raise money to make horror films. This lead him into a world of sex, drugs and emotional pain which is what this book is based on.

Heroin in the Magic Now follows a pornographer named Gary Hack, who has found himself  making disturbing monster porn videos for his depraved clients. People ask him to do things he can’t live with and the only escape that Gary has is through heroin. The problem is his escape is taking over his life and leading to a darker reality.

Gary is a complicated man, he is self medicated and numb to the fact that vampires, zombies and werewolves are now part of our every day lives. In the beginning he is working on a porn movie called Dracula’s Exotic Guest. He hates what he does and himself for doing it, but he is good at it and still dreams for a better life.

Gary is a brilliant artist but his career didn’t go where he wanted and now he is stuck making monster porn and working with difficult people. Gary handles his problems well enough, such as a leading actress telling him he is the worst director ever and wanting more money. Gary looses a little more of his soul every day, his wife has already divorced him, his daughter wants nothing to do with him and he just got another directing job hes not proud of as head of production for a zombie gang bang movie.

22745882I loved the character of Gary in this book, he is a lost soul and you cant help but root for him despite the bad things he has done. Gary is a man who never meant to hurt anyone, he just did some things that he wasn’t proud of to fulfill his dreams.   Heroin In The Magic Now has a good mix of horror and comedy. I loved the concept behind this book and it was a fresh look at a world where monsters do exist, but some of the worst monsters are the ones within.  My favorite scene in the book was towards the end where the street vendor who sold Gary a gris-gris bag for protection against the supernatural sells Gary another, saying that each time he has to buy a new one he was going to charge Gary more. If you read the story you will understand but I think Terry was making a point that each time Gary screwed up it was going to be harder for him to get his soul back.  Terry M. West knows what makes a good horror story and he knows how to make monsters scary and funny.

Next up is The Clinic by Matthew Weber. Patricia Tyler’s son, Alex, has made the Tyler families lives a living hell. He argues constantly, has destroyed property, bullies family members and classmates, and he is a pyromaniac and sexual deviant.  Patricia doesn’t know what to do so she turns to the clinic for help and the reader learns what happens in the future when children misbehave.

22697923This is the kind of story that you would see on The Twilight Zone,  except its scarier than anything the classic TV series has to offer. I can’t talk to much about this short story because I don’t want to give it away but I will say that the concept is terrifying. One scene that scared me was when Alex tried to get to his sister late at night. I also thought that it was interesting to see who was on the bus at the end of the story. Where I would agree that Alex deserved to be there, some of the others didn’t. This is a well written story and a chilling read. The story is meant to preview an upcoming anthology by Matthew Weber .  If The Clinic is any indication of the quality of the other stories in the book then I would be really excited to see what Matthew Weber has coming out next.

The last book I want to mention is a short story by Terry M. West called The Giving Of Things Cold And Cursed. The year is 1925 and Baker Johnson has just inherited his uncle’s home. His Uncle was an odd man who kept a room full of cursed objects. Baker and his uncle are not like other people, they study the supernatural, collect strange objects and try to prove if spiritualists are charlatans or not.

Even though this is a short story I got the impression that Terry did his homework. The character of Baker made me think of Houdini who also was into proving spiritualists weren’t what they said they were. In 1925 spiritualists were common place and preyed on people who had lost someone. I enjoyed hearing about how the objects taken from the room effected the people’s lives that took them. In particular I liked how the man who wrote humourous poetry started writing dark poetry like Poe when he got a cursed object. This is a well told horror story that reminded me of something you would see on the show Tales From The Darkside.



Press Release: Heroin In The Magic

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Terry M. West unleashes his demons with Heroin in the Magic Now

heroininthemagicnowfinalcover copyTerry M. West has spent the least year producing some highly-acclaimed horror fiction. His work is being appreciated by many new readers, but not all of Terry’s work has been so highly regarded.

“My soft-core film work just about destroyed my reputation and my life,” Terry confided, openly.

Though his horror fiction work was on the rise in the late nineties, Terry took an opportunity in 2000 and wrote/directed a string of erotic parodies and horror erotica of the After Dark kind.

“I didn’t have an issue with what I was doing at the time,” West says. “It was work. I was paid to create and I figured it would help me land other gigs. The content didn’t detour me. I thought I could shine through it, you know. A lot of people who work on adult industry material figure they are bigger than it, and that they can somehow elevate the genre. I thought I was doing that, but it was crap; plain and simple.”

His association with soft-core did lead to his writing/directing chores on Media Blaster’s FLESH FOR THE BEAST, a horror flick with heavy erotic tones. The film has received extremely mixed reviews.
“After I directed Flesh for the Beast, I hit a wall; really hard,” West explained. “My personal life fell apart and I had a falling out with damn near everyone, friends and family alike. It didn’t help that I was going through a mid-life crisis at the time.”

West found himself experimenting with drugs to make the pain go away. “There was a lot going on. I was being crucified unmercifully for the type of work I was doing. I was going through a divorce that this lifestyle of mine had caused. I went into this dark playground as a fairly nice guy, but there is something about it that twists you, after a time. Bad habits are not only acceptable, but expected and encouraged. I grew an addiction quickly and quite honestly prepared myself to die.”

But West managed to persevere and pull himself out of the tailspin. He sobered up and remarried and he even has a child now. West took the better part of a decade to focus on his family life, and he didn’t miss the creative world at all. But horror was in his blood, and in early 2013, he rededicated himself to being the best horror author he could be. He produced two collections, WHAT PRICE GORY? and A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY, as well as the horror/comedy novella, CECIL & BUBBA MEET THE THANG. His short fiction has been accepted into numerous anthologies and he has been praised by readers and fellow horror authors alike.

heroinzombiepromoHis film work seldom gets mention these days, but the darkness of that period still lingers in him. “I decided to write HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW to get it out of my system, you know? I had written a short story, HARDCORE CRUST, for an anthology called AXES OF EVIL. The story centers around Gary Hack, a desperate junkie film director who lives in a New York City filled with monsters. The universe Gary lives in has witnessed every creature of the night come from the shadows and stand next to man. So, of course, a market for monster fetish pornography blossoms and Gary jumps on it. But it turns out to be a very dark and dangerous occupation.”

After writing the story, Terry felt that some of the demons were exercised from him. “I had toyed with the idea of writing about my experiences in filmmaking, and the story of Gary Hack gave me a safe environment to let it all hang out. Gary Hack is a dark caricature of me. He is what I was on my way to becoming. All of the doubt, self-loathing and pain Gary feels comes from me. He expresses what I went through and felt at the time. There is one line in the story, ‘Gary didn’t want to be a joke or a cautionary tale.’ And that is how I feel. The soft-core work I did is old, now, and I want it to be a very small footnote in my career.”


HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW will be available for both Kindle and Paperback versions on August 31, 2014!

HEROIN IN THE MAGIC NOW takes place in an alternate version of NYC where every form of monster exists next to man. Gary Hack, a down on his luck porn director with an appetite for heroin, finds himself working in the dangerous world of monster fetish videos.

Gary is made an offer he can’t refuse by Johnny Stücke, an immortal crime boss. The video Johnny envisions could be the greatest zombie fetish film ever created. But it could also ignite an apocalypse that could destroy the city.

Critically-acclaimed horror author Terry M. West has written a startling and original novella that is loosely based on his own life experiences and struggle with addiction.


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