My Melancholy Life by Mimielle

Counterculture –vs- Subculture, a small conversation with myself

Hey Addicts, Mimielle here from and I hope the Season of the Curses, unlucky 13 is not setting you back this spring. With Mercury finally out of retrograde now our communications should have become a lot clearer but it’s still good to take some time to think about our words, their meanings, their definitions and most of all their effect and impact…on ourselves, on others…even the words we use in our thoughts to our secret selves have a very big effect.  Choose them carefully if you want the magic of change from within to really take hold and if you are looking to take control of your own destiny, especially if you tend to sometimes feel ‘battered by the fates, unlucky or even yes, maybe cursed.

Today I was thinking about alternative cultures…meaning the walks of life of all kinds that do not quite cleave to the norms or march to the beat of the mainstream…maybe some are only a little different, some are definitely a lot, maybe some are more about style, likes and dislikes, the more superficial differences and then some are more fundamental to our very identity. So when it is a subculture and when are we counterculture revolutionaries, and when is it right to be so and when is it maybe not so important to expend the extra energy on? Let’s take a look:

First I pondered on the word culture itself….

Within society, culture is defined in several ways:

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

The ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

 A refined understanding or appreciation of culture.

The attitudes and behaviour characteristic of a particular social group.

So what is the difference between a subculture and a counterculture and why are they important to both define and note the distinction?

Let’s again define…

A subculture is “A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.”

Whereas a Counterculture is “A way of life and set of attitudes opposed to or at variance with the prevailing social norm.”

(all definitions were taken from the Oxford Living Dictionary.)

So…because a counter-culture implies an actual opposition, covert or overt, it expends a LOT more energy than just a belief or interest, a fashion or even a different lifestyle as defined by a subculture. A person with a subcultural difference can more often still get along in the mainstream world much easier than one with countercultural beliefs, feelings or even a way of being that runs countercultural to the main culture where they live. What does this all mean in a nutshell?

Several things. First of all, hate crimes know no bounds or neat definitions and examples like Sophie Lancaster’s murder began conversations that are still going on.  There is no easy answer to this just a lot of questions that are important to keep asking ourselves, our family and friends and our society

  People with a countercultural foundation belief or state of being often feel as if they have to fight to even have the right to be heard or acknowledged at all or sometimes to even BE at all.

On the other hands, subcultural ennui runs rampant, running the gamut from triviealizing things via meaninglless shouting matches onthe internet to having quiet converasions that may contain the seeds of change.  We do everything from get really angry and lobby and write letters, sometimes we shrug it off, sometimes we write poetry, make art, write plays and dramas about it in order to both act it out n the public arena and to be heard in a creative way, to make an act of revolution in a small way.

The ennui can also be really strong and the feeling of being misunderstood or not heard, a huge influencing factor in our everyday lives but I still do *personally* not think it is not the same as someone who had a countercultural belief or state of being which makes their actual everyday life much more difficult. I have avoided examples because I do not have a strong countercultural standpoint in my life, just a very strong subcultural one. But I have empathy for my friends and loved ones who do live countercultural lives every day, not usually by choice of their own making and I see their struggle and I know it goes deeper than MY own subculture feelings of “other-ness” or “outsider-ness” because I can still blend in if I CHOOSE to without compromising who I am or my core beliefs. Many countercultural revolutionaries cannot. Does that mean the feeling of outsider-ness or other-ness we feel as members of a subculture are diminished? Of course not. At minimum, we have all gotten ‘the look’, the eyeroll, the stares, heard the whispers, maybe been challenged. But I believe turning out in our everyday lives with our subcultural signals is an important part of letting mainstream culture know that the differences, great or small are important.

What do you think, Addicts, when you have the chance to stand out and stand strong, do you take it? I encourage you too. Not to be unsafe or to endanger yourself or others but to push the envelope, to widen that main stream into a bigger river that someday maybe can include us all as we are and as we need and want to be. No matter your sub, counter or mainstream culture Addicts, stay strong and stay beautiful.

The previous column is a lifestyle and opinion piece and reflects the personal opinions and thoughts of Mimielle and doesn’t represent or the other staff members. In this lifestyle column, from time to time, controversy can (and should) erupt and we welcome frank and open discussion and comments as long as everyone remains respectful and civil to one another.

My Melancholy Life by Mimielle


Hey Addicts, Mimielle of the here and I’m so glad to be joining the cast for season 13 “Curse of the Deadline”, I’m calling it! I will have a lot to report on this season including fashion events my fashion picks and reports from the world of Normie fashion. Also, the renaissance of DIY fashion in the blog-o-sphere as I recommend some amazing fashion and DIY YouTubers. The Wickeds, HorrorAddict’s own Wicked Women Writers group has started meeting at a virtual world HQ for in new Babbage, one of the premiere Steampunks estates. Here is the address if you would like to dive into the virtual world to join us!

I’ll additionally be reporting on a horror genre screenwriting workshop as sponsored by and the Wickeds which began April 12.
In a cozy headquarters, you’ll find that the tea is on, the absinthe is louching, the bookshelves are filling up and we have room for fellow Horror authors and those in related genres to put out their books with excerpts, illustrations and a web link to share. When they say that the virtual worlds are a whole new and different place they mean it, and Second Life is a great place to discover creativity of yours and other people’s.

I have started checking the humidity reports as spring and my ball jointed dolls are calling for some painting and the sealants are finicky. Try explaining that to an impatient doll waiting for her face to be painted so her story can be told!

On the real-life side of my social milieu, I will be attending Paradiso a Woodland Arcadia as a VIP in May as well as securing our season tickets to the Kansas City Ballet. We will see Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Lady of the Camellias and more. Hopefully trips to Kansas City will also include some Lolita fashion meets and Goth nights with the Kansas City Goths and the Absinthe and Poetry Society, The Wormwood Collective. I have some plans to read there this summer. At home, I’m in charge of planning the twice-yearly International Lolita Day outings in June and December. So I will be scouting out local tea, brunch and sweets places so we can venture forth in our frills and I will report to you on everything.

It’s going to be a full and fun season, Addicts. So I hope you’ll come along and watch your step! The Curse of Season 13 is upon us!




Does it seem like some kind of fussing is just everywhere this summer? I mean more than usual even?

It’s the hottest part of the summer here and people are bored so they talk. (and talk and talk). Online, at the coffee shop, in line at the store, at the PokéStop.


When the temperatures climb, it seems tempers get shorter and among the wonderments that the internet has brought us in its bag of the cheaper techno-tricks is much more immediate and free access to global gossip.

A 24 hour Entertainment Weekly style of gossip-mongering inundates YouTube and everyone will agree at least to an extent that Tumblr is a mess. Kat von D (and others) called out Jeffree Star who had called out Kylie Jenner earlier in the month. It’s really been a smorgasbord at the Celebrity Circus this July (even leaving OUT the politics!)…

Shots are fired with call-outs, then everyone responds, and then replies to the responses. I have not seen this much kerfuffle since the Lime Crime/Doe Deere scandals.

Behavior, makeup quality, CONTROVERSY! I follow some beauty vloggers but most of the people I like are too busy hauling new products, reviewing summer goodies and anticipating the fall and holiday 2016 collections to get involved in the gossip. My current faves are Lisa Eldridge (professionalism and technique), Tarababyz (for epic hauls). But there are ALSO the entire channels that have popped up to just dish the gossip, spill the tea, read people so harshly and throw a bunch of shade in every direction in the form of ‘having an opinion’.

When did that happen and why are we watching them? Epic views for nothing really more than…mean gossip dished daily? No, I draw the line at this. Maybe you will too after you think about it.

It hit the Gothic community too this month, over a video “40 Years of Goth Style (in under 4 minutes)”, and the responses and replies to replies. Yes, I also have my opinion about it but no, I really don’t think it merits a video response for people to watch me reacting to it. I’d rather people formed their own opinions from the source, and then discuss them with me. I have toyed with starting a makeup review and alt lifestyle YouTube channel but I really question the content when videos are actually reactions to the source of anything and nothing more than opinion. Possibly helpful when choosing a lipstick or a salad recipe, deadly when forming our actual opinions, views and outlooks about anything very important simply because it IS second hand news, filtered through the reaction of another person first. I can’t get behind that.

If there is anything I have personally learned from seeing these controversies, opinions and reactions come and go is that what I sometimes take away from it has an effect on me. On my mood, on my outlook and on my general way of seeing things. Garbage in, garbage out, so they say.

I DO think it is important to be informed about many things, including being a well-informed consumer and supporting (or not) those people and businesses whose belief and values align with our own to a certain extent but I also feel there is a point when watching this ‘window on the world’ has become just another time-wasting bad habit to somehow get sucked into. It can seem too vivid and sometimes commands too much attention that it really doesn’t deserve when the things in our own lives really can benefit more from our attention. So I say, “Watch but watch wisely and in a limited and aware fashion, be choosey and think for yourself”. Do not just give your attention to these ‘controversies’ for the sake of the latest little tidbit of juicy gossip. It can steal your time and focus!

Mimielle sig, orange

**Some final words of caution for my fellow makeup mavens: Cheap Chinese products, the Ali Express and Ebay “dupes” for more expensive makeup like the Lime Crime Velvetines, many higher end eye shadow and face palettes and popular items like the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits can be tempting, it’s true. But they may or may NOT even be safe to use at all and there is really no way to tell since they are not governed by any cosmetic review board or agencies like the FDA in the US or the European Commission so please be cautious rather than sorry and search for your less expensive dupes at the drugstore or from trusted online companies. Indie brands and lesser known companies like Sugarpill, Notoriously Morbid, Violet Voss and Makeup Monster are amazing lately and Colorpop is fast becoming a trusted budget brand as well, with many great reviews on  NYX is a favorite around here, and they have amazing colors and good sales at Ulta. Ingredient labels on products from Ali Express and similar selling agencies may or may NOT even be truthful since they just copy a photo of the packaging so there is no guarantee those cosmetic copy ingredients are even safe to use on your skin, especially on your lips and eyes. Not worth the risk.


My Melancholy Life: Amuse Bouche ~ 2 Lolita Fashion Bites

An amuse-bouche [aˌmyzˈbuʃ] (plural amuse-bouches) is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre. Amuse-bouches are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but are served gratis and according to the chef’s selection alone. These, often accompanied by a complementing wine, are served both to prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach to the art of cuisine.

The ‘definition’ has escaped and has been expanded to refer to everything from a little bit of morning sex (see Urban Dictionary) to a lipstick line from Bite Beauty. Basically  a small amount of something that is not enough to satisfy but intended to tease your interest before the main event. I’m going to use it to introduce (but not wax rhapsodic) about some diverse subjects from my hobbies and personal experiences here in my column so I hope you will enjoy it! I am always happy to provide further information so please feel free to ask for further details in a letter to The staff always loves to hear from podcast listeners and all our readers out there.


As always, controversy and ‘ruffle kerfluffle’ has erupted in the Lolita Community over the generalizing in the shortened version of this video posted  very recently by Refinery 29 on Facebook but for me, aside from a few points, this sums it up quite well in general terms for people who are not already involved in the fashions. Devotees love to debate the finer points such as “There is a definite section of males who wear Lolita as well”, “It is inspired by the Rococo period of history just as much if not more than by the Victorian period”  and also “It is not a costume” are a few comments I have seen as I glanced through.

This look, through a male eye, tells a somewhat similar but different story:

My fiance liked the second video and said it was pretty accurate. He wears formal modern clothing to accompany me to Lolita events, meets and teas locally in our private group of friends, at conventions and mostly to meet up with the Kansas City Lolita community, which we are both a happy part of . He was admiring the ensemble the host chose so it is fun to show another view of the fashion too. It’s also nice to clearly show that men have several options and most communities are welcoming if you choose to attend events and seek advice on what to wear (and how to behave) beforehand.

So there are two little tastes of Lolita Fashion for you. What is YOUR first impression when seeing Lolita Fashion? I’d love to hear your thoughts and descriptions, so please leave me a comment if you want to have a little chat! I’ll brew up a pot of tea and set the table…

Mimielle sig, orange

My Melancholy Life: Building an Alternative Capsule Wardrobe



This blog post plays well with my spot in podcast #127 so be sure to tune in for more ideas and chatter and as always, please feel free to mail any of us  questions or comments via If you want me to answer specifically, please use  “Mimielle” somewhere in the subject line. We always LOVE to hear from you and can often provide several viewpoints and have a good discussion with other listeners, guests and just have fun!

So…on to the fashion talk session this time. A lookbook and DIY section are below, so hang tight after this intro!

Firstly, I mention in the podcast that for Pastel Goths and people who like to mix in lighter  colors, this and next year will be your year to find great pieces and accessories in the Pantone colors of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, a light pink and pale baby blue.



pastel goth boot via buzzfeed

Pastel Goth Boots via Buzzfeed

Even for us black-lovers, these colors in crystals or gemstone accents can be beautiful so don’t write them off completely! You can read something about the beliefs in the healing and magical properties of simple beautiful rose quartz stones here.

rose quartz crystal


BUT…being the filthy enterprising opportunist that I am I thought, “What if WE alternative wardrobe wearers, seekers and even beginners could use this Normie technique to just sneakily change the way we dress to fit our own style. So between these concepts

  • Minimalism (reason getting rid of things you do not want to wear)

  • DIY (making some things feel more like things you DO want to wear)

  • ‘Tidying’ (another reason for getting rid of things you do not want to wear)

your new capsule wardrobe can be born.

Study up, then get to work, Addicts!

You’ll be fabulous on no time, I am certain of it!


The Lookbook Section

pop of color

Basic Capsule Wardrobe

romantic summer goth

Romantic Summer Goth



summer Nu-Goth

Summer Nu-Goth

vintage inspired

Vintage Inspired


The DIY Section

This time we tackle the Jean Problem…fading blacks:

Black Avalanche for overdying your black jeans black again:

I know, I know that music is….well, have some crackers with that cheese bby. But…the technique is sound.

More in-depth tutorial from Rit Studio using the liquid version.

I also found a video for dying a leather purse…I’ll take on the challenge myself on an ugly-colored one from a thrift shop this summer and let you know  how THAT it goes!

When using dye, paint or doing any DIY, ALWAYS be sure you read the CLEAN UP instructions for sinks, your tools and the area, do not re-use the dying pots, utensils, tools or tubs for edibles and wear old clothes or…oops, clothes that you might not mind getting some black on, thereby re-creating the ‘dye and smile’ scenario over and over. It has been known to happen…

I am on the hunt for a dress I can DIY pastel, then use color remover then dye to black as well, that’s a neat trick I have been reading up on so hopefully I will have a lot to report on fashion-wise in our future!

RIT has a new formulation also released to DYE POLYESTER too!! Who knew?!?

More on that later too *makes a note*


You can pick up a copy of Horror Addict’s Guide to Life with many more of my tips, tricks and DIYs in addition to these  as well as get a used copy of Ms Kondo’s book  on Amazon while you are shopping (for about USD$6 these days by the way) or probably find it in a nearby library now that the demand for perfectly organized wardrobes is a little passé and we have moved back into our comfortable consumerism, already making our decorating haul lists for Halloween and gift lists for winter holidays.

But that article is for another day!

Mimielle sig, orange


My Melancholy Life: Some Resources and Information About Elder Goths



Hey Addicts, Mimielle here following up on one of the questions we received from June in Dead Mail recently June writes

” I feel like I am too old to turn Goth but I just realized I’ve been one all my life without dressing like that. Now that I am 53, I know that people will think I am odd dressing that way at my age. What can I do to ease into the style without freaking out my conservative friends?”

I had quite a bit to say in episode #126 and here are some of the followup links and resources I promised.



Here is a cross-section of goths over 30, many types, many looks and ways of self-expression!


Some capsule wardrobe ideas including pieces that can pass in the “normie” world as well~

Thrift them, shop your closet, have a friends clothing swap night, maybe they have some secret Goth-y things hiding away!

on wednesdays




The free walk-in beauty services my local Sephora currently offers that could all be done with a more Goth twist:

  • Smoky Eye, (dark and a bit dramatic)
  • Essential Eyeliner (ask for Gothic cat eyes)
  • Polished Brows (arch them!)
  • Flawless Foundation (the perfected base for anything else)


…and finally, a couple of shots of my ‘eldergoth’ look, from earlier this year. My main style is Gothic Lolita but I range afield into Shiro (white Goth) and yeah, I have me a Stevie Nicks poncho, boots and some swirly skirts too!



mimi crystal bridges

To tell you a secret though, I do not feel any more ‘eldergoth’ now than I felt ‘baby-bat’ when I was young and using a sharpie as an eyeliner!

Lagniappe…how a good friend ‘sees’ me in her drawings 🙂


Mimielle sig, orange







Welcome to “My Melancholy Life”


Well…it isn’t really always so melancholy but it SOUNDS good right?

Maybe a bit nostalgic, hazy or romantic?

It might be any or all of those sometimes but it will also be my own personal take on any and everything I can find for us to divert, pervert or subvert to make our own dark and beautiful lifestyles more fulfilling, to experience and create, hints, tips and advice to actually help craft a lifestyle.

Emz, our dear and fearless leader did ask me how I would actually portray everything I do, as a lifestyle or in a topic that could encompass it all and she knows me better than I will admit when she came up with this title. I do have a wide range of interests and experience and we do travel to some strange and interesting places, often ranging far but sometimes without ever leaving home at all.

storm trooper

So I hope you will enjoy taking little trips with me! Fill a mug of tea or grab your coffee and perhaps steal a muffin or macaron to nibble and we will sort out and discuss all manner of things together. Would you like to look at my book on Victorian post-mortem photography? Would you like to see through my eyes, a strange and wonderful shop of oddities and hear about how I acquired my taxidermy duckling?

Do you want to learn which are the best false eyelashes and how to put them on or puzzle out some clever answers to those tiresome ‘normie’ questions like “Why is your hair pink?” I’m your girl. I will show you my doll collection this season, I have everything from a tiny Frozen Charlotte reproduction to a 90cm Ball Jointed gentleman doll and many in between. (A secret is I have lost count of exactly HOW many dolls live here with us!)  We will cut up some thrifted treasures and re-style them too, in photos, step-by-step! How about some photography tips to make your photos have a more Victorian or Vintage feel? Gotcha covered.

tintype finished


I have a couple of exciting interviews lined up too, one with a London gentleman who crafts very unusual corsets from very unique materials, the other with an up and coming new generation horror writer from New Orleans, she is fabulous so I cannot wait to introduce you to her!

I am also very pleased to assume the Second Life ambassadorship for Horror Addicts and will be opening up a virtual meeting space where we ALL can attend meet-ups together in a our own Horror Addicts virtual space in real time using avatars and sit around and read aloud, talk, type or just hang out. More about that next time, I am having LOTS of fun getting it all ready, just so.

I am delighted to be back with you this season and I know our other Horror Addicts writers and pod-casters have so many delights planned to show and share with you and so I already can tell that this will be the best season ever so hang on, it will be a wild ride!

Mimielle sig, orange

It’s March, Welcome to Wonderland of the Mad!


March Madness is upon us and what better place to celebrate madness than to go on a few little trips to Wonderland? This month here at Horror Addicts, we invite you to join us in some wonderful, wayward & whimsical shenanigans as well as a few darker turns into the shadows. Madness is of course, a Wonderland in your head after all so we are all a special little kind of mad in our own way.

Even a cat will tell you that!


“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here.”

Alice asked the Cheshire Cat, who was sitting in a tree, “What road do I take?” The cat asked, “Where do you want to go?” “I don’t know,” Alice answered. “Then,” said the cat, “it really doesn’t matter, does it?”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

The Equinox is March 20th so if you are looking to plan a mad little party, look for faeries at the bottom of the garden or sip an absinthe cocktail and write some verse, here is your opportunity! 😀

Do you ever wonder if you’re mad?

Could it be the dreams you’ve had?

Or because you’re often sad?

Take heart my friend, we’ve all been there

And honestly to be quite fair

It’s better if you just don’t care.

Mimielle sig

My Boozy Valentine

It is fun to make some special and romantic things for Valentine’s day but candy hearts felt chalky, I’m too lazy to bake and I am out of patience for pretty paper snips so I thought, why not DRINKS?? So here are a couple along with a special ‘recipe’ to kind of re-invent something very pretty with your own touch as well.




Who has not seen VINIQ? It is beautiful, mesmerizing, and pretty darn tasty. If you can find it I DO urge you to try it just for the novelty and experience. It comes in 375 and 750ml bottles, I found a 375ml bottle of the original purple.

It’s a bit hard to find, especially outside the US, I did not realize this until speaking with a couple of international friends!
It comes in 3 colors and flavors only and is a little on the expensive side as well so…I got to experimenting thanks to some Youtube research. Shoutouts to The Tipsy Bartender as well as Lana’s Tails for ideas. Mine is flavored differently because I used concentrated flavoring oil rather than more flavored booze. VINIQ is 20% alcohol by volume so your mix will depend on your taste as well as the proof of your Vodka and Moscato. I will post the ingredients as a guide with the proportions I used but try other white wines if you prefer drier or different tastes than a Moscato, (using still not sparkling varieties) and DO mix your finished Faux-nique with some champagne in a cocktail…I call my blue one “Jewel of the Nile”. You can mix this about 2/3 to 1/3 of other clear ingredients before the shimmer dulls too much for my taste.  It’s all about the PRETTY, but a bit of tiny bubbles from sparkling wine lightens the taste nicely. I found club soda has ‘big’ bubbles and Perrier had an off taste so your mileage may vary.


2/3 Moscato (I used Cupcake Vinyards)

1/3 Absolut Vodka

1/2 tube of shimmer gel icing

3ml LorAnn Raspberry flavoring oil (to taste, I was going for a sort of ‘blue raspberry’ vibe but there are many flavors)

Directions: Shake the gel and flavoring oil with the Vodka until the gel is completely dissolved (easier in batches), add the Moscato and admire.

Jewel of the Nile

3 oz Faux-nique

1-2 oz Freixenet Cordon Brut (or your fave sparkling wine)

Directions: Make sure both are chilled well. Add the sparkling wine slowly to the Faux-nique to preserve the bubbles.


And for the guys and just for funs, I give you the Fat Bastard!

Be warned, it has a kick!

fat bastard cocktail

Mine is even fatter because I use half and half instead of the 2% milk called for in the original.

2 oz Vodka (I used Absolut)
2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur

2 oz of half-and half

Directions: Add both chilled alcohols to 2 oz half-and half and stir (or okok, 2% milk if you really WANT to)

I mixed this one 1 oz of each so mine is a skinnier Fat Bastard but richer because of the half-and-half.

I mainly chose this cocktail so I could post a prettier photo than there is on the net so yeah, it’s also a Vain Fat Bastard.
fatbastard bonus audio

Finally, a pretty Martini  and the ‘sister’ Mocktail that is easy to make and delicious.

White Chocolate Raspberry Martini

Raspberry White Chocolate Martini

1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur (many liqueurs and alcohols come in 375ml bottles btw if you do not want a full 750ml)

1-2 oz Vodka depending how strong you want it, I used 1 oz Absolut

1 oz heavy cream

2ml Lorann raspberry flavoring oil

Canned whipped cream

Fresh raspberries for garnish

Directions: Shake or stir vodka, flavoring oil and ice together, add other ingredients, shake or stir well. remove ice or strain and pour into Martini glass, garnish with whipped cream and pre-skewered fresh raspberries.

Warning, whipped cream melts faster on strong drinks so serve immediately or hold off on the whipped cream until the last minute.

For the Mocktail: leave out both of the alcohols, add an ounce of half-and-half and an ounce of water and some white chocolate syrup to taste. Torani, Ghiradelli and Monin all make one. Mix and garnish the same way.
Martini bonus audio


And what do we do with the left overs? Why put them in tasty Coffee Drinks the next morning, then have a Teriyaki Bloody Mary (recipe upon request with a COMMENT below) and keep the rest of the Vodka for another day…the Lorann flavoring oils are what I use to flavor my coffee and smoothies anyway without adding sugar. I use stevia instead.



1oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur in an Espresso Shot

1oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur in an Espresso Shot


I hope you have enjoyed this post, please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive and if you make Faux-nique, show me your photo – I would love to see it!!

stay beautiful

What would the “7 Deadly Sins” Drink?


lucifer mixes drinks

Since I have been busy personifying the 7 Deadly Sins in my mind, I was wondering what they might like to drink…do you think the drinks match the characters?

Pride goes to Starbucks. “I’ll have a venti, half-whole milk, one quarter 1%, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots (1 1/2 shots decaf, 2 1/2 shots regular), no foam latte, with whip, 2 packets of Splenda, 1 sugar in the raw, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 short sprinkles of cinnamon.    Garrick Saito on Quora

Sloth drinks milk from the carton or has a meal replacement shake. I guess if someone made them a cocktail they could be bothered to taste it but they might not like it.

Greed wants sets of Rainbow Shots!

Envy always has an Absinthe Cocktail but wonders if everyone else’s drinks taste better than theirs.

Lust has Sex on the Beach repeatedly, naturally!

Wrath slams double Whisky Sours with extra Bitters and sneers at everyone, killing the conversation.

Gluttony always brings their own Super Big Gulp of the current Mountain Dew limited flavor and has a 5 Hour Energy in their pocket for later.

deadly bottles

stay beautiful


7 Deadly Sins Acrostic


grunge 7 deadly 8 bit lust







Lasciviously lazing in her boudoir

Under a canopy of roses and red light

She waits for her lover

Then the next…and the next…

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit gluttony







Gourmand –vs- Gourmet they say

Lies just a few more bites away

Unless you are Julia Child

Then it might be excused.

Tut-tut my child, you’ve eaten all your share and

Other portions besides, more than a simple

Nosh or hearty Snack or even a full Meal.

Yumyumyum {burp}

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit pride







Persnickety prancing peacock

Rolled in self-satisfaction

I will surpass all others

Delightfully so!

Especially my cousin Envy.

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit envy







Ever wishing,

Never satisfied

Vanity’s poor cousin


grunge 7 deadly 8 bit wrath







Well you have done it now.

Righteous indignation triggered,

Are you mad to provoke me knowing

That I am constantly on the edge of anger that can easily spill into

Hatred for anything in my path?

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit greed







Give me all that is

Rightfully mine and in addition, you can

End the idea that I will share

Everything as one might wish because that’s just

Dumb…more for me, you see?

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit sloth







Slowly I climb out of bed, all the

Life in me barely stirring

Over a cup of coffee

That will possibly

Help but never really be effective.


stay beautiful












Bowie, Now and Forever


David Bowie, 69, died of liver cancer at home in New York on January 10th, 2015 two days after both his birthday and the release of his current album Blackstar. He was born in Brixton, south London, England in 1947.

You will read all the longer obits if you are that sort of fan but READING will fall short if you aren’t so GO LISTEN, GO WATCH.

Almost everything he made was meant to be seen, heard, experienced, certainly not read ‘about’ except as publicity.

Ok, ok…I have a few words…
David Bowie was occasionally everyone. He was a diamond, a chameleon, an alien and every(wo)man. Sometimes all at once.

He could be me, my lover or my best friend, in the form of a song…didn’t you feel that way? Everyone I know has a ‘favorite David Bowie song”, persona or even a favorite era. Wikipedia has a pretty thorough entry that I will never read because I only watch the film footage and listen…and listen.

He was daring and experimental in his music always, and as theatrical in his stage shows as he was on the film sets. I suspect he was always an actor even when no one was looking, just for the fun of it. As a stage actor he needed no makeup or prostheses to play The Elephant Man and yet on the screen he was the beautiful Goblin King we all adored. We joked that sometimes he was probably Tilda Swinton. 🙂 (and we were right!)

Inventing new characters for each era, quiet and sober or deranged on drugs and back again, he made music, films, he wrote and made art. Refusing most awards, he crafted to make a life he wanted.
On his deathbed yesterday, he was writing. He lived the life he chose, he was brave, daring and true. Or on Tuesdays, spoofing, ironic and “a nasty character indeed”.

From Ambient music with Brian Eno to “Under Pressure” with Queen and everything into the modern age, he expressed for us all along the way, giving us his glam, his release and catharsis, his new beginnings, the characters and reinventions, taking us along on his self-improvements, dragging us down aurally for the descents into hellish chaos.

His influence on modern culture began in the late 1960’s and will continue to be legend. His characters will live forever.

He will always be my Blackstar, high and bright among my Heroes for not just one day but all the days. Oh, and officially a spider.
Heteropoda davidbowie

Heteropoda davidbowie
Photo: Senckenberg Museum of Natural History

January’s Blog Theme: The Seven Deadly Sins

January’s theme is The Seven Deadly Sins.

by Mimielle

Seven little words that can judge, condemn,  even damn but…can also be meditative points of introspection giving us a clye to our innermost drives, needs and secret desires…do you dare dive in and explore, write, re-envision them? Claim them even?

We all have our faults but can we really sew our greatest one up in a tidy bundle from a simple list of words? The ‘Seven Deadlies’ have become rote for some or are even unknown to others, a source of secret shame for many or…a chameleon’s deadly dance for others still as we realize we have one, own it, only to sometimes be overtaken by yet another later in life or another…in a litany of faults that few (if any) ever escape.

So…which is yours? Tell us in the comments below, write about it, play with it! Maybe you will be inspired after seeing and reading some different representations and not just the usual bare and spare single-word list! 800px-Tableau_de_mission_-François-Marie_Balanant_tableau_1-

An allegorical image depicting the human heart subject to the seven deadly sins, each represented by an animal (clockwise: toad = avarice; snake = envy; lion = wrath; snail = sloth;pig = gluttony; goat = lust; peacock = pride).

From Dante’s Inferno, a slightly more descriptive list than the usual single words. Which one is yours?

  1. luxuria (lechery/lust)
  2. gula (gluttony)
  3. avaritia (avarice/greed)
  4. acedia (sloth/discouragement)
  5. ira (wrath)
  6. invidia (envy)
  7. superbia (pride)

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art by Marta Dahlig

stay beautiful




When Things in your Household turn Spoopy

kasa obake

by Mimielle

Kasa-obake (Japanese: 傘おばけ?) are a mythical ghost or yōkai in Japanese folklore. They are sometimes, but not always, considered a tsukumogami (“that has reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware” ) that old umbrellas turn into.

According to the Yokai wiki, they are generally umbrellas with one eye and jump around with one leg, but sometimes they have two arms or two eyes among other features, and they also sometimes depicted to have a long tongue.



Not to be left behind, Second Life avatars are a very easy way to try out quite a lot of fairytale, ghost and monster avatars and Pandora Wrigglesworth of Curio Obscura made these Kasa-Obake avatars so we can hop about and even dance like these Japanese fictional characters!



Here is what she has to say about them:

(Male) Marvel at this strange and exotic spirit of Japanese folklore, the Kasa-Obake, also known as the“Umbrella Ghost!” Why do these traditional Japanese umbrellas come to life when they reach one hundred years of age? What strange thoughts hide behind its wide grin and waggling tongue? Who will solve the mystery of the traditional Kasa-Obake?

(Female) Even more strange and inexplicable than the traditional Kasa-Obake, when a Japanese EGL Parasol reaches one hundred years of age, it comes to life as the Kasa-Obake Parasol! What mysterious motivation drives this spirit of lace and ribbon to bat its long, feathery lashes? Who will solve the mystery of the Kasa-Obake Parasol?

One Leg Included with each!


Do you dare to ever BECOME the monster and dress up as a fairy-tale character for a convention, gathering or on Halloween? This year I did in Second Life as well as Real Life, and it was great fun both places even though I just wore a kimono in the outside workd, not quite so fantastical as Second Life!

parasol relaxing at home_001

Here I am resting in our virtual apartment at Angel Manor after the Dance Party.

Amateur Flash Fiction, A Series. Author 4 – Ana

winter horror series

Part four and the final story in our Winter Horror Flash Fiction series begun here.

Four fairly new authors took part guided by a particular inspiration and produced very different settings and themes for our December 2015 topic of ‘Winter Horror’ and so we wind it up here with this chilling tale by Ana Gabrielli. Stay warm, Addicts!

Winter Hunger

The blizzard blew in without warning while Frau Bruhls’ twins played outside in the field.  Everyone in the village prayed for a quick end for the girls’ sake, but the massive storm tormented them for an entire week. All hope was gone, slowly snuffed out like a candle left to burn at night as the days passed. Instead of bringing back children, the men of the village would carry back two little corpses for the Bruhl family to bury if they found the girls at all.

The entire village grieved in unison when the blizzard finally broke. Herr Ren pulled on his heavy winter furs grimly and strapped his snowshoes on. His wife, pale and haggard, kissed his whiskered cheek and made him promise to come back before nightfall. He patted his own children’s heads tenderly, his touch lingering a little too long. He was sick with grief. To lose such young children so quickly and so tragically was unimaginably painful.

The men of the village gathered silently before the town hall, each one bigger and burlier than the next. Their eyes were dark with grief as if the blizzard had claimed one of their own instead. They were all fathers and every one of them was imagining himself in Herr Bruhl’s shoes.

They set out quickly with their torches and rifles. There was no time to dawdle.

The lull after the storm was unnatural. It was as though the entire world had come to a standstill beneath the layers of snow and ice. All he could see was the empty whiteness that stretched before him for miles upon miles. All he could hear was the crunch of the snow underfoot. It was as though life as ceased to exist.

Tracking the girls was a hopeless endeavor. The wind and snow had already obliterated their footsteps, but they started in the field first. Blizzards were blinding. Maybe the girls had simply hunkered down and fell asleep on the ground? Herr Ren prayed that was that was the case. Daylight was scarce. They couldn’t search all day or else they would run the risk of becoming lost as well.

God didn’t answer his prayers. The field turned up empty and Herr Ren swallowed his bitterness. They left the field in hopes of having better luck in the forest. The fat evergreens blocked the worst of the winds and the surrounding caves offered refuge from the pounding snow. Maybe the girls had wandered into one of them and managed to survive? Harnick was the one who stumbled upon the cave by accident. With a shout he summoned the rest of the men to him. They assembled at the craggy mouth, their torchlight hardly putting a dent in the thick wall of blackness yawning before them like the hungry mouth of a demon.

Herr Ren hesitated at the edge. They all did. He didn’t know why. He had never been afraid of the dark before but now he was itching to flee. He did not want to go inside. He did not like how their firelight sputtered or how the wind whistled eerily inside. The earth breathed low and deep as though something worse than a sleeping bear rested inside the cave.

“Magda! Freda!”  Von Essen shouted into the blackness. He possessed a blacksmith’s muscle but his voice trembled inside his throat. Von Essen was afraid. They all were.

The men waited, hardly daring to breathe, as their ears strained for a response. For minutes there was nothing until the smallest sob drifted up from deep inside the darkness. “Help me. It’s so cold, and I’m so hungry.”

The men jumped into actions and rushed inside, suddenly unafraid. Deeper and deeper they marched into the bowls of the earth. The thought of saving the twins and returning them safe and sounds to their parents was unexpected. It had never crossed the men’s minds that the girls could still be alive. Herr Ren’s heart pounded for joy as he shouted to them to stay put, that they were coming for them, that the whole village would be happy to see them again.

Down in the belly of the cave all but one torch was out. The cold down there was thick and impenetrable. It drifted inside their clothes and chilled them to the bone. The men stopped and peered hard into the darkness, shivering beneath their fur. The blonde, chubby faced twins were not there to greet them. Instead a tiny figure stood alone.

“I’m so hungry.”

“You’re safe now,” Herr Ren promised, slowly raising his torch. “You’re coming home with us. Come here Mausi, let us take you home.”

The light traveled across the rocky pit to fall upon the girl’s naked feet. The cold had ravaged the girl’s small toes and turned them into broken, blackened nubs. Herr Ren swallowed hard. He raised his torch higher. The light illuminated her shredded dress and stained apron. Was that blood? Had the girls managed to catch a rabbit in the cave?

“I’m so hungry, Herr Ren.”

“I understand. Where’s your sister?”

The light finally reached her face. He did not know what stood before him. Horror churned his stomach violently. The men behind him reached for their rifles.

The black voids of a demon starred back at him. Her lips were gone as if they had been torn violently away from her skull, or eaten. Her bare teeth gleamed in the firelight; shiny, sharp objects covered in black blood.

Herr Ren trembled. He had never seen such a monster before. Everything inside him screamed to ready his rifle but he didn’t dare drop the torch. He would just have to trust the men to keep him safe. “Where is your sister, Mausi,” he asked again. Its eyes were on him. He needed to keep it that way. If it noticed the rifles pointed in that direction it would either bolt or attack.

“My sister?” Those disgusting claws rose to rest across its abdomen. “Why, she’s here. In my belly, Herr Ren, but I’m still so very hungry. I’ve been hungry for so long. Will you help me?”


Ana Gabrielli enjoys the simpler things in life. Dark libraries, rainy days, and stories that spook her socks off.  Her notebook is always within reach in case she needs to jot down what the monster in the window is doing. It looks like he’s hungry. She ought to invite the poor thing in.



Amateur Flash Fiction, A Series. Author 3 – LNoir

winter horror series

Part three of our Winter Horror Flash Fiction series begun here.

We called on several amateur authors to use a film as inspiration to write a short fiction piece limited to 1000 words in the theme of Winter Horror. This is our third installment.

Violets in Winter

Violet has always been a rather precocious girl. A gifted and talented child, who enjoys drawing and listening to the violin. A quiet girl, but happy all the same. A reveler among her gifts. Someday, she’ll surely capture some young man’s heart, but for now she claims mine.

Now, she is not without her faults, my Violet. She is a spirited child, whom often finds herself in trouble. Accidents abound in regards to my Violet, particularly in the cold. Once, it was a slip on the sidewalk, another time, an accident with the knife. Every time, she leaves quite a mess in her wake. Each time, a valuable lesson. The willful girl she is, with each mistake, she hides herself away. Initially, I suspected that she was cross with herself, and with me for noticing. One would think she’d grow out of such fits, but old habits die hard.

With each accident, I clean up the remains myself. I take the broken toys and fixtures into the basement, working late into the night to fix them again. Over the years, my Violet has amassed quite the collection of dolls, and each I have repaired at least once. Each of them her size, with her hair and her eyes. Her collection is ever growing.

Some may think of me as a bad father. After all, what sort of father goes for months without seeing his daughter during her fits, and fixes up her dolls in the meantime? A loving father, I assure you. Make no mistake. Though she puts herself into exile, she always returns eventually, once the weather is warm.

In fact, this very year, it was when I was making a walk past the playground that I found her again. Her dark hair, her light eyes, staring at me in clothes I did not recognize. She came to me with a smile, and walked with me. Violet loves to play games. She was playing pretend that day. She said her name was Elizabeth, and that she lived in another part of town – such imagination. I took her by the hand and brought her back home. She was upset, of course, I had cut her playing short.

In the days after, she was still clearly angry with me, but all children eventually come around. We enjoyed many warm days of happy memories, drawing, reading, a sort of bond only a parent could share with their daughter. Some nights she would fall asleep in my arms, leaving me to carry her upstairs.

My Violet is very precious to me, you must understand. Perhaps that is why I was so heartbroken when I saw they she had once again had one of her characteristic accidents. It was on a cool crisp day when she told me she was leaving, going home, playing her game again. I tried to tell her now was not the time for games and jokes, but willful children are never inclined to listen. I grew ill-tempered, I admit, at her adamant tone. I turned my back for a moment, only to hear the fall.

When I looked, I saw her broken doll in a pool of blood. Yet another accident. She had already fled, no doubt, still cross at me. No matter. Dutiful as ever, I scooped up the doll and brought her downstairs to begin my repairs. Cleaning up marks of scuffles and making her pristine again. Hours of work completed before I set her upon the shelf, alongside the others. My work this time was particularly good – good as new, really. It is hard not to stare at that dark hair and light eyes without a semblance of accomplishment. Surely Violet will be glad to know that I’ve kept all her dollies in such fine condition, even when she has gone off to be cross with me. No doubt I will once again find my Violet, when the weather is warmer, and our cycle will start anew.

With my work done, I give one final admiring glance over the latest doll. The firm coldness upon my hand seems so final, yet her expression is so serene. Elizabeth is this one’s name. A lovely doll, for my lovely daughter.

Yet, all that goes through my mind is my dear child. My precocious girl. Someday, surely she will grow out of her angry tantrums. Surely, one year we will be able to spend a winter together, she and I.


Clearly just three gremlins in a trenchcoat with an obsession for dolls, tea, vampires, cats and the depths of the human psyche.

Amateur Flash Fiction, A Series. Author 2 – Harry

winter horror series

Part two of our Winter Horror Flash Fiction series begun here.

Several authors took part using a particular inspiration film and had a limit of 1000 words to play with. They had a lot of fun with the theme of Winter Horror and so the stories continue…

Christmas Eve

In the cabin Todd has rented,
Mary looks at the Christmas tree
he bought on the way and says
“It reminds me of what is
wrong with Christmas:
it is made of plastic and too expensive.”

Mary listens to the waves
crashing against the cliff below
which mystically calms her.
Mentioning this to Todd he says,
“It sounds like someone
is continually flushing a toilet.”

Mary had adopted Odd Todd
in high school because
his poetry turned him into a pariah.
She had held his hand for three years
enjoying his trembling, undisclosed
sexual longing for her.
Todd had kept his poetry to himself while
Mary spent her nights fucking college boys.
After a gang-banging at a pizza parlor,
everyone quit talking to her, except for him.

Upon graduation they had ignored each other; but,
seeing Mary at a bar at Christmas break,
Todd had asked her to dance,
expertly pushing and twirling her like
she was a slave to the music.
Drenched in sweat and smelling like 2 am,
it appeared that living away from a small town
that regarded them as untouchables
had been good for both of them.
She had stopped cutting red marks on her arms,
Todd was no longer shy and odd.
He had unashamedly pressed his erection against her asking,
“Why don’t we spend our Christmas day together?
I know a cabin we can rent.”
“I can do that,” she had simply replied.

In the Christmas Eve cabin
everyone is hiding something,
everyone has secrets. Mary says,
“You can hurt me, do whatever you like.”
Todd kisses her lips like a serial killer, and replies,
“It will be crazy beautiful, just like the sun.”



Harry McDermott enjoys writing,
especially when he can use it
like a knife to stab into the heart
of the unsuspecting reader.

Amateur Flash Fiction, A Series. Author 1 – Fauve

winter horror series

You may remember that I posted a Karl Lagerfeld film (featuring Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne as ghosts & Géraldine Chaplin and Coco Chanel) last year in winter, just as it released. This year, I wondered what might happen if I showed it to a few authors of varying interests, talents and skills and asked them to use it as their inspiration to write a piece of flash fiction in our theme of Winter Horror. This series is the result and my first try at editing and curating for other authors for a short fiction project. I hope you enjoy their stories during this month. ~Mimielle

Now and Forever, Love Grown Cold

He is always there, from late at night to early in the morning.  When she is sick, when she is tired, he silently watches, holding the bucket while she retches or soothes her face with a scented cloth when the sickness is not severe enough for vomiting. He is quiet but his presence is large, a looming shadow in front of the window- a soft sound as he shifts in his chair, turning the pages of the book he always has in hand.  Faint sounds of the city come and go as the light waxes and wanes, early darkness now falling with the winter chill.  The streets being narrow and the buildings high, it was sooner still than in other places. It is a dark city in general, pollution hovering like a malignant haze clinging to the rooftops and choking the throat.


Would the illness pass, or would she continue to be sick for the entire duration of her lying in? To discover you were pregnant in early winter brings the pleasant thought of a summer birth, but the chill and stillness of winter also brings with it some worries- will the fuel hold out, will I be able to continue to work at all, will my doctor be sympathetic, will my baby be healthy if I can eat only one meal a day?


She sleeps again and wakes.  She was weaving in and out of a dream, seeing hazy vignettes of a summer trip to the seaside flashing by, echoes of her laughter and glimpses of splashing in the tide pools with a smiling man who is now somber and sits silently beside her, preoccupied and expressionless.


He had not wanted a baby at the time and now, 3 months into the pregnancy, has not warmed to the idea. Everything remains cold. Their greetings, their conversations, their kiss goodnight are as cold as the biting chill of the winter air that creeps under the door, impossible to ignore.


That summer is behind them, now and forever.


She turns and makes a small sound and he looks up from his book, folding it closed, considering his words before speaking.  “I will go out to get some air and some food for tonight,” he states quietly. “Will you be all right here alone for a time?”


“Yes. When you come back, can we…?” she replies, her voice catching because she wants to say more but the words do not come.


“Very well, I will return soon.” He does not want to hear the rest of her question once he has the answer to his own.


She sleeps and wakes again.  Wakes alone in the gloom that is daytime, sounds of the city louder now.  Horses drawing their carriages down the cobblestone streets, people walking by, and the distant barking of a dog. London is still industrious and noisy, even on such a bitter winter day. She feels a bit better, her stomach settling and her mind feeling clearer as she ponders the future again.  The worries resettle on her shoulders, and she sighs and decides to bathe before he returns.


While heating the kettle, she fills the hip bath with cold water and unbraids her hair.  The long pale tresses softly cling with static as she brushes them through.  After pouring the hot water, she bathes quickly.  She redresses in her second clean nightgown, rebraids her hair and pins it into a crossed pattern on top of her head. Looking in the mirror, she is pleased with the pink flush from her bath and her condition. She sleeps again.


He returns and lets himself in quietly, putting the paper-wrapped packages in the kitchen ice box and cupboards without a sound. His eyes settle on the knives hanging over the counter- the meat cleaver, the serrated one for bread, the slim boning blade. He turns away and returns to the door of her room, pausing to listen. He hears her even breathing and finally comes to a decision:


They will not have the conversation she wants to have and he will not say the reassuring things she wants to hear. They will not speak of the pregnancy when she wakes, or argue.  They will not eat the supper things he has purchased today. His eyes glisten as the winter sun comes out unexpectedly, the knives gleaming. She will not wake again.


fauve 500x500

Fauve Aeon
Accidental author, virtual world princess in disguise, artist in both worlds. Likes to point with a sceptre while shopping and have guerrilla graveyard tea parties that turn into fashion shoots. BLOG   

Valérie Renée Davis, a personage of particular sensibilites and impeccable taste did generously lend her editorial hand to sort out my snarled tense and generally just                                                                                   Made It Better.

Outré Gifting: What DO you Buy those Odd People in your Life?


We here at plan to gather up at least a couple of gift lists detailing some lovely swag for the more unusual people in your life this season but I thought I’d first take a moment to write some general thoughts on how to even approach gifting for the more outré people you know before you head out for the upcoming sales. Try to be as thoughtful with what you don’t buy as what you do.
You can post this article to your FB timeline, the photo above to Instagram or Pinterest if you have some people in YOUR life who might just need a little direction or post in a group if you have  friends who may need rescuing from the “Normie’s” mad cycle of seasonal giving.

Some people really do find it difficult or frustrating to buy holiday gifts for the more alternative people in their lives. Whether they like to give handmade, specially purchased items or want to go the ‘gift cards, snacks and booze’ route, here is a handy Guide to help navigate the waters safely. This is one place where Google and Amazon are likely NOT going to be your friend because when I searched ‘Goth gifts’ (as Norms are likely to do), oh the CRINGE!


Q. Which Holiday do they celebrate anyway?
A. Doesn’t matter and you really don’t need to find out, honest. ‘Happy Holidays’ and a winter tree, snowflake or abstract squiggle on the card works for everyone even if they do not formally ‘celebrate’ a specific winter holiday. A home-printed, hand-cut or drawn black snowflake card if they are Goth should bring a wry smile. BUT…If they say they do not celebrate and do not gift, please respect that and resist the temptation to spill your holiday spirit over onto them. That’s a gift in itself.
Q. Are they vegan, vegetarian, lacto-ovo? Food allergy, Fair Trade, ethically grown, locavore? So confusing…
A. Doesn’t matter, if there are any food questions or issues, do NOT buy them food unless they ask for it and if they do, buy EXACTLY what they ask for or just get something else entirely. Ditto for anything made with animal product of any kind. Just avoid it. Perhaps they like booze or tea?
Q. Do they drink? (Booze, Tea, Coffee, special sodas with natural extracts and cane sugar only?)
A. Buy their favorite…we often hoard it and don’t treat ourselves as often as we’d like to. Having extra means we can enjoy it more frequently and we will think of you when we do! This goes for any consumable, if they buy it for themselves as a treat, they will probably like to receive some more. Do they hang out at a local coffee shop or tea room? Buy them a gift card!

A handmade card with a gift card, certificate or e-code in it is almost always appropriate, providing you get a gift certificate/card they can actually use.
For Gift Cards, if you can find out:
Their fave online shop(s) (often Indie with a bewildering array of Mysterious Items BUT… usually easy enough to buy E-gift certificates. If you don’t see the option, call or email the shop, they will often accommodate you.)
Their fave Etsy shop(s) (and if they take Etsy Gift Cards)
Where they shop most locally (it might be an independent grocery store, food co-op, natural foods shop, piercing and tattoo place, game shop, book store, bead and hobby shop, fabric store, art supply shop )
Where they like to eat locally. A gift card to a favorite eatery is always a nice indulgence or why not invite them out, ask them to choose the place and catch up on your friendship? That is more in the spirit of the season anyway.
What charities, shelters, help programs, Indiegogo, crowdfunding, art coop projects etc. do they currently support? Where do they volunteer or already donate? You can often easily donate in someone’s name to help a special cause or event that is near and dear.
Example: I’m currently hoping more people will help support Paradiso, and help bring a Lolita event to Kansas City in 2016 and in future years. A gift donation to this would be simply divine! I’ve posted about it on my social media along with supporting WWF so it’s pretty easy to take a look and see what your friends have supported and give a gift donation in their name.


 Aside from the biggie mentioned above about not ‘forcing’ people to participate in holiday activities, I will speak more personally here and give some scenarios I am confident I can advise on:
If we are ‘into something’ or collect something, please don’t presume to know what sort of thing within the genre we will like. It is often very specific and includes things you will not know about and usually excludes many things you would mistakenly buy, then we are stuck with the items because….gift.

Example 1: I have a friend who is into Anime, and specifically loves vintage anime…bigtime. 1) His collection is so big I’d likely duplicate if I did not ask him specifically what to buy, 2) If I bought him something from CLAMP (very popular but he does not like them) he would wince more than a little and have to keep it because it was a gift 3) often the series he buys are quite expensive, are a pre-order and we aren’t the level of friends that exchanges that expensive of gifts so I wouldn’t want to make him feel obligated…
Solution: It would be easy enough to find out from his girlfriend where he likes to order his anime from and give him a gift card. Chances are he has a back-list and there is always a pre-order coming up so a gift card of ANY amount will lighten the final bill. It’s personal enough that it shows you know what he likes and took the time to find out where he likes to get it but allows him to choose for himself.
Example 2: I love a certain artist’s work…but only some of it, I am very particular about the prints I like and wish to add…the rest is really nightmare fuel and I don’t want to collect any at all…
Example 3: Several of my friends follow and wear Lolita fashion. I do too and I often THINK I know what they might like as far as an accessory gift but just as often, they are VERY particular about everything they wear and if I got them a Lolita accessory, they would of course wear it to show me they appreciate my gift…but they may not like it at all!
Solution: Find out what kind of sweets or booze or tea they like or get them a Lolita magazine and let them do the choosing for their very individualistic fashion view. It’s also a big part of the fashion to put together the perfect ensemble with carefully chosen accessories. Solution: an Etsy gift card I can use at their shop or in any Etsy shop that honors them.
Also do not be tempted to ‘improve’ or ‘help’ us by giving ‘normie’ clothes to ‘wear when you aren’t wearing your Goth things’, or give us something like a hair salon or manicure gift certificate unless we ask for it! ‘Tis NOT the season for hints, subtle or not! Yes it’s judge-y, and yes we will judge you for judging us.

Many people appreciate handmade gifts very much, anything you will make. But many do NOT so…how do you REALLY know? They will ASK you for it if they really want it and TELL you they love handmade. Many people use the reasoning ‘I am making my gifts to give so that justifies my spending on my hobby all year to do so’…yeah, not so much a thoughtful thing to do when you think about it!
I am going to go out on a limb here and do a Public Service Announcement that may not be popular, hence another ‘alternative view’…
“Hey Aunt Sadie, we love it that you keep up with your knitting practice, we respect the fact that you have mad skills and make many items but unless we ASK you for a(nother) knitted (insert that thing you make), please STOP using your giiftees as your excuse to support your yarn habit.” PLEASE TAKE A HINT.
I like handmade from some people ONLY and I have let them know beyond a doubt by either buying some of their items or by my not-so-subtle wheedling…for the rest of the people who might randomly gift me something they make…I like Absinthe….and little cheeses…and indie cosmetics.
Also, if your friend or family member makes things, DO support their creativity by shopping with them if you have friends who do like receiving art, crafts or items made by someone they know or a family member. Yes, it’s almost conflicting advice here but giving handmade/handcrafts, local artist gifts are a subject that needs to be more thoroughly researched if you wish to navigate it correctly so just be prepared to do your homework. Or buy booze. There’s always booze…

Buying for your alternative poppets and Dear Ones need not be an arduous task if you can play detective with even a little sensitivity and when in doubt, please do ASK or go the safe route with a known good gift. And finally, remember that not everyone ‘alternative’ automatically likes Hot Topic… (though some of us still do!)

Addicts, do YOU have any horrible gift stories? I’d love to hear about them so we can all have a good laugh over them now that they are hopefully safely BEHIND us and look forward to better gifting and holiday plans THIS year! Comment your stories below.

Mimielle on Fashion: When We go Out, People Gonna Shout?

Mimielle at the Museum

Mimi on the loose!

Hello Addicts! Here is a topic your fashionably frightful fellow Addict, Mimielle has been mulling over:

When you go out dressed unusually, do you get comments about it? I’d love to hear your experiences with this because when discussing fashion, it’s often one of the more common reasons people give me for being a little hesitant to fully realize their fashion sense, the reactions or fear of the reactions making them uncomfortable. And not just teens or twenty-somethings. It’s unfortunately a fact that many people of every age feel unable to wear the fashions they’d like to in public for fear of reactions.

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Mimielle haunted New Orleans

Since obviously, I roam the streets dressed like this…

I currently live in a smaller metropolitan area in a southern state so in hopes of encouraging you to be brave and deal gracefully on your own terms with people who are rude enough to publicly and sometimes even confrontationally question your fashion, I’ll share the 2 most common reactions I get wearing Gothic Lolita fairly regularly and my thoughts about them. I leave kid’s reactions out because mostly they are great, either asking me something completely outlandish like “Are you Lady Gaga?” or whispering to their parent “Wow look, a princess!” Plus you can’t actually punch a kid, not that I’m suggesting it or anything – where is your sense of the ridiculous?

  1. People wanting to take my picture. Oddly, this doesn’t bother me if they just stealthily take a snap or 3 but when they come up to me, it makes me self-conscious at times. Like when I am in Walmart on a Tuesday morning, holding a package of bacon. True story, Morning Glory. I totally expect to end up on People of Walmart one of these days but I’m still not sure if I’d leave the photo up or ask them to remove it. There are a couple of people already posted on there that have Lolita-related outfits, dating back 4 years or so but they aren’t very good representations of the fashion. There is one nicely dressed Texas Lolita posted there with a Little Miss Muffet caption, she actually got several nice comments though and left her photo up so obviously opinions vary!
  2. People wanting to have my fashion ‘explained’ to them. I can usually spot these people before they come up to me and they are the worst. Let me preface this by saying that even in the Lolita community, I am not the person who loves to explain or define anything and will most often defer to the nearest other handy Lolita or online, point people to the nearest decent resource. There are so many people who DO enjoy teaching about and talking about the fashion and do a really good job of it that aside from here with you darling ghoulies and goblins on Horror Addicts, I don’t really talk much about my fashion – much less divulge any secrets! That’s how you know I love you!! So anyway, these women who come up to me (and 99% are women, very few men will talk to me at all)…Most often, they are women over 25 or so, and I can often tell that they already do not LIKE what I am wearing, and can also divine by their scowl or stinkface that this is the most ‘polite’ way they can justify sort of demanding an accounting for why a grown woman is wearing dark frilly dresses with Gothic jewelry and such ‘interesting’ shoes in the daylight on Tuesday at THEIR Hobby Lobby. It would be comical (and often is afterwards) if they weren’t so serious about it. Or if they actually listened to my reply instead of having their word filter on High trying to pick out something deviant or weird in my explanation to justify their pre-judgement of disapproval. If they are with their daughter, it is also a little embarrassing to watch HER embarrassment as her mother is rude and judgmental to another woman who just smiles in return.Hamsa, avoid the evil eye

Yes, both situations make me uncomfortable, obviously the latter more than the former since it gets me so wound up! I can carry a phone and pretend to talk on it because people will grudgingly walk past, still staring, but refrain from actually disturbing me and I also usually have the advantage of a very grouchy looking fiancé nearby to run interference if I give him ‘the look’ (which often looks like ‘deer caught in the headlights’).

I got curious and searched ‘Goth’ on People of Walmart and turned up 14 results. Frankly, I expected more but you’ll have to go and see for yourself what I found because descriptive words escape me to define just what I saw. After that, I was afraid to search “fashion”.

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If you were photographed and posted on People of Walmart or on a similar site, would you leave the photo up or ask them to remove it? We want to know! Please vote in the poll and don’t be shy to elaborate in the comments if you have some thoughts on this, I’d really love to read them.

Mimielle sig, orange


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Mimielle on Makeup: A Spring Scare, a Story Preview and a Song

One of my favorite makeup artists on Youtube is Klaire de Lys, her videos with unique vision and her quiet and gentle voice are so lovely to watch, even when her tutorials are sometimes a bit…unsettling. This Banshee makeup is in my top 5 favorites, inspiring me to try screen lenses myself for their other-worldy look and uncanny beauty.

Do you find unexpected beauty in the strange and mysterious, Addicts?

It’s hidden all around us!

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Klaire’s first Book, Outsider 

Outsider book cover

“After witnessing the murder of her parents for marrying outside of their race, half-blood Astrid wants nothing more than to be left on her own. Placed in the care of Dag, a forgetful but well-meaning warlock, she vows to never feel as lost and helpless as she did on the day they were killed, and turns her back on the elves and the dwarves for destroying her life.

Forty years later, young dwarf Jarl Vǫrn is certain that his city, Bjargtre, is under threat from an emerging goblin King. When his fears are dismissed, he asks Astrid to help him and his adoptive son, Knud, to reach the capital of Lǫgberg safely, and Astrid finds herself pulled back into a world she never wanted to be a part of again”

Kindle edition is free on Kindle Unlimited (otherwise $6.99/$14.99 on Amazon), is lending enabled and already queued up on my spring reading list!

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The haunting music in Klaire’s video is

“Storm Song – The Disappearance of the Girl” by Phildel

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Stay Beautiful, Addicts!



Mimielle’s Musings: 10 Delightful Madwomen You Really Should Get to Know

Today if you Google “women…insanity”, you will mostly get hits for an exercise program that some people advocate with the dubious boast of it of making them vomit.  Instead, I will sit here with my nice cup of milky tea, curled up in my comfy chair and take you on a little tour of The Ophelia Gallery and reveal to you another view and definition in the form of a little list for your future reading pleasure…

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1. Emilie Autumn, present, not a character, mental health advocate, she is bipolar, a talented musician and addresses ‘madness’ through her music, stage shows and also through her semi-autobiographical writing, most notable to date is her hefty illustrated tome ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’ soon to be a self-narrated audio-book.

2. Cathy Earnshaw

(fictional character, Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte, 1847)

3. Bertha Rochester

(fictional character, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte,  1847 )

4. Emma Bovary

(fictional character, Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert, 1857)


5. Anne Catherick

(fictional character but based on a true story, The Woman in White, Wilkie Collins, 1860)

6. Rebecca

(fictional character, Rebecca, Daphne du Maurier 1938)

7. Anna Wulf

(fictional character The Golden Notebook, Doris Lessing, 1962)

8. Esther Greenwood

(semi-autobiographical character, The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath, 1963)

9. Annie Wilkes

(fictional character, Misery, Stephen King, 1987)


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Notes & Quotes:

“If a man wanted to get rid of his wife, he would simply get two doctors to certify her and lock her up,” says John Sutherland, Emeritus professor of English Literature at University College London. “It’s what Dickens himself did when his wife kicked up a fuss at his affair.”

Many of these have been made into films but there is nothing quite like letting the madness creep in at 3 am when the world is full of shadows, the silence is all around and you and your mind are all alone together, the only ones awake.

In closing…”Mimi, why only nine, why not 10?”
“Why…does it…bother you?” 🙂

OK then, go read about Ophelia in Hamlet, she will be our #10.

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ophelia millais

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Mad Music Scream-Along for the Day: Emilie Autumn, “Opheliac”

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Stay Beautiful, Addicts! ~Mimielle~

Mimielle says “March is the Month for Madness!”

No, no, no, not THAT March Madness!


Madness, insanity, craziness (the bad kind) is still very much a taboo in polite society.  We haven’t <quite> medicated it completely away yet, so it is something still misunderstood and feared in the real world, fair game to be used as one of the seeds of fear that are often at the heart of a good creepy story, a haunting piece of music or hidden in the brushstrokes waiting for an artist’s vision to set it free.


The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893, National Gallery, Oslo, Norway


BUT…When we think about madness in a blog by Horror fans to amuse OTHER Horror fans, maybe the current sober and modern terms just simply do not apply.
We are in it for the thrills after all…right? RIGHT!! So give your political correctness a lovely sleeping pill and come revel and indulge with us in a little playful MADNESS this month!

SO…What first comes to mind?

Mad Scientists lurking in their labs, creating creatures or even maybe transforming themselves?
Mad Tea Parties with magical creatures?
Mad killers afoot under the Spring Moon?
Madwomen locked up and lurking in the attic?
Mad Girls escaping from Asylums?
Mad dogs slavering under the porch?


Forbidden food and drink are said to induce madnesses of several varieties…


…and also exposing oneself to the light of the moon.


All of these and more will be fair game this month, from sneak-peeks at films to favorite characters listed and accounted for, and of course always the stories rounded up to be told and re-told in hushed tones by candlelight…
After all, who doesn’t fear madness at least a little…and what we fear, we imagine, and whisper about, even if just in our minds. For those afflicted with the Writing Plague, Madness seems to often conveniently be just around the corner in many instances of  horror literature and film screenplays.


I’ll be lurking in the wings to flit out and taunt you with a few terrifying tidbits I’ve gathered up to titillate you as we wind up to begin our pod-casting season, so stick around and go beautifully MAD with us this month! We’ll have such fun!

Stay Beautiful, Addicts!





Mimielle: One Chance at Love…NOT!!

This one is mostly for the guys..unusual for me to write but here it is!

Valentine’s day just passed, right? Think you are off the hook except for maybe her birthday if it’s still to come, right? Wrong…if she’s been reading anything about Japan!

black heart kanji love
In Japan, Valentine’s Day has morphed into something different than it is in the West, actually 2 Holidays! The bad news is that March 14th is White Day, traditionally the day for males to give chocolate and small gifts to females so be expecting her to expect something if she has mentioned this (or is reading this article) and shop and plan accordingly.


The good news is that you have a second chance to redeem yourself (and your romance) if you flubbed it up the first time on February 14th! Very convenient for the forgetful too, hm? Just surprise her on White Day this year like you planned it all along!

cupid is a sniper

At least the 50 Shades of Grey movie premiere IS past and that’s a good thing, right? Seems Dakota Johnson thinks so too.

Stay Beautiful, Addicts! ~Mimielle~

Reincarnation, Fashion and Reinvention

Ideas from the past haunt some of us…we love to delve back into history, read about ‘the old days’, hear the legends, tell and re-tell the old family or cultural stories.

I am always so pleased when modern pop culture ties in with Horror Addicts themes and topics, showing me yet again that our sensibilities are everywhere in the world, peeking out at us (and the normies) much like watching ghosts…

The Imperial couple is a romantic fantasy and who hadn’t wanted, even for a moment, to secretly think she is descended from or might have even once BEEN a princess?
These ideas sometimes haunt the edges of our mind, just before sleep, or in half-remembered dreams.

Reincarnation: The setting is a lovely palace, Schloss Leopoldskron, now a hotel in Salzberg and is the prelude to the December 2 CHANEL Metiers D’Art 2014-15 seasonal fashion show.

It has been very hard for me to wait to see it and then harder still to wait to share it the moment the video for it popped up on the 4th!
The opulence of the setting, the film preceding it, and the fashions themselves provide us a rich story even if we do not buy expensive couture or travel as much as we like.

We, like the ghosts, can peer into worlds both real and created, that can haunt but also enchant us.

The making of the film, explaining the 3 ways reincarnation was used and referenced. Karl Lagerfeld, Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevigne speaking about the project.

Read more about Coco Chanel in Austria here
Listen to the fashion show playlist here 
See all the looks and details here 

Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode: Ghostly Beauty and the Yuki Onna

8899_460788850657987_2067578517_nGama Gaeru and Minori

Whether is is a ghostly pallor you seek or perhaps dress of diaphanous white or grey, heavy swirls of velvet and bits of lace, wintertime needn’t be dark and dismal. It can be evocative of the light as well as the dark with some hauntingly beautiful hints from our ghostly companions.

”shironuri” (白塗り) literally means ”painted in white”. It refers to the white traditional makeup worn by geishas and stage actors.

Minori is the most well-known shironuri artist in the west and I have been a fan of she and Gama, Tsunoshit and several others for several years now. It is fascinating to watch Minori and I hope to get a chance to meet her at Anime Matsuri next year!

You can also watch Minori’s makeup tutorial below for a hands on demonstration of a shironuri makeup and styling from start to finish.

Rooted in Kabuki and Angura Kei, (Underground culture) this look can range from ghostly to downright scary as the artist only known as N.96 shows us!


Read more about this fascinating fashion trend and it’s origins and the Monster Parties at Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi or more in-depth at Pop Kakumei

The Yuki Onna ( 雪女 or ゆきおんな )


Shirahime-Syo: Snow Goddess Tales – CLAMP

TRANSLATION: snow woman

HABITAT: mountain passes; anywhere there is snow
DIET: life energy; can also eat ordinary food

APPEARANCE: Yuki-onna prey on travelers lost in the heavy snowstorms that blanket the Japanese Alps in winter.

They have an otherworldly beauty, with long black hair and piercing eyes colored deep violet. Their skin is ageless and as white as snow.

Their bodies are as cold as ice, and a mere touch is enough to give a human a deep, unshakable chill.

She feeds on human life force, sucking it from their mouths into hers with an icy breath that often freezes her victims solid.


Vita’s Boudoir

Even Second Life creators are getting frosty!

Don’t let them haunt your dreams!

Stay Beautiful, Addicts


Photo credits:  Minori’s website, Facebook or the articles referenced above, at Pop KakumeiKawaii Kakkoii Sugoi, a Japanese culture online magazine,

Thirsty Humans, Hungry Ghosts!


A Lookbook of Spooky Cocktails and Nosh with the Dead

from The Japanese Gothic & Lolita Bible







Layered Drinks 



Angel’s Kiss


¼ oz Crème de cacao (white)

¼ oz Sloe Gin

¼ oz Brandy

¼ oz Light cream


Pour carefully, in order given, into cordial glass so that each ingredient floats (layers) on the preceding without mixing.

Serve immediately.

recipe courtesy of Cocktail Wikia



The Vampire’s Eclipse

The Vampire Eclipse is a special treat created just for you by the count himself deep in the castle’s lair.  The Count worked feverishly to capture the essence and magic of the suns eclipse.  A dark river of grenadine rests on the bottom of the glass, while repelling the suns burst of orange energy, trapping a cherry between day and night.  The light rum entombs this moment forever.

The Vampire’s Eclipse
1/2 ounce grenadine
1/2 ounce orange juice
1 ounce light rum (Bacardi)
1 maraschino cherry

Gently pour grenadine in shot glass first.  Then slowly pour in the orange juice (pour down the side of the glass to avoid mixing your layers).  Slowly lower the cherry through the orange juice to rest on the grenadine.  Lastly, add rum pouring it down the side of your glass.

Original recipe developed by Chad of The Slow Roasted Italian 





In Japanese Buddhism, two such creatures exist: the
gaki and the jikininki.

Gaki (餓鬼) are the spirits of jealous or greedy people
who, as punishment for their mortal vices, have been
cursed with an insatiable hunger for a particular
substance or object. Traditionally, this is something
repugnant or humiliating, such as human corpses or
feces, though in more recent legends, it may be virtually
anything, no matter how bizarre.

Jikininki (食人鬼 “people-eating ghosts”) are the spirits
of greedy, selfish or impious individuals who are cursed
after death to seek out and eat human corpses. They do
this at night, scavenging for newly dead bodies and food
offerings left for the dead. They sometimes also loot the
corpses they eat for valuables. Nevertheless, jikininki
lament their condition and hate their repugnant cravings
for dead human flesh.

10 Halloween Costume and Makeup Cheats

1. Black eyeliner as black lipstick, outline with a sharpened point, then fill in.

2. Thin pieces of torn toilet paper/facial tissue and eyeliner glue applied in layers to make scars or burns or other FX instead of using liquid latex, spirit gum or liquid collodian if allergic, too expensive, etc. Especially good for kids because it removes easily with regular eye makeup remover before bedtime after trick-or-treating.

3. Newspaper stuffed bustles. Stuff newspaper or tissue paper into Walmart bags, secure under bustle poufs and get ready for a rustle in that bustle.

4. Glue a bag of $1 spider rings (cut off ring part first) all over a thrift store white nightgown draped with bagged spiderweb, rub dark eyeliner under eyes and a bit on lips, instant creepy lady costume.

5. Use Baby Powder to set the lightest cheap cream drugstore foundation, it will pale it out quite a bit.

6. Cut and shape craft feathers to use in place of expensive exotic large false eyelashes.

7. Craft glitter manicure : Paint nails with desired color, let dry. Then paint with clear, dip in craft glitter, let dry, repeat, then seal with more clear. (NOTE: do not use craft glitter near eyes for any reason.)

8. Steal, erm I mean borrow your friend’s fast food uniform and be that for Halloween.

9. Paint your face with a Dia de los Muertos design and borrow or thrift an old wedding dress and veil

10. Wear a thrifted or borrowed black suit and tie, wear a full-head white stocking cap and white gloves and go as Slenderman.

Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode – The Halloween Makeup Resource List from #MakeupMonday Posts

Hey Addicts!!! I decided that as the clock ticks down and we practice any makeup based looks or special FX that this master list of Makeup and FX Playlists might be better published here on the blog sooner rather than later as we count down the days until the night of Spooky. I’ll still contunue to post them weekly for #MakeupMonday on the Horror Addicts Facebook Group but here is the Motherlode of several hundred tutorials.

A Disclaimer: Unfortunately some of the Youtubers with great makeup and FX skills aren’t what we’d really call personable…at least not in the moody and lovely Gothic way we have come to know and like…but it’s worth it to endure the ‘perky’, the channel plugs and the advertisements, etc for the good information in their videos when it comes to non-mainstream, Halloween and special FX makeup tutorials. I am truly a scavenger when it comes to gathering makeup tips and tricks so these are among the best I have found.

These are some of what I consider some of the best Halloween makeup playlists on YouTube and we started this round of #MakeupMonday in August then added them every monday since. Comments on the playlists are my own personal opinion only so please remember YMMV.
Pink Stylist, my favorite

Playlist of 38 Halloween makeup tuts by Julia Graf

Playlist of 31 Halloween tuts from vintage or tacky. She’s not my favorite and I do not follow her but I do tune in for her Halloween tutorials because they are very well done.

Petrilude’s Playlist of 54 Halloween tuts Petrilude

Playlist of 22 Costume makeup transformations Charisma Star

KlairedelysArt has unusual and stunning tutorials. She’s one of my favorites.

her books

Playlist of 77 makeup tuts from goldiestarling

Check out her other playlists for some unusual makeup as well, not all included in the Halloween playlist. I watch her tutorials quite often.

Promise Phan has some good tutorials but they are not well organized so you have to kind of dig through…but it’s very worth it.Her transformations are sometimes startling

SmashinBeauty is a new channel for me but she has 26 Halloween makeup tutorials on her 2014 playlist and I found her Sugar Skull tutorial easy to follow.

Michelle Phan has 27 Halloween tutorials in a playlist but also 41 in Costume looks. She’s not my favorite but she does good tutorials.

So whether you are attending balls and parties or staying home to scare your visiting trick-or-treaters, consider some makeup fun to enhance your Halloween fun!

Stay Beautiful, Addicts,

HR Giger has Passed on into Another World.

Maybe this was your first contact. 1979.

When the word ‘alien’ was truly redefined forever.



Or perhaps like myself, you are older and were more shocked at a younger age when the bizarrely beautiful works of HR Giger were a bit newer. One of these, perhaps?



No matter, I am sure it was a memorable moment, a questioning and perhaps eerie moment. Yes? Yes!

Then you are more like me than I even imagined. I have tried to write an obituary for HR Giger for Horror Addicts but it more becomes a reflection, like his work. He was a private man, eschewing the spotlight in the dawning age of celebrity and in a time when illustration, design and fine art were perceived as more separate. He preferred to let his work speak for him. I respect that and have always looked to his art and never his fame or personal details. The hard and precise yet moody airbrush, the organic yet metal shapes, the reflection of us all that he captured when we weren’t looking. These are what speak to me and that is both the beauty and the horror that is his art and it is compelling. Unforgettable.

Alien’s co-writer Dan O’Bannon recalled meeting Giger for the first time, in a Paris hotel. Giger offered him some opium. O’Bannon asked why he took it. “I am afraid of my visions,” Giger replied. “It’s just your mind,” O’Bannon said. Giger responded: “That is what I am afraid of.”

“Sometimes people only see horrible, terrible things in my paintings,” Giger once said. “I tell them to look again, and they may see two elements in my paintings – the horrible things and the nice things.”


Interior of Swiss Giger Bar

I may never get to see a Giger Bar but at least my avatar in Second Life has a reproduction of one of the chairs. 🙂 My own art from 2009 hangs on the wall on the left, the segmented and quasi-organic shapes clearly inspired by Giger’s works. His influence reached far and will never stop reaching and growing. Better than any obituary, it is a testament to the meeting of minds and the questions he asked. Of himself, of us all, and now of the universe itself. HR Giger, 1940-2014



In a New York Times obituary, Timothy Leary, a friend of Giger’s, was quoted as having praised the artist by saying, “Giger’s work disturbs us, spooks us, because of its enormous evolutionary time span. It shows us, all too clearly, where we come from and where we are going.”

None of us knows when we will go, or to where. Visions from HR Giger will continue to both haunt my nightmares as well as inspire.

Stay Beautiful, Addicts! ~Mimielle

Sources & Credits: New York Times, The Guardian, Giger Museum, Omni Magazine, Damianos Giger Chair in Second Life

World Goth Day Observance Spans 2 Worlds


In all worlds and situations, acceptance is often taken for granted. When intolerance rears its ugly head, sometimes people have suffered and some have died for being who they are, dressing as they choose, expressing themselves overtly. One of those people was a young woman named Sophie Lancaster, a Goth.

Almost 7 years have passed. We do not forget.

Founded in 2009, May 22nd is World Goth Day, a time to gather, to celebrate, to remember and reflect. Since it is on Thursday this year, many will celebrate on the weekend with club events, picnics and other outings but I keep the day with a public luncheon in one of the most visible places in my own local comfort zone, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. This year we will take a group photo in the 20th Century gallery among the Warhols and dine under a 1.5 ton steel heart by Jeff Koons. We don’t just passively remember each year, we are visible. We represent.

Find events all over the world here.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation


Focused on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation also works in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by the law. Merchandise purchased here benefits the foundation.

For those who don’t have or can’t attend or start a local event, WORLD GOTH FAIR 2014 will be taking place in Second Life on Cursed, Sium & Port Seraphine on May 15th – June 1st, & proceeds will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. SL merchants, DJs and residents have gathered to play, sell and socialize. The 3 sims full of builds are amazing to see and I confess, my Second Life avatar, Fauve Aeon has done some shopping already!

Here is the DJ lineup for the day (times in PST):



And lastly, I will leave you with some photos from the Fair.

Stay Beautiful, Addicts, in ALL worlds! ~Mimielle (and Fauve)






Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode: 100 Alt. Fashion Styles to Celebrate Horror Addicts Episode 100

This is a list of 100 fashion substyles and NO PICTURES.

Why no pix? Because I want you to test your visualization skills to see how many you can call to mind. Alternative fashion is nothing new though we like to pretend it is and that dressing artfully is a modern concept. Truthfully, it is centuries old and meant much the same then as it does now, a public visual statement outside mainstream culture for whatever reason. This list is not all-inclusive and leans heavily towards my biases and some I know listeners have. Hopefully it will be entertaining and maybe give you a few new inspirations as well.

There is a poll at the end to choose or write in your own sub-style that you currently wear most, I’d really like to know.


*The Goths*
1. TradGoth/Oldschool
2. CyberGoth
3. Romantic Goth
4. Nu-Goth/Soft Goth
5. Pastel Goth & Creepy Cute
6. Deathrocker
7. BabyBat
8. Rivet Head
9. BabyDoll Goth
10. Faerie Goth
11. ShiroGoth/White Goth
12. Corporate Goth
13. Victorian Goth
14. Hippie Goth
15. J-Goth
16. Military Goth
17. Tribal Goth
18. Geek Goth
19. Medieval Goth
20. Cabaret Goth
21. Carnival/Circus Goth
22. Casual Goth
23. Haute Goth
24. Glam Goth
25. Metal Head
26. Steampunk Goth
27. Perky Goth
28. Emo Goth
29. Deathrocker
30. Vampire Goth
31. Mopey Goth
32. Festival Goth

*The Lolitas*
Not all of these are sub-sub-styles, more like classifications below the first 3. But it is helpful to classify them in order to sort them out from each other. Plus I like them.
33. Gothic
34. Classic
35. Sweet
36. Punk
37. Kuro, Shiro, other single color
38. Princess/Hime
39. Guro
40. Aristocrat/Madam
41. Ouji/Kodona (Boystyle)
42. Dandy
43. Wa
44. Sailor
45. Qi
46. Country
47. Casual


*The Punks & Anarchists*
48. Old school Punk
49. Anarcho-Punk
50. Steampunk
51. Clockpunk
52. Dieselpunk
53. Teslapunk

*The Neos*
55. Neo-Victorian
56. Neo-Roccoco
57. Neo-Romantic
58. Neo-Edwardian
59. Neo-Retro (1960’s-70’s reinventions)
60. Neo-Ludwig
61. Neo-Flapper/Gatsby

*The Retros*
62. Pinup
62. Rockabilly
63. Hippie
64. Bohemian
65. Disco
66. Indie
67. Mod
68. Hipster (many types, often a strange hybrid of retro and ultramodern)
69. T-Bird/Greaser
70. Zoot
71. Laid-Back 80’s Miami Vice/Magnum

*The Japanese Street Styles*
72. Visual Kei, Oshare Kei
73. Gyaru/Gyaru-o
74. Lolita* the sub-sub-styles listed above in their category.
75. Decora
76. Dolly Kei
77. Mori Girl (and Boy)
78. Cult Party Kei (CPK)
79. Yamamba, Manba, Ganguro (sub-style of Gyaru, a small resurgence of Ganguro is currently being seen in 2014)
80. Angura Kei & Shiro Nuri
81. Fairy Kei, Magical Girl styles (these styles are merging somewhat with the new Sailor Moon merchandising and upcoming 6 ❤ Princess, including the Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami collaboration here)

* The Scenesters*
I had to get another cup of coffee before even attempting to unravel a few for this one!
82. Glamcore
83. Screamo (see Grunge as well)
84. Hardcore
85. Pop Scene (overlap with Rave)
86. Hippie Scene
87. Bubblegum Scene (Oh Avril, you are here now)
88. Candy Genderchi
89. Emo (though there is debate whether this belongs here, it is a sub-style and very closely related.)

* The Unclasssified*
These are a thing, they just did not seem to fit well in any category and I am less familiar with them.
90. Chav (pre-Scene and current incarnation)
91. Chonga
92. Chola
93. HipHop
94. Industrial
95. Rave (Candy Rave has Scene crossover)
96. Emocore (ties to Goth and Emo itself)
97. Ero Kawaii (see Bubblegum Scene though both may not like the association)
98. Grunge (I am sure there are sub-sub-styles within but I will leave as an exercise for the readers to sort them.)
99. New Romanticism/Blitz kids (undergoing a slight bout of new popularity related to a small Synthpop revival but not quite full-blown retro)
100. Ethnic Fashion (and surrounding cultural appropriation controversies)

So, how many did you get a visual for? How many were interesting enough to look up? And finally the poll is below…what is YOUR style?

Whatever it is – Stay Beautiful, Addicts! ~Mimielle

Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode : Coping With The Evil Day Star

Hey Addicts, spring in the Northern Hemisphere often means a few less layers, a little more skin showing and venturing outside in the daytime more for activities. Until they invent an actual Goth du Soleil SPF 1000, we will have to make due with the highest broad spectrum SPF we can that find isn’t pure Zinc Oxide paste.

71aQoIbi3zL._SL1500_ InterviewBurns

Do not be fooled by the 10 and 15 SPF sunscreens in  your powders and concealers, unless they are applied at 1 tsp per face, repeated every 2-4 hours, they are not giving you sufficient sun protection. Neither are your sunglasses or your car windows. Also, only UV rated umbrellas and parasols also really protect (though reflected sun foils them as well) and clothing with fabrics like Sunbrella, etc. One or two bad burns can have an effect on skin, causing photo damage that can take years to show up so here are a couple of my recommendations for those who are not nocturnal:


Neutrogena UltraSheer with SPF 100


Lumiebre Umbrellas and Parasols with UV Protection


Maybe one day…


but until then, be smart about your sun protection.

Stay beautiful, Addicts ~Mimielle (of the Night)


Japanese Monsters To Invade Dallas May 1



Jellyfish Eyes

Hey Addicts, Mimielle here. On May 1st, I will attend the premiere of quite a unique event. Takashi Murakami is one of the world’s most influential and acclaimed contemporary artists and a self-proclaimed Japanese pop culture connoisseur. An almost Otaku King.

I will be at the US screening of his first feature-length film, Jellyfish Eyes (Mememe no Kurage) at the Dallas Museum of Art on May 1st with a Q & A afterwards. The film will then make 8 more stops on a cross-country museum tour of the United States afterwards. Tickets vanished at astonishing speed everywhere.

You can see the trailer here.


The film, released in Japan in 2013, has fanciful monsters of course…as compelling as some of his familiar Superflat  art canvas characters shown above – Mr. Dob and the playfully menacing mascots of his same-named art production company KaiKai and KiKi…but children are the focus (and the stars) of his first long film. When asked why, Mr Murakami replied:

“I want to highlight Japan’s complicated social issues in a way that children can appreciate so perhaps when they become adults, they will be better equipped to deal or even improve these issues. Children are very smart, therefore it is imperative for them to know the world we live in is full of traps, dangers and unpleasantness. I am not a pessimist, I am a realist.”

He concludes with his opinion that telling children the harsh truths will prepare and allow them to create and persevere in spite of hardship.

Takashi Murakami in flowers

Takashi Murakami

It is no small wonder, with his dedication to promoting and supporting young artists, that the 52-year old Mr. Murakami would want to reach out to them as young as possible with a wake up call to question things and the message to continue to create despite adversity. My photos and a report will follow here on the blog after the event but I am definitely wearing my best waterproof mascara for this, you can bet on it!


Credits: KaiKai Kiki CO LTD, The Japan Times,

JapanCinema.Net, The Wall Street Journal

Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode: Deconstructing Fashion

Hey Addicts! Mimielle here, welcome back to the new season!
I look forward to reporting for you, posting look books and mood boards as well as answering lifestyle, fashion and beauty questions from podcast listeners. I
Please DO send me your questions.
I’ll tackle as many as I can either in the podcast, here in the blog or both. I enjoy the research and I especially like helping people find their style or solve a beauty problem. In upcoming episodes, I’ll also be talking about fashion in the wider scope. Looking beyond the trends and into the meaning fashion and beauty hold in our lives.
I had a bad cough so I skipped my recorded segment in the first episode but I’m already laying down tracks within the framework for upcoming podcasts.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey to explore alternative fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Stay Beautiful, Addicts!

MY MOOD BOARD FROM TODAY20140413-120857.jpg

Some fashion styles have no rules.
No rules to the point of trouble figuring out exactly what the look is.
Gothic Lolita is NOT one of them.
If you have read past even a single article on this style you will have encountered THE RULES.

– Wear a petticoat
– Have something on your head
– Always wear a blouse under a Jumperskirt
– Attend to your shoes, bag & accessories properly

And so it goes.
Break the rules and you’ll more likely be labelled Ita* than brilliant.

When I wear the Lolita style (officially) and use the #Lolita or #Gosurori tags online, I do follow the rules. I really enjoy making ‘proper’ Lolita coordinates.

But since I wear frilly things on a daily basis I don’t follow those rules every day! My “Lolita” clothes get worn in all kinds if ways; bare legs, bare shoulders, with rhinestones and opera gloves (often in the daytime).

What would Marie say?

Fashion is my hobby and one of my passions. Study fashion and you’ll get hints and glimpse into all sorts of secrets in peoples’ lives.
As an artist, my favorite subject to paint and adorn is myself.
If people did not break the existing fashion rules, if fashion did not change, evolve, mutate, steal and persevere then I would not be sitting here in a street length Neo-Rococo black chiffon dress sent from Japan wearing ridiculous shoes and a tiara on any old Sunday in April.
And that would be a shame.

*Ita is a slang shortening of Itai.
Meaning your Lolita coordinate is so bad it hurts my eyes to see it.
Cringe-inducing bad.
Equal in disdain-provoking sneers (behind a fan, of course) to a Goth whose blacks don’t match.
Worse than Scene…almost.

Are you a Big Tease? Or maybe just a Little Rat…

Tune in to the Season 8 Finale to hear thoughts on the hairy topic of ratting your ‘Do with minimal damage. Listener Sherrie from TX asks about this Fuzzy Area of Gothic Hair Care, and of course, we have some interesting resources…
Hair Ratting How-tos

Basic Ratting: Mooky Chick always has the goods!

Video of Fake Hair Trickery in action.

Brittany at Va-Voom Vintage is a lovely and informational one-woman show! Her tutorials never fail to get things ‘just right’.

Vivian at Quaintrelle Life takes it Old School…all the way back to the historical roots of rats…

Big in Japan? Yes. Another blast from the past with a photo of the legendary band XJapan, pioneers of Visual Kei and their even more legendary hair…

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Merch and More

Here’s a bit of news and a Hot Topic sneak-peek on the movie tie-in merchandise for The Mortal Instruments City of Bones film release. The release date on the clothing line and other items (poster, notebooks, temporary tattoos of RUNES, etc.) has been iffy and is currently set for mid-July, but I WILL keep you posted. Some very cool pieces, I’m seeing in the concept sketches here…
tmi-hot-topicPhoto Credit: Better In Black

Also 2 makeup looks are featured in the Nyx Cosmetics Parallel Worlds Box based on the film. I know the lovely Emz is a big fan(g) of NYX Cosmetics so I’ve procured my very own box Addicts, but…
I’m such a tease. You’ll have to tell me if you want some swatches and a look…

Buy now at
From Ulta’s press release: The NYX Parallel Worlds Box is Dark, Mysterious, and Dangerous. Venture into this new collection inspired by The Mortal Instruments. Includes a 6 color smokey palette, the perfect pink blush, a neutral pink matte lip cream, black liquid liner, a vibrant jumbo eye pencil, and volumizing mascara. Everything you need to create an innocent day look inspired by Clary or a sultry night look inspired by Isabel.

The good thing about ALL the products is that they are from NYX’s regular line in case you just want to pick up a piece or 2. And finally a link to enter the NYX Cosmetics The Mortal Instruments Sweepstakes

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones will premiere in the US on August 21, and other international dates may be found here.

You can catch up with Mimi on her Facebook page

Summer Goth Fashion Basics (No Pixies Allowed!)

Summer is hot but that’s no reason to abandon a Haute Goth look and our beloved black. Better still, summer sales are in session so I’ve gone a-hunting for you…

The secret is to mix and match according to the temperature and occasion. Collect some new key pieces from my 31 handpicked ShopSense favorites, since I’m guessing you may already have some similar goodies in your closet. I’ve chosen things that will take you from the gym to a fancy date-night, key pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Go hunting locally and thrift some black jeans to distress (cheese grater and bleach spray, anyone?) and cut them to fraying bits! Grab your favorite Dr. Martens. I’m going to try and snag the Victorian Flowers for Moi-self, don’t you know!

Stay tuned to the next HorrorAddicts Podcast for tips to accessorize these time-tested basics.